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RT Rundown August 29, 2020 - September 4, 2020

2020.09.05 18:27 NotMarilee RT Rundown August 29, 2020 - September 4, 2020

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This post lists everything Rooster Teeth has released from August 29, 2020 to September 4, 2020. The organization of this post follows the order of the links on the sidebar on the website. FIRST exclusive content is surrounded in asterisks ( *EXAMPLE*) while content that is currently exclusive but will be available publicly later is followed by an asterisks and the date in which it will be free (EXAMPLE*Free September 12th.) This does not include content that will lose exclusivity on the day this post is made (September 5th.)
RT PODCAST #612 - I Got Gaslit by Netflix
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ALWAYS OPEN - Breaking Down Communication Barriers
GOOD MORNING FROM HELL - The Great Leviathan! - w/ Hello from the Magic Tavern’s Matt Young
BLACK BOX DOWN - Stalling at the Speed of Sound
DIE IS CAST #15 - Unlocking the Dragon Vault
CHUMP #23 - Who Was Trapped by 40 GOATS?
*CHUMP CHANGE #23 - The Healthcare Ramifications of Red Rover*
RTTV SPECIALS - The Joy of Fanfiction - Community & Coffee
HARD MODE - Uncomfortable Guess Who: Who’s be the First to Kill?
RT EXTRAS - Fall Girls - Fall Guys BONUS VIDEO
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RT EXTRAS - We’re Going Back to School with Funhaus!
RT STREAMS - Push the Button
RT STREAMS - Minecraft
OFF TOPIC #248 - No One Picks on Yellow Team
*LAST CALL #248 - Rage Against The Tech*
F**KFACE - Burger Bet Results//Can We Sue Ourselves?
RED WEB - Cicada 3301 (Part 1)
FACE JAM - Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken
TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - How to Setup for Streaming
ROLE INITIATIVE - We Gotta Go - Line in the Sand
AHWU #541 - There is No Take 2
AH ANIMATED - Subway Is a Pizza Restaurant!
LET’S ROLL - We’re The Avengers Now - Marvel United
PLAY PALS - The Doctors Are Back - Surgeon Simulator 2
ROULETSPLAY - This Is STILL a Game? - Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
LET’S PLAY - Too Easy OR Too Hard? - Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer (Highlights)
LET’S PLAY - Always Go Left - Fall Guys (Falltember)* Free September 6th
LET’S PLAY - A Tale of Two Chungus - Among Us
LET’S PLAY GTA V - Where Do I Look? - GTA V: Rockets VS Everything* Free September 7th
LET’S PLAY GMOD - The Most Overpowered Traitor Weapon - TTT* Free September 9th
LET’S PLAY MINECRAFT #438 - Buffing Up Security! - Building the Perfect Minecraft Village (#4)* Free September 11th
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - Scramble for Spinosaurus Ark: Survival Evolved
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - Siege the Day Rainbow Six Siege w/ Ify
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - GTA V with Community
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - Crowning Honor Fall Guys
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - Tenacious Traitors Gmod: TTT
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer
AH STREAM ARCHIVE - The Sheriff of Nottingham Let’s Roll w/ Teawrex
DUDE SOUP - Fall Guys Season 2 and the Best of Gamescom 2020
FILMHAUS - Who Is The BEST Batman of All Time?
FILMHAUS - We Rank YOUR Random Movies Worst to Best!
GOOGLE TRENDS - Avengers Challenge: Non Ralph Fiennes Edition
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FH PLAYS GTA 5 - NASCAR Crash Course - GTA 5 Funny Moments
GAMEPLAY - Chugging Goo on The Savage Planet!
GAMEPLAY - The Broken, the Beaten, and the Damned - Infernal Gameplay
GAMEPLAY - RT Exclusive: Streets of Rage 4 Fullplay Part 4
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FH LIVE - Funhaus Plays Gang Beasts!
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IG LIVE - Wilderness Survival
DB CAST #194 - Flash VS Sonic Sneak Peek!
GMOD SANDBOX - Death Stranding Downhill Sled Race
TRIFORCE #141 - It’s Time to Burn Reddit
SIMON’S PECULIAR PORTIONS - Ninja Studies Degree Now Available
KF PODCAST #86 - Batman: Ranking the Batsuits
INTERNET EXPLORERZ - We Find The Best WAP Cover Ever
KF GAMESCAST #31 - What’s Next For PS5 and Xbox?
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SONGS ABOUT GAMES - Marvel’s The Avengers Rap - “Assemble”
Achievement Hunter Death Snail T-Shirt - White
Achievement Hunter Death Snail T-Shirt - Pink
Achievement Hunter Death Snail T-Shirt (White and Pink variants)
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2019.10.15 05:13 Carebarehair Who killed Shani Warren?

On the 18th of April 1987 the body of 26 year old Shani Warren was found on the bank of Lake Taplow in Maidenhead, England. Her mouth had been gagged with a blue scarf, her hands were tied together behind her back with jump lead cables, her feet were tied together with rope. She was wearing high heel shoes and was found on the muddy bank of the lake. She had drowned in a foot and a half of water.

The Home Office pathologist, Dr Ben Davies, performed an autopsy and found that she had died of drowning. However, he also discovered that she had been sexually assaulted; she had a strangling mark around her neck, which had probably been made with a car jump-lead; a jump-lead had been used to bind her wrists and ankles; and she was gagged. And yet Dr Davies concluded that she had committed suicide.

At the inquest, Shani’s mother insisted that her daughter was not suicidal, a psychiatrist who had examined her diaries agreed, but Dr Davies – who had earlier been removed from the approved list of Home Office pathologists and then reinstated – insisted that this was a case of suicide. Faced with such a conflict, the coroner recorded an open verdict, and little more effort was made to trace her attacker.

Shani had gone missing the day before. Shani had cut the grass at her home in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, She had placed the grass cuttings into black bin bags, before loading them into the boot of her car - an almost brand new Vauxhall Cavalier. She told her parents she was taking the cuttings around to her uncles. She had also bought some flowers for her boyfriend and a bottle of Champagne to celebrate paying off her new car. That was the last time she was seen alive.

Her car was examined shortly after her death and it was found to have a faulty gear box. This meant it couldn't be driven in either first or second gear - yet her parents testified that it was a brand new car and she had driven away without a problem on the day she went missing.

A knot expert concluded that it would've been impossible for Shani to tie the knots behind her back, especially when using car jump lead cables. However one month later he changed his mind and said it might be possible after all.

The inquest returned an open verdict but the Police treated it like a suicide.


Shani was a secretary for a manager at "Micro scope" - an "intelligent computer systems" manufacturer. Micro scope was taken over by GEC-Marconi four weeks after the date of Shani’s death at a cost of sixteen million pounds. It was the first such acquisition in seven years for GEC-Marconi.

GEC-Marconi was a major, high tech, electronics company, and the UK's only supplier of torpedos. In the 1980's Marconi was working on top secret weapons projects for the British and American Governments, especially the Strategic Defense Initiative (the so called "Star Wars" project). During the 1980's, between 22 and 25 scientists died, some in very suspicious and bizarre circumstances. All the scientists were in some way connected to Guidance missile systems. Nearly all were connected with Marconi, yet nearly all their deaths were ruled suicide or accidental.

The first death occurred in March 1982. Dr Keith Bowden, a senior computer scientist, who had been contracted by Marconi to work on a top secret programme. drove his car across a dual carriageway and plunged off a bridge, down the embankment, into an abandoned rail yard. He died instantly. The police said Dr Bowden was speeding, and the coroner found high levels of alcohol in his system, so it was ruled an accident.
Dr Bowden had attended a social gathering that evening, but everyone there agreed that he hadn't been drinking. His wife and Solicitor hired an accident investigator to examine the wrecked car. He found that someone had swapped the normally pristine tyres on Dr Bowden's Rover and replaced them with a set that were old and almost threadbare.

April 1983, Lt Colonel Anthony Godley, went missing. Godley was head of work study at the Royal College of Military Science. They had a close working relationship with Marconi. Godley has never been found.

Three years later in 1985, Marconi Radar expert and Draughtsman, Roger Hill died from a shotgun blast to the chest - it was ruled suicide.

A few months later, Jonathan Walsh died after falling out of his Ivory Coast hotel balcony window in West Africa. He had been complaining for months that he was being watched and followed, and that his life was in danger. His death was ruled an accident.

One year later in August, Vimal Dajibhai, 24, a computer control systems scientist. Working in Marconi's Stingray torpedo department, Vimal phoned his wife to tell her he would be late home, then he drove to Bristol (135 miles away) and jumped from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Dajibhai was found with his trousers around his ankles, and a small "needle sized" puncture wound on his left buttock. His death was ruled a suicide although the Coroner did mention his concern about the death. Vimal had handed in his notice to Marconi and only had four days to go before he left. His family and friends say he was looking forward to starting his new job in London.

Six weeks later, Arshad Sharif, 26, another computer scientist who worked on satellite guidance systems at Marconi, also travelled to Bristol, tied one end of a rope to his neck, the other end to a tree, then jammed his foot on the accelerator of his car and decapitated himself. The day before his death, Sharif had been acting oddly and was seen paying for accommodation in a rooming house (popular with Aerospace employees) with a bundle of high denomination bank notes, although none of these notes were found post mortem. A relative summoned to identify the body noticed what appeared to be a metal rod was lying on the floor of the car next to the accelerator. Had it been used to wedge down the pedal? The Bristol Coroner wasn't happy with the coincidence of these latest two deaths, especially when it was discovered both men were working on "Cosmos", an underwater missile, guidance system, but he eventually recorded a verdict of suicide.

A few months later, around Christmastime 1986, Dr John Brittan was lucky enough to escape with only minor harm when his car suddenly and inexplicably, veered across a busy road and he ended up in a ditch. A few weeks later, in January 1987, after returning from a top secret trip to America, Dr Brittan was found dead in the garage at his home. He died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. His death was ruled suicide.

Two weeks later, the body of Richard Pugh was found at his flat. Pugh was a computer expert for the defence industry but it is not known if he was connected to Marconi. Pugh was found with a plastic bag over his head. A thick rope was coiled around his body, and four times around his neck. His feet were bound together with rope. His death was ruled an accident through sexual misadventure.

At the same time Pugh died, Avtar Singh-Gida, an employee of the British Ministry of Defence, who worked on a number of Marconi's top secret programs, vanished from his home in Loughborough, England. He was feared dead but he was found in Paris' red-light district, fifteen weeks later. He had no memory of where he had been, or what he had done in that period. He returned to work and refuses to discuss what might have happened.

Still in early 1987 (February), Peter Peapell, a Metallurgy expert working for Marconi was found dead in his garage. Like Dr John Brittan, he died from carbon Monoxide poisoning. His wife stated that they had gotten home from a pleasant evening out. Peter went to put the car away and she went to bed. He was found the next morning with his body jammed under the car in an unnatural position. His death was ruled open.

In the same week, Marconi Engineer, David Skeels was found dead in almost exactly the same circumstances - in his garage. He died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This time a hose pipe had been affixed to the exhaust. Skeels was sitting in the front seat. His death was ruled a suicide.

A few days later in February 87**, Victor Moore**, another Marconi employee died from a drugs overdose. His death started an investigation by M.I.5 - although it remains classified to this day.

A few weeks later, John Whiteman died by drowning in his bath. His body was surrounded by alcohol and prescription drugs - though none were found in his system.

Less than a month later, in March 1987, David Sands packed his car with containers of petrol and drove very fast into an empty restaurant. He died in the ensuing fireball. He was on his way to work, wearing his seat-belt, when he made the sudden U-turn and drove at speed into the building. Sands worked for Elliott Automation Space and Advanced Military Systems Ltd – a sister company of Marconi. His family and friends all agreed that he was not showing any signs of stress or strain. His death was ruled suicide.

Less than a month later, in April 1987, Stuart Gooding, an employee of the Royal College of Military Science , died when he slammed his car head-on into a truck on the island of Cyprus. Colleagues of Gooding expressed doubt at the accidental death verdict.

On the very same day Stuart Gooding died, David Greenhalgh also died, after falling (or being pushed) off a railway bridge in Berkshire. Greenhalgh just happened to be working on the same program as David Sands. Greenhalgh survived for a few days but had no recollection of why he jumped or if he was pushed.

It is here in the timeline that Shani Warren was found dead. It should be noted that David Greenhalgh and Shani Warren died in the same week. They also lived around the corner from each other.

On the same day as Shani died, George Kountis travelled over 3000 miles to Liverpool, and drove his car into the river Mersey. His sister has always maintained something sinister happened. The Coroner ruled suicide by drowning.

One week later on April 24th, Mark Wisner was found dead in a house he shared with two colleagues. He had several metres of cling film wrapped around his face, and a plastic bag on his head. Wisner Was a Software Engineer for the Ministry of Defence. The Coroner said the death was an accident from sexual misadventure.

One week later on May 3rd 1987, Michael Baker, a Digital communications expert working on a defence project at Plessey, died when his car crashed through a barrier near Poole in Dorset. Plessey are important because the previous year they had been bought by Marconi. The Coroner's verdict was Misadventure.
One month later, in June 1987, Frank Jennings, an Electronic Weapons Engineer with Plessey, was found dead from a heart attack. There was no inquest.
On March 25th,1988, Trevor Knight, a Computer Engineer with Marconi Space and Defence Systems, was found dead at his home in Hertfordshire. He was in the garage, at the wheel of his car with a hosepipe connected to the exhaust. Knight's friend, Miss Narmada Thanki found three suicide notes written by him. Miss Thanki mentioned that Knight disliked his work but she did not detect any depression that would have driven him to suicide. Coroner's verdict: Suicide.
In August 1988, Alistair Beckham, a Software Engineer with Plessey, was found dead after being electrocuted in his garden shed with wires connected to his body and a handkerchief stuffed in his mouth. Apparently after doing some light gardening on a Sunday afternoon, he entered his shed, placed a Handkerchief in his mouth, attached wires to his body then jammed the wires into a power socket. The Coroner recorded an open verdict. His wife refuses to believe he took his own life. Hours after his death, men from the Ministry of Defence turned up at his home and removed files and folders.
In the very same month Beckham died, Peter Ferry, an Assistant Marketing Director with Marconi, was also found dead by electrocution. In his company flat, he stripped some wires, then jammed them into his tooth fillings, before inserting the other end into a plug socket. The Coroner recorded an open verdict.
One month later, in September 1988, Andrew Hall, an Engineering Manager with British Aerospace, was found dead of Carbon monoxide poisoning in a car with a hosepipe connected to the exhaust. I'm unable to determine the location. British Aerospace and Marconi amalgamated to create BAE Systems. Death ruled a suicide.

In late 1991, Malcolm Puddy, who worked for Marconi, told his bosses, in an excited state, that he had "found something amazing". A week later he was pulled out of a canal dead. He had a painter's palette tied around his neck. All of his work computers had been emptied

No doubt much of the above is speculation. Finding out about the Government Defence employees is always extremely difficult, and a lot of misinformation will have been thrown into the mix.

(the following is copied from https://www.nickdavies.net/1999/10/05/getting-away-with-serial-rape-the-story-of-clive-barwell/ )
Clive Barwell.
At about half past two in the afternoon on May 14 1993, a 23-year-old woman from Leicestershire drove her mother’s car into the centre of Nottingham and parked on the ground floor of the concrete multi-storey car park which squats on the edge of the Broadmarsh shopping centre. For a few moments, she sat there, sorting through her handbag.
A man suddenly pulled open the door beside her, clamped his left hand over her mouth, pushed the blade of a knife against her throat and shoved her across the car into the footwell. He threw her coat over her head, threatened to slit her throat and drove off. For a while, he seemed to be intent on theft, rifling through her handbag and pulling her watch and rings off her when he stopped at traffic lights. He asked her if she was religious, and she told him she was a Catholic. “You’d better start praying,” he told her.
After a while, he drove away from the city and turned off down a long gravel path where he raped her, doing his best to cause her pain and to terrify her with his knife. When he had finished, he tied her naked in the footwell of the car, drove to a bank where she told him her PIN number so he could use her credit cards to take her money, and then he stopped again in some rural spot and, while she lay naked and bound in the car, he took the cap off the petrol tank and attempted to set fire to it. He failed and, a little later, he abandoned the car, with the 23-year-old woman crying alone inside it.
This was a strong woman. Despite all that happened to her that afternoon, she has gone on to marry and to rebuild her life, a battle with pain which has been made none the easier by the discovery by detectives last year that the man who assaulted her with such unbridled ferocity was supposed to have been locked up in prison at that very moment, serving a 16-year sentence for armed robbery.
Clive Barwell was eventually arrested for sex attacks after a highly successful inquiry of unprecedented scale, named Operation Lynx and led by the head of Notts CID, DCS Phil Davies. But by the time they arrested him, in March last year, Barwell had been able to spend some 16 years years traveling the country abducting, raping and attempting to murder women, profiting along the way from a series of blunders by detectives who originally dealt with his crimes and, most alarmingly, by the prison service who had been entrusted with locking him up when he was caught for other, non-sexual crimes.
Barwell has become the latest in an unsettling history of notorious cases in which serial sex offenders have left the law looking foolish: the Yorkshire Ripper who killed 13 women while police followed false clues; Denis Nilsen who killed 15 young men before the police even realised a crime had been committed; Operation Orchid which traced the paedophile murder of up to nine young men, only to have most of the cases dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. The murders of nine prostitutes, some allegedly by the ‘Midlands Ripper’, remain unsolved; and the National Crime Faculty at Bramshill, Hants has been investigating some 200 unsolved murders of women, some of which are also believed to be the work of undetected serial killers.
In retrospect, the problems with Barwell can be traced right back to his first known sex attack, in December 1982, when he drove into the middle of Bradford on a dark and foggy night and waited in a car park on derelict land behind St George’s Hall until he saw a woman alone in a car. It was a symbolic location: Bradford had been a regular hunting ground for Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, who had been jailed the previous year, and the West Yorkshire police were still reeling from criticism over their mishandling of the case. Their competence was about to be challenged again.
When the 30-year-old woman, half naked and weeping, went to police later that night and described how a man had forced his way into her car and driven her off and raped her, West Yorkshire detectives checked the local airports, searched the lane where the woman was raped, checked records of cars which had been stolen or abandoned that night and got nowhere. By embarrassing chance, the inspector who dealt with the woman was one Brian Harry Jackson who was later to be sent to prison himself for indecently assaulting young girls.
A month later, on January 3 1983, Barwell was back on their patch. He was visiting his girlfriend, Alwyn, who was in Leeds General Infirmary with appendicitis, but in the car park that night, he forced his way into a 26-year-old woman’s car, drove her off, threatened to shoot her in the back of the head and raped her. When he had finished with her, he gagged her and bound her ankles and wrists with electric cable, pulled a shopping bag over her head and drove her to the banks of the Leeds and Liverpool canal, where he shoved her in. The woman was out of her depth in freezing water which rapidly filled the bag over her head. Barwell stood on the bank and watched her struggling. Kicking out, the woman felt a large stone on the floor of the canal and managed to get her feet onto it and to push her face above the water. She wriggled free from the cable and took the bag from her head. Barwell cursed her from the bank and, in fear, she turned and thrashed through the water to the far bank and safety. Barwell fled in her car, which he abandoned and torched.
West Yorkshire police rapidly realised the two offences were linked and set up an incident room to catch the serial rapist. They re-interviewed the first victim, ran an extensive inquiry, knocked on 14,153 front doors in search of witnesses but got nowhere. Along the way, they made mistakes. Some were small: a Leeds man saw the second woman’s car in flames and got a close look at a man who walked away, but when he went to West Yorkshire police to tell them, he complained he was treated more like a suspect than a helpful member of the public.
Other errors were worse. West Yorks police knew the rapist had used a stolen blue Ford Cortina before and after the abduction of the second victim. They knew, too, that someone had stolen a car in Leeds a week earlier in very similar locations and then gone on a shopping spree with a credit card from that car. If the two incidents were linked, this would yield a harvest of clues: there might be a pattern to the use of the credit card which could indicate the home area of the rapist; possibly he had even used the card in a shop where his name was known. The inquiry sent off for copies of all of the vouchers that had been used in the shopping spree – 20 of them. One of these vouchers proved there was indeed a link: it had been used to buy petrol for the stolen Ford Cortina driven in the second rape. The garage assistant had carefully written the Cortina’s number on the back of the voucher. But the detective who checked the vouchers simply missed the clue and reported that there was no link between the stolen credit card and the rapist. The harvest of clues remained untouched. The officer responsible has since been promoted to superintendent.
With both rapes, West Yorkshire police followed correct procedure in gathering numerous swabs and body hairs and other evidence from the victims and their cars but, when they failed to find their attacker, even though they knew it was highly likely that their serial rapist was still at work, they simply threw out the lot. When Operation Lynx re-opened the two cases, they had no usable scientific evidence to work with. The first woman had produced a photo-fit of her attacker, but West Yorkshire police had lost it.
Barwell continued to enjoy his liberty, living with his wife and two young sons in Leeds, committing armed robberies and stealing cars to order and, from time to time, abducting and raping women. Police are still putting together the full picture of his career. It is known that some 15 months after getting away with his rapes in Bradford and Leeds, he waited in a car park in Leicester until he saw a 20-year-old woman parking. Once again, he abducted her in her own car, drove her away and raped her, using his knife to cut her breasts, belly and neck. Leicestershire Police investigated but soon became embroiled in embarrassment.
This victim was so horrified by her experience that she never told her husband and reported it to the police on condition that they would protect her identity. However, her husband worked occasionally for police in a civilian role and subsequently walked into a CID room to find the intelligence board displaying pictures of his wife as a rape victim, naked to reveal her injuries. When he confronted his wife, she was furious and withdrew her co-operation from the inquiry. In the meantime, a detective inspector had stolen papers dealing with her rape and started visiting her at home, apparently hoping to have sex with her. This inspector, like his predecessor in West Yorkshire, was subsequently jailed for separate indecency.
The Leicestershire police contacted West Yorkshire to point out the similarity between the three attacks but, although they agreed to stay in touch, they set up no joint inquiry and, when they failed to find their man, Leicestershire like West Yorkshire before them gave up the hunt and threw out all of the scientific evidence which they had collected. Barwell carried on raping.
On November 15 1985, he marked the birth of his daughter by attacking a 20-year-old woman who was parking her car in central Doncaster. South Yorkshire police made no link between this and Barwell’s other offences, failed to make any progress with the inquiry and lost or destroyed every single piece of evidence and every single piece of paperwork from the case. When Operation Lynx finally solved the crime, they had to go to the files of the local newspaper to get a contemporary account of the victim’s ordeal.
Barwell was now working as a long-distance lorry driver, using his spare time to referee football matches in the Northern Counties League and also to attack women. His next known attack raised new worries. Shani Warren, aged 26, disappeared on April 17 1987. She had been mowing the lawn at her home in Stoke Poges, Bucks and had apparently set off in her car to dispose of the grass cuttings. She never returned and, the next day, she was found dead, in Taplow Lake, Berks. A Home Office pathologist, Dr Ben Davies, found that she had died of drowning. However, he also discovered that she had been sexually assaulted; she had a strangling mark around her neck, which had been probably been made with a car jump-lead; a jump-lead had been used to bind her wrists and ankles; and she was gagged. And yet Dr Davies concluded that she had committed suicide.
Thames Valley Police tried to start a murder inquiry. When an inquest was held, Shani’s mother insisted that her daughter was not suicidal, a psychiatrist who had examined her diaires agreed, but Dr Davies – who had earlier been removed from the approved list of Home Office pathologists and then reinstated – insisted that this was a case of suicide. Faced with such a conflict, the coroner recorded an open verdict, and little more effort was made to trace her attacker.
Operation Lynx has since established that on the day of Shani Warren’s death, Clive Barwell was driving near her home in Stoke Poges and also near Taplow Lake, which is some 25 miles away. They also noted the similarity between her death and the attempt by Barwell to kill the woman who was thrown into the Leeds and Liverpool canal. But at the time, Barwell once again was allowed to slip away.
Six and a half months later, however, on November 6 1987, Barwell’s career as a sex criminal finally ran into trouble when he was arrested for using a sawn-off shotgun to rob half a dozen security vans and for stealing numerous cars – including 16 from one car park in York in a single day. He was denied bail and when his trial ended, on January 13 1989, he was sent to prison for 16 years as a Category B security prisoner. The police had not begun to suspect that he was a serial rapist but they had at least locked him up where he could do no more harm to women. And yet within three and a half years, he was able to rape again – from within prison.
Barwell behaved like a model prisoner, obeying the rules and taking educational courses; persuading prison officers, governor grades and probation officers that he was trustworthy and reformed. After only two and a half years, he was reduced to Category C and, a year later, on August 24 1992, he was reduced to Category D, the lowest possible security status, and sent to an open prison, in Sudbury, Derbyshire. According to Prison Rules, he was not entitled to go on home leave until he had complete a third of his sentence, in March 1993. In fact, he was immediately allowed to return home on ‘resettlement licence’, which also allowed him to work locally as an electrician. On January 7 1990, he went to Leeds to visit his sick father on a four-day leave and at ten o’clock the next night, he attacked a woman who was leaving her car in Belgrave Street in the city centre.
The woman fought him off. She told police he had grappled her towards her car door, holding a butcher’s knife at her throat and ordering her to get in. She had no doubt he was trying to abduct her and later suffered severe bouts of depression and anxiety, but West Yorkshire police not only failed to find her attacker but recorded the incident as an attempted robbery, apparently an attempt to reduce the level of reported sex crime on their patch. Her car, which had been touched by Barwell, was never examined for prints. Her clothing, which had been torn, was never examined for body hairs. Four months later, Barwell left the prison on a day release to go to work as an electrician, ignored his job, travelled to Nottingham and abducted, raped and attempted to burn to death the 23-year-old woman whom he found in the multi-storey car park there. The Prison Service say there is no trace of his being disciplined for failing to go to work.
Although he was still only five years into his 16-year sentence, Barwell continued to enjoy a life of liberty. On one of his many trips to Leeds, he met a 33-year-old divorcee, Margaret Teasdale. Barwell had divorced his former wife and, on Valentine’s Day 1994, he and Margaret were married in Leeds register officer. The two of them then set up home not far from Sudbury Prison, in the Beresford Arms Hotel, in Ashbourne, where they worked as managers. Barwell – still supposedly a prisoner – regularly slept in the hotel for up to three nights at a time, drew a salary of £10,400 a year, bought a car for himself and, according to Home Office sources, was disciplined for parking in the governor’s reserved space on one of his occasional visits back to the prison. A year later, Margaret was pregnant with his son. The Prison Service now say that they were aware of all his activities, which broke no rules and were explicitly approved as part of his resettlement programme.
Detectives want to question Barwell about a number of unsolved rapes which were committed in the area during his time in Sudbury. On June 19 1995, seven and a half years after his arrest, Barwell was released on parole. Five weeks later, at around midday on July 26, he pounced on a 22-year-old student as she went to get into her car in a multi-storey carpark in the middle of Leeds. He tied her up, smeared superglue over her eyes and drove her off to a remote spot where he started cutting off her clothing. She fought with him and he abandoned the attempt to rape her, leaving her tied up in her car.
West Yorkshire police made more errors. A passer-by who found the victim in her car made notes of what she said, but the police lost them. An ambulance officer also made notes of what she said but destroyed them several months later when police failed to ask for a statement. A detective inspector from Notts contacted them to suggest that the abduction of this student could be linked to the abduction of the 23-year-old woman from the multi-storey car park in Nottingham. West Yorks detectives, in the words of one police source, “told him to fuck off”. However, despite the errors, this time, they also made a breakthrough.
Struggling with his victim, Barwell had cut himself and left a trace of his blood in the car. Searching through her handbag, he had left a finger print on an envelope. In January 1996, forensic scientists in Wetherby matched the DNA in the blood sample from the car in Leeds with the DNA in semen taken from the Nottingham victim. Now, at last, police from the two forces began to work together in what became Operation Lynx. Reviewing the records of unsolved rapes, they made links to the rapist’s behaviour in three of the earlier attacks, one of them in Leicestershire, whose detectives now also joined the inquiry.
They knew their best leads were the blood and the fingerprint they had found. Offender profilers suggested they were likely be dealing with a known sex offender. The pattern of offences suggested he was linked to Leeds. They took saliva samples for DNA comparison from 2,177 suspects – but Barwell had no history of sex offences. They ran the fingerprint through the Automatic Fingerprint Recognition system. Barwell’s prints were in there, but they found no match because the print they were working with was only partial. They decided to order a manual search, a potentially enormous exercise. To narrow the field, they turned once again to offender profilers and hit a new problem. Possibly inspired by the errors of the Yorkshire Ripper inquiry, where the entire hunt had been pushed off course by misleading tapes and letters, Barwell had deliberately left false clues as to his background.
He had spoken in a strong Scottish accent, although his real accent is Yorkshire. He had cursed his wife as ‘a blonde bitch’, although she was dark. He had referred to his Catholicism, when he was brought up a Protestant, and he had crashed car gears and driven erratically, even though he was a professional driver. The immediate result was that detectives asked the fingerprint labs to check through the records of Scottish men with links to Leeds. They found nothing. Then they searched through all men with links to Leeds who had criminal records for stealing cars. There were thousands of them.
While that search ground on, Lynx officers made another appeal on Crimewatch and linked two more rapes and the murder of Shani Warren, bringing South Yorkshire and Thames Valley into the operation. This was now a very big inquiry involving 180 officers from five forces. Apart from the 2,177 suspects whose saliva was tested, a further 9,945 were checked and excluded. Detectives raised 24,324 actions and entered 33,628 names (‘nominals’) on their computer system, more than in any other inquiry in the history of British policing. And on March 19 1998, after 940 hours of sifting manually through more than 7,000 prints, a specialist in Leeds came up with a name: Clive Barwell. He was arrested the next day.
Barwell turned out to be a very ordinary man: father a delivery driver; mother a cleaner and bar woman; the second of five children; truanted and did badly at school; a record of petty crime since he was eleven; good at swimming and running. If there were clues to his disposition, they lay in childhood incidents – father reportedly beating mother in front of the children and recruiting the 12-year-old Clive to keep guard on her, the mother walking out with the children but leaving Clive behind with the father, Clive stealing money from her to punish her and being beaten by her when she found out. He had been married three times, and although he had shown some signs of violence, none of his wives had suspected his true nature.
Now, he starts his life sentence, leaving police once more to review the errors of their ways. While he was waiting for his trial, the woman he tried to burn to death in Nottingham gave birth to a child. She says it marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one in her life.

It doesn't mention in this article but the knot used to tie Shani's hands behind her back, is a knot commonly used by lorry drivers. The area where Shani's car (and close to where her body) was found, is a dead end road, popular with lorry drivers, as a place to park up and sleep. That coupled with the fact he was in the vicinity of Shani's last known location (delivering car parts), are the reasons the police suspect he is the killer.
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2018.11.15 16:20 crazydarklord Memories Of Armistice.

In early October 1918, Germany, no longer able to continue the war, approached the United States about an armistice. Many ordinary British soldiers on the Western Front could sense that the war was drawing to a close, as Marmaduke Walkinton remembered:
"We realised that the war might be ending but we really couldn't believe that it could be ending. Anyway, early in November, I wrote home and said we may have peace by Christmas but this is not very probable: Easter should see the end of it all. That was my view at the time. We ran a sweepstake on the day the war would end, even though we couldn’t believe that it would end. I chose December the 25th as my day. Many people chose a day around Easter and the winner of the sweep chose November the 13th. Clever fellow, wasn’t he?!”
The men in the front line were fairly isolated from up-to-date news of the wider war. William Davies of the Machine Gun Corps had trouble convincing his battalion of what he had found out during a spell of leave in Paris:
"In Paris, I could see the continental Daily Mail and from it I gathered that the war was virtually over. I got back to the unit and said, ‘This war’s nearly over’ and they would not believe me. They said it was absolutely ridiculous – not in that language – because there were lorries pouring, troops, ammunition incessantly. It was all going on as if we had to go all the way to Cologne, you see.”
After weeks of diplomatic wrangling, an armistice was finally signed at 5am on 11 November. Military commanders on the Western Front were then informed that the hostilities would cease at 11 am. John Boon, who served on the telephone exchange at the 9th Wing RAF Headquarters, read the message he received about the armistice that day:
”The telegram that was received on November 11, here's the message: 8.05, five past eight in the morning. Hostilities will cease at 11.00 today Ack. Ack. Ack. No operations should be undertaken which cannot be completed by that time and no machines will cross the lines after that hour Ack. Ack. Ack. (‘Ack. Ack. Ack.’ is the code for full stop) Patrols will be maintained but should not operate further forward than the line of our balloons. So after the armistice was signed, no plane crossed the line.”
The way in which news of the armistice was communicated to members of the Allied forces varied. British private William Gillman was told in a formal way:
"The column was marching; we had the bands with us then. It was open ground through a meadow on either side. And all of a sudden, horses galloped up, a band of horses galloped up with brass hats and all this and course we were called to a halt, left turn and stand easy. The chief bloke, brass hat, on his horse he didn’t get off his horse, none of them did. And he waved his hands; take it easy, sort of. And he unrolled this long, white document and he read out – he'd got a good voice, we could hear him – he read out the armistice was signed this morning at so and so place, gave the place. And he's stating that the hostilities will cease from 11 that morning. And of course we had heard rumours for a couple of days that we'd really got Gerry on the run then. And of course this didn't really come as a surprise and actually there wasn't a cheer of any kind raised when that was read out."
Signaller Bertram Neyland got the news from Paris:
”The infantry, the Westmoreland and Cumberlands came crowding round the door – ‘Is it true, is it true?’ So, the rain had stopped then, we carted our table with our tuppenny-ha’penny set on it, and we had an enormous aerial there, right the length of a football field, and very high. So we were picking up Eiffel Tower on it quite distinctly. And Eiffel Tower broadcast the details of the Armistice to the world, going through it all day long on the eleventh. I suppose when they got to the end of it they started off again. And I can always remember one chap digging another chap and he said ‘The war is over. Look, hear those noises? They’re coming from Paris!’”
The news travelled at different speeds, and was delayed in getting to some places. George Jameson’s unit read about it”
”When the war actually ended, we didn't even know about it. We knew that things were getting pretty critical, we knew that we were doing well and nobody wanted to cop out on one when the war might be ending tomorrow, sort of thing. It was the wrong time to get wounded or hit or anything, you see! So we were pretty careful. But we were moving forward with the idea of taking another position when one of the drivers shouted up to somebody, ‘There's a sign on that,’ it was an entrance to some house. He said, ‘There's a sign on that thing marking somebody’s headquarters and it says the wars over.’ Don’t believe it. Nobody would believe it. The war couldn't be over; it had been on for years, nobody would believe it could finish! It’s a fact; it says there the war was over. So somebody rode back and read this thing that said, as from 11 o'clock this morning, hostilities have ceased. And we then realised the war was over.”
Fighting continued in some places as the news made its way along the Western Front, and men still lost their lives on the final day of the war. Jim Fox of the Durham Light Infantry remembered one such incident:
"Of course, when the armistice was to be signed at 11 o'clock on the 11th of November, as from 6 o'clock that morning there was only the occasional shell that was sent either by us over the German lines or the German over at our lines. Maybe there was one an hour. And then, about 10am, one came down and killed a sergeant of ours who'd been out since 1915. He was killed with shrapnel, you know. Thought that was very unlucky. To think he’d served since 1915, three years until 1918, nearly four years and then to be killed within an hour of armistice."
William Collins clearly remembered conditions on the morning of the 11 November, and noted the significance of where he was that day:
"On armistice morning, I remember the fog was – it was a Monday morning, November the 11th. The fog was so thick that visibility was down to 10 yards. And as we moved and moved on, we found ourselves at about 10 o'clock that morning we were up with the infantry patrols. And of course, when we found out that they were the closest to the Germans, we stopped and we stood in that place until… must have been oh, half past 12, one o'clock before the order was given to retire. A silence came over the whole place that you could almost feel, you know, after four and a half years of war, not a shot was being fired, not a sound was heard because the fog blanketed everything, you see, and hung really thickly over… We were north-east of Mons, whereas I'd started the battle four and a half years before, south-east of Mons. So there I was, back where the war started after nearly four and a half years of it.”
When people found out that the war had ended, they reacted in different ways. For British officer Tom Adlam, the outcome had never been in doubt:
“I don’t think any of us thought we’d lose. I think we were confident all the time. I don’t think any of us did. We always thought we were a bit better than they were. The German, I always thought, was a good fighter. I’d sooner have them on my side than on the opposite side. We always felt, even the most timid of us, that we’d win in the end. And so we carried on with it.
Harry Hopthrow found that some were keen to fight up until the last minute:
"At breakfast time that morning there was an, I think an infantry battalion had halted just outside the divisional headquarters, who were making their breakfast. I went out and I said, ‘Oh the war’s going to stop at 11 o'clock today.’ And then an officer came up and said, ‘What's this, cookhouse gossip?’ sort of thing. And I told him and that. The result was the cavalry, the 7th Dragoon Guards, with horses had turned up by then and they heard this and they immediately – they were going to halt – and they immediately saddled up and off they went and went into action.”
Charles Wilson of the Gloucestershire Regiment was delighted when he heard of the armistice:
"Well of course there was tremendous jubilation, I can remember. We had just come out of this battle and the armistice was on the 11th of November. We were doing battalion drill back in some village in France when we formed up and the commanding officer made the announcement: an armistice was signed at 11 o'clock today. Of course there was a swell of excitement amongst the men and our only interest then was to find something to drink to celebrate it and there was nothing to be had, not a bottle of wine or anything else! However we soon put that right.”
But Clifford Lane was just too physically and mentally shattered to celebrate:
”Then as far as the armistice itself was concerned, it was an anti-climax. We were too far gone, too exhausted, really to enjoy it. All we could do was just go back to our billets; there was no cheering, no singing, we had no alcohol – that particular day we had no alcohol at all – and we simply celebrated the armistice in silence and thankfulness that it was all over. And I believe that happened quite a lot in France. There was such a sense of anti-climax; there was such a… We were drained of all emotion really – that’s what it amounted to, you see. Then it was a question of when we were going to get home.”
Some were shocked at the news. British private Herbert Cooper recalled his disbelief that the way of life he was used to had come to an end:
"When we came back from this divisional inspection, outside our billets, well the officer just said, ‘An armistice has been signed with the Germans at 11 o'clock this morning’ and we just said that we hope the war is over and we just sort of gave a slight cheer. But we didn't believe it; we thought that it would all start again in another week. A few days then, outside battalion headquarters, they had the terms of the armistice, the German fleet to go to Scapa Flow; all machine guns, so many thousand machine guns and artillery to be handed over and that the German troops should go back so many miles etc. And then that really convinced us that it was over. But then I used to dream that the thing had started again. I think it was quite a few weeks before I really got down to the fact that there was going to be no more war and that we were not going into the trenches again.”
Arthur Dunton of the Seaforth Highlanders recalled his first reaction to the end of the war:
”Relief of course, it was a job over and well done, good! Naturally, because there were times when you’d think to yourself, ‘How is this war going to end?’ It was year after year, it was, what, since ’14, so three and a half years without any break. You thought to yourself, ‘How the Dickens is the war going to end?’ You'd get on a few miles and the Germans would get on a few miles, then not doing anything important – neither one of us was, you see. The Somme, we fought there all the time on the Somme from beginning to end and we were about 10 miles, I suppose, in advance. And Passchendaele, never get any further, you got in the mud, bogged down in the mud so there was never any… After the first few months of the war when we'd driven the Germans back over the Marne and over the Aisne then it became a fixture – that was the end; no further after that.”
British officer G Spicer was too exhausted to react in any way to the news:
”I met an officer who informed me that an armistice had been signed and that the war was over. I got my men back, because we were all pretty worn out by that time. And I regret to say that the only celebration I had of armistice was, I got back to this hut somewhere about 2 o'clock and I lay down and the next time I woke up was the next morning. I'd been to sleep for 15 hours without waking up!”
For many, the moment of the armistice was a time to reflect on all the lives that had been lost during the war. Ruby Ord was serving in France with the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps”
"I think it was a bit of an anti-climax. Suddenly you thought about, you see, all the people you had known who were killed, etc. They were just in the war zone, and they could come home in your imagination. But the Armistice brought the realisation to you that they weren’t coming back, that it was the end. I think that it was not such a time of rejoicing as it might have been. You were glad the fighting was over and that not more men would be killed. But I do think it was dampened down very much, in France. I think they had all the enthusiasm probably in England, but I think we were too near reality to feel that way. I didn’t, certainly. I did not go out of camp on Armistice Day.”
But others did celebrate. Lloyd Fox served with the Friends Ambulance Unit. He remembered that the festivities where he was stationed in Belgium got out of hand:
"News of the armistice came into the town and there were lots of horns blowing and all that sort of thing. I had to deal with the last of my army cases during the war. An unfortunate young soldier was hit in the face by a star shell fired by some drunken Americans, who were going round the streets of Courtrai firing off their Verey pistols. And one of these things came down and hit this unfortunate man and killed him on the spot. And that was the last war casualty and the last stretcher I had to clean up.”
Celebrating with a drink was the first thought of a lot of people when the fighting stopped, including British NCO Harry Forrester:
”Now we'd arrived at Lille and the war was over and all the sergeants were allowed out of barracks to go and have a drink. Of course we overdid it; everybody got drunk. And the orderly sergeant booked us all in, so he was as bad as all of us. I got entangled with a military policeman, coming home, and I broke every rule in the book apparently to this military policeman and he took my rank and name and what not. And I didn’t think much more about it. We eventually got trucks to take us back to camp. And the following day, I was at work in the anvil, when Mr Major McGuinness came to me and he says, ‘What the hell were you getting up to last night?’ He said, ‘I've got 11 charges here against you from a military policeman.’ So he looked at me and he grinned, he says, ‘I think I’d better burn that, hadn’t I?’ And he put it on the forge. So I got out of that one!"
For Malcolm Hancock, serving with the West African Regiment in Sierra Leone, there was a similar urge to celebrate:
”We did of course hear the news of the armistice – we didn’t hear that until two days afterwards when someone came up from Freetown came up the river bringing stores and that sort of thing to the camp and he brought the news up. We had quite a celebration. I remember we lit an enormous bonfire; all the troops understood very well what the end of the war meant for them and they entered into the spirit of the thing very well. You see, we'd had five years of it, it was terribly wearing. It affected one’s outlook all the time. You felt you couldn't do this; you couldn't do that because there was a war on. It was a terrific relief."
British officer Bill Haine was travelling to Italy when he learned of the armistice with Germany:
"We left France and got to Turin the following morning and we were all full of joy over this armistice business because it was new to us. But apparently the Italians had had their armistice about a week before so it went as flat as mud all that. No, that was my armistice. But I’m told by the chaps who were in the line that it was one of the flattest moments of their lives. They just couldn’t comprehend it and they didn’t know what was happening and there was nothing, no joy. It wasn’t like London where they all got drunk of course. London was, indeed, quite a contrast to the front line. When the news reached the capital, crowds quickly gathered to celebrate.”
Mary Lees, who worked for the Air Ministry, was caught up in the scenes of jubilation that day:
"But of course, I mean, Armistice Day was fantastic. You see, you visualise every single office in Kingsway pouring down the Strand. I should think there must have been about 10,000 people. There was no traffic of course. It was solid, like that. And you see, when they got to the end of the Strand of course it opened up, like that, into Trafalgar Square. And still Trafalgar Square was packed. Well, we didn’t get back to the office, to our work, till about half past three, four. And, when I came to get my bus back in the evening, the people had been careering all round London on the buses. But nobody would go inside because they all wanted to go on top and cheer. I forget how many it was in the papers the next morning, fifty or sixty buses had all their railings broken, going up the stairs on the top.”
During the war, future British Prime Minister Winston Churchill held various government posts and served on the Western Front. He described what he witnessed in London on Armistice Day:
”Then suddenly, the first stroke of the chime. I looked again at the broad street beneath me – it was deserted. Then, from all sides men and women came scurrying into the street. Streams of people poured out from all the buildings. The bells of London began to clash. Northumberland Avenue was now crowded with people in hundreds, nay, thousands rushing hither and thither in a frantic manner shouting and screaming with joy. I can see that Trafalgar Square was already swarming. Around me, in our very headquarters, disorder had broken out – doors banged; feet clattered down corridors; everyone rose from the desk; all bounds were broken. The tumult grew, it grew like a gale, but from all sides simultaneously. The street was now a seething mass of humanity. Flags appeared as if by magic, streams of men and women flowed from the embankment. They mingled with torrents pouring down the Strand. Almost before the last stroke of the clock had died away the strict, war-straitened, regulated streets of London had become a triumphant pandemonium. At any rate, it was clear that no more work would be done that day."
There were similar scenes in towns and cities across the UK. Harold Boughton, serving with the Royal Defence Corps at Leigh POW Camp near Bolton, recalled the mood there:
"And of course when the time came on that 11th hour of the 11th day, pandemonium broke loose. Everybody went mad. Work finished; all the factories poured out; the sirens went; crowds rushed round the streets. Just pandemonium broke loose. Even in the camp, there was no discipline or anything, everybody just broke loose. I think they let the prisoners out into the compound and they all joined up and all joined together and celebrated. I know I got out and went into town and I was swamped with people and all the pubs and everything else was full up. I believe that evening, if I remember, I went to Bolton Hippodrome with my wife and there was a man there who played the organ. And he used to travel round with one of these Wurlitzer organs and we had a wonderful time in that theatre that night, singing all the patriotic songs.”
Maisie Nightingale worked at a factory in Southampton and took part in the celebrations in the city:
"We went round in lorries, didn’t we, with little flags. We all went round in the lorries, all round everywhere, singing and laughing and had a jolly good time. We were in work, but as soon as the armistice was out, everybody come out. Men, all the workmen and all, didn’t matter who it was, all cluttered up in the lorries and we went round in our overalls and our mob caps and all over the town. Yes, it was a wonderful day, I can remember that.”
Harry Smith worked on a farm near Sheffield:
”They were rejoicing everywhere, it was a right carry on. It was announced at 11 o'clock in morning. All the hooters blew from the works – all the works’ hooters were going at the same time round about; you could hear them from miles away, you could hear them in Sheffield and the local pits and all round. Everybody was rejoicing and they all walked out from work. I did the very same thing. I packed up work, what I was doing, and got myself washed and dressed up and I went off to Sheffield to see what was going off in Sheffield. And I never saw owt like it in my life. There was rejoicing and everybody… they were just on the streets, they were dancing, the streets were full of people. They didn’t have much to show off with, as regards having a celebration, but they were just getting a drink or two down them and dancing and singing in the streets. You can't explain it, only that everybody was happy and relieved.”
British officer William Chapman, who had been wounded in the war, had a subdued response to the armistice:
"We couldn’t believe it, we couldn’t believe it. There was a sense of unreality about it. As though we had entered into another world and hadn't got our bearings. In that hospital, there were two officers’ wards and it was the same in either ward and there were hundreds of other troops scattered about the hospital. But that day particularly the mood that happened in London and other big towns was supposed to be exciting and thrilling… but in hospital amongst us wounded officers, there was perfect… I don’t know, inhibition almost – perfect calm. And men were wondering where they were, just wondering where they were."
For conscientious objectors who were imprisoned for refusing to fight, the end of the war meant a hope of being released. But Wilfred Littleboy, held in Dorchester Prison, knew that it would probably not be a speedy process:
“But, November the eleventh. Ah, we shall be home by Christmas! Now that was the attitude of a great many people, great many COs. Some of us felt pretty clearly that it was going to be a very difficult thing for the authorities to free conscientious objectors while the getting home of the Army was a huge job and taking a very long time and we said it would be much nearer six months. In point of actual fact it was just about six months because it was April 1919 – early in April – that all those who had done at least two years were liberated.”
Prisoners of war did not necessarily find out about the armistice immediately. For Bert Fearns, a POW in Germany, the news almost got lost in translation:
”They used to put a bulletin on a board outside but this day, when we looked at the bulletin board, there was just one word on it: ‘Waffenstillstand.’ It was a huge, long word and we couldn't make head nor tail of it. We’d picked up quite a bit of German, but that was a new one on us. So we called the old sentry over and he came over with his rifle and we told him to have a look at it. And when he did, he sort of looked up to heaven; put his rifle on the ground; and did a sort of Scots sword dance over it. So we knew by that, that the war was over.”
As part of the terms of the armistice, Germany’s High Seas Fleet surrendered to the Allies in late November. George Fox of the Royal Navy witnessed this event:
"Well there wasn’t very much preparation, we were all in our usual battle formation and the signals were all informing the senior officers what procedure and who was to lead and what position the ships were to take up. And we met the German fleet in single line and we took up our station on each side of them and then turned 180 degrees and led them into Scapa Flow. Well you know, that was the most pitiful sight that I think I shall ever see. To see such magnificent ships surrender to another fleet it was pitiful, really. You know, I could have cried, honestly I could.”
After the long years of hardship, suffering and loss, it was no surprise that the news the war had finally ended was received with such a mixture of emotions by those who were immediately affected by it. From shock and disbelief, to relief and jubilation, men and women around the world had their own reactions to the armistice. Basil Farrer served on the Western Front during the war. He was in Nottingham on 11 November 1918 but found he couldn't join the cheering crowds in the city that day:
”I remember Armistice Day and I didn't know at the time but in every city, everybody went mad. In London, they were dancing in the streets, the crowds, in all the cities, in Paris and in Nottingham too. In Market Square, it was one mass of people dancing and singing. I did not go there. I do remember – for some reason or other – inexplicable, especially in so young a chap as myself, I felt sad. I did – I had a feeling of sadness. And I did remember all those chaps who'd never come back, because there was quite a lot, nearly a million – not quite a million. As a matter of fact, in Paris I remember the Prince of Wales inaugurating a plaque in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris to the million dead of Great Britain and the British Empire. And I did have a feeling of sadness that day.”
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2018.08.01 22:38 s0ngsforthedeaf /r/Championship's Championship club by club season preview - part 1!

Part 2 here - Part 3 here - Part 4 here

On Friday at 8pm UK time, Reading and Derby County will kick off the 127th season of the English second division - also known as the Championship! 24 clubs will compete for 3 promotion spots to the Premier league (2 via automatic promotion and 1 via playoffs) and to avoid the 3 relegation spots to the third tier a.k.a League One.

Its looking like a really tight and competitive season. The league is absolutely full of ambitious player and managerial talent - the more time goes by the more it looks like a Premier League 2. If you want a competitive league with proper English football, that also has the spice of skilful players and forward thinking managers, it really is the place to go.

This is guide written by the fans who have come together on /Championship - an absolutely huge thanks to them. Do check out the sub, we try to keep it a good place to discuss the EFL, away from the rancid gloryhunting shithole that is /soccer (just kidding - I like this place). Lots going on, including a score predictor thread which is running all season.

This guide is in table order with the PL demoted sides first. Only 5 clubs today (because the Swansea one is a fucking novel and I can't fit any more in), the rest will be submitted tomorrow and Friday. Do bare in mind that not all the transfer news will be up to date as these guides were largely written a week ago. Point out to me if there are any clear errors with formatting or spelling.

Championship info, links and media

/Championship's 17/18 player of the season review

Season previews: The Guardian Sky Sports The Mirror
EFL focused podcasts: Not the Top 20 The Totally Football League Show
The 17/18 table - Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham went up. Barnsley, Burton and Sunderland went down. This season West Brom, Swansea and Stoke join from the PL and Wigan, Blackburn and Rotherham join from League 1.
These are the bookies' favourites for promotion (via Oddschecker):
Club Odds
Stoke 2.75
Middlesbrough 4
West Brom 4
Nottingham Forest 4.5
Leeds 4.75
Swansea 5
And relegation:
Club Odds
Rotherham 2.2
Bolton 2.25
Ipswich 4.5
Reading 5
Hull 6
How to watch in the UK: Live rights are owned by Sky Sports. They are upping the number of televised matches this season. Reading v Derby on Friday is televised. The weekly highlights show previously on Channel 5 is moving to Quest TV, which apparently is on Freeview.
How to watch abroad: Depends, but in most territories, the iFollow Service is available, which is £110 to watch all a single club's matches. Bargain. I think the clubs that aren't on iFollow have their own similar streaming services.
Check out club Youtube channels - quite a few of them post extended highlights now with their own commentary, including Derby, Norwich, Sheffield Wednesday, Brentford and more. (You may need VPN to watch if you're abroad.)

Swansea City by RafiakaMacakaDirk and my_knob_is_gr8

Location: Swansea, Wales
Nickname: Swans, The Jacks
Major honours: Football League Cup (2013), Championship Play-off Winner (2011), League One Winners (1925, 1949, 2008)
17/18 finishing postion: 18th (Premier League)
Transfermarkt squad value: €115.5 mil NOTE: This number is as of July 22nd, when we still have Mawson (€15 mil), A. Ayew (€15 mil), Bony (€10 mil), Clucas (€8 mil) and Fernandez (€8 mil), who are all pretty much expected to be sold, or loaned out, before the season starts. Without all of these players except Bony (who's injured for a while so it makes it unlikely he'll be sold soon), the squad value would be around €70 mil.
Manager: Graham Potter joined the Swans on 11th June 2018. In 2010, he became head coach of Östersund, who were in the fourth tier of Swedish football. 5 years later, he got the club promoted into the Swedish top flight and in 2017, they won Svenska Cupen which qualified them for the Europa League where they managed to get through the group stage. He’s been applauded for what he did at Östersund and the way he managed to build the club up from nothing. The year after his success in the Europa league he signed a 3 year contract with Swansea.
Potter is well respected by The Swans and after a few years of poor managerial and financial decisions his appointment is seen as a step in the right direction to bringing us back to our old ways of being a well-run club. Potter has been recognised for his "progressive" and "unconventional" coaching methods. At Östersund, he encouraged his players and staff to engage in community activities, such as performing in theatre and music productions which was designed to take them out of their comfort zone. Potter describes his style of football on the pitch as "tactically flexible, attacking, and possession-based". At Östersund, he deployed a flexible 3–5–2 formation centred on ball possession.
Best player(s)/ talisman:With many of our best players being rumoured with a move away what good players that remain at the start of the season is yet to be seen.
Alfie Mawson is probably our standout player. He’s been amazing for us since we got him and was a bargain at about £3m. He’s great in the air and is just an all round tank. Keeping him will be a huge boost for us and should be solid in the championship.
Federico "El Pajaro" Fernandez has also been strong at the back with Alfie. The pair played with each other for the majority of last season and together became a solid unit. We will most likely sell him to reduce wages though.
Jordan Ayew put in a great shift last season and was our top goal scorer. His work rate was immense and was able to drop back and defend when needed. He’s fast, able to beat a man and a decent finisher. Sadly all these players are transfer targets for other clubs and might not even be here at the start of the season. If we can keep a lot of our players we should have a decent season but who knows who'll be left by the end of the window…
Rising star: Swansea’s U23 had a great season last year and with Potter wanting a young and fresh squad, a handful have moved up into the first team.
Our standout youngster, Oliver McBurnie, joined Barnsley on loan in January last season where he went on to win a Championship player of the month award after 6 goals in 8 games and went on to win Barnsley’s Player of the year award. While only 22, he’s struggled to break into our first team but will most likely be our main striker for the coming season. Be on the lookout for his long legs, miniature shinpads and ridiculous sock length! LEGS LEGS LEGS!!!
Connor Roberts performed well at RB last season and adapted quickly to the premier league where he battled Kyle Naughton to be in the starting line up and did great when given the chance. Decent at going forward and professional at the back. Hopefully potter puts him ahead of Naughton.
What happened last season?: What Happened last season?: After our great escape the season before and with Paul Clement at the helm there was optimism that the 17/18 season could be our turning point where we start rebuilding 'The Swansea Way". How wrong we were.
After a disastrous transfer window where we sold Sigurdsson and never replaced him and started panic buying the week before the transfer window closed we were left an obvious hole in our team. We had no creativity in midfield and no one could kick the ball into the box to save their life. And just to rub it in further Renato Sanches turned out to be more disappointing than Bob Bradley. With the team sitting bottom of the table Clement was sacked in late December.
Then along came the wise talking Carlos Carvalhal who managed to rebuild the confidence the team had lost. Our results took a turn for the good, beating Liverpool, Arsenal, Burnley and West Ham consecutively at home. He pulled us out of the relegation zone and things were looking good. However, the good times were quickly followed by the bad times. Our form turned and we didn’t win a single one of our last 9 matches. We were quickly relegated after pitifully losing to both Southampton and Stoke in our last 2 games of the season.
Highlights (Or lowlights):
The pass by Renato Sanches that summed up his and our season
Swansea City 3-1 Arsenal
Summer transfer business (so far): At the end of last season, it was clear we needed several transfers, both in and out. However, this would all depend on the manager we got.
Yan Dhanda (Free, Liverpool): A 19 year-old Midfielder, Yan Dhanda left Liverpool this summer and joined the Swans in a free, before we even hired Graham Potter. At one time one of the most promosing youngsters in Liverpool's Academy, injuries slowed down his progress, and ultimately made him fall behind other players. Citing lack of first-team playing time, Dhanda decided to join us this summer in hopes of getting regular playing time in the senior squad. Through 3 pre-season games, Dhanda has been one of the brighest and most impressive players in the squad, even scoring a game-winning goal and smashing a penalty in a shootout against Genoa. With our current injuries and shenanigans involved in our midfield, Dhanda has a good chance of becoming a starter and hopefully guide our midfield during the season.
Jordi Govea (Free, Real Madrid): Another 19 year-old from Ecuador, Jordi was the first signing under Potter. Not much can be said about the lad, but this is what Real Madrid had as his bio:
Jordi is an Ecuadorian defender who possess three key qualities for a player in his position: he's skilful, is able to go past a player and has a good shot on him. He's left footed and is able to send in good crosses on the run.
With Martin Olsson currently as our starting LB, and Kyle Naughton as the backup, the hope is that Jordi can develop on our U-23 squad and hopefully move up to the senior squad in coming years. Also the only man I've seen do a medical while wearing jeans (https://twitter.com/SwansOfficial/status/1015251916132057089)
Joel Asoro (€2 mil., Sunderland): Yet another 19 year-old, a Swedish winger who has represented his country in the younger levels, he was Potter's first senior signing. With world-class speed, and some impressive skills, Asoro was able to score 3 goals and get 2 assists last season in 26 apperances for Sunderland. While these numbers may seem a bit disappointing, many of these games were sub appearances on a very dysfunctional team. Along with Dhanda, Asoro has been one of the most impressive players during preseason, constantly beating his man with either speed or skills, and whipping in good balls to Legs. At the current rate, Asoro appears to have a good chance of starting on the right wing spot, with Nathan Dyer and Luciano Narsingh backing him up.
Predicted starting XI: NOTE: This is gonna be assuming Mawson, A. Ayew, Clucas, and Fernandez are all sold by the start of the season. If by some reason they end up staying, they are pretty much guaranteed to start. Based on the pre-season games so far, a lineup looking like this would be plausible, with Rodon most likely to be replaced by a CB (possibly Scott McKenna) when we buy one. Our second unit is looking something like this.
Best case scenario: Graham Potter is able to motivate and make sure our senior players (Fer, Carroll, etc.) stay fit, along with our youngsters being able to make an impact as expected, and also we retain Mawson, Fernandez, and Clucas, we can finish in the top 2 and get promoted automatically.
Worst case scenario: Our worst case scenario, and something many of us fear of happening, consists of primarily 3 things. 1. Graham Potter isn't given enough time to build an identity with our squad and is sacked by the midway point of the season by the greedy, dumb American owners. . 2. We end up not replacing the players we sold properly like last summer, therefore having a squad with holes everywhere and no chemistry. 3. Our youngsters such as Asoro, McBurnie, Dhanda and company don't pan out and progress at all, thefore becoming mediocre players. This would all culminate in us looking like Sunderland, and making relegation a probability.
Prediction: Realistically I see us selling Mawson and company in the last days before the season starts and not replacing them properly until later on. Because of this, as well as our current injuries with Fer and Clucas, I can see us initially struggling to build an identity but over time, we will start playing like Potter wants us and finishing the season strongly.
8th place, missing the play-offs by 4 points
What will happen to your closest rivals?: The scum that is known as Cardiff City will break the record for lowest points ever accumulated in a Premier League season, getting 5 points all from draws, and will therefore get relegated with 17 games to spare.

West Bromwich Albion by Joelwba

Location: The Hawthorns, West Bromwich, West Midlands
Nickname: The Baggies, The Throstles
Major honours: 1x League title, 1x League Cup, 5x FA Cup
17/18 finishing postion: 20th in Premier League (relegated)
Transfermarkt squad value: £101.16m
Manager: Darren Moore or Big Dave as he's known to Albion fans. A club icon as a player in the early 2000s, he returned to look after our U23 squad before being promoted to assistant manager by Alan Pardew in January. Following the end of Pardew's horrific reign, Moore took temporary charge with Albion facing inevitable relegation. He led us to wins over Newcastle, Spurs, Man Utd and a draw with Liverpool, somehow taking our futile battle for survival to the final week of the season. Following this he earned the head coach role permanently. Moore is loved among the Albion faithful, largely due to his reputation as a player here. He heavily favours a 4-4-2 formation and at the back end of last season, tended to soak up pressure and play on the counter attack. It will be interesting to see how his approach differs in a league where we are one of the favourites, not fighting to survive (hopefully)
Best player(s)/ talisman: It's an interesting situation for Albion currently. There are plenty of Premier League quality players still in the squad. A lot depends on if they are picked off before the deadline shuts. Chris Brunt is a club stalwart and likely to be reappointed as captain. He is adored by the fans and in my opinion will be an incredible asset in the championship. His set pieces alone will bring 10+ goals to the side. Kieran Gibbs is a high quality player who appears to be set to stay and should make a big difference. Jay Rodriguez, Craig Dawson, Salomon Rondon and Nacer Chadli should all make a big difference in this division IF they stay. In all honesty I expect to lose a few of the above. Sam Johnstone appears to be an astute signing to replace the outgoing Ben Foster.
Rising star: Sam Field he's one of our own! He looked completely at home against some of the top Premier League sides last campaign. A box-to-box midfielder, he's full of energy and looks so comfortable on the ball. I expect him to be a major part of our side this season, having just signed a new long-term deal.
Kyle Edwards is an exciting attacking midfielder who has been impressing in pre-season. He may have a part to play following a loan spell at Exeter last campaign.
Jonathon Leko looked like a potential world-beater when he first came through a couple of years back. A lightning quick winger full of tricks. A loan spell at Bristol City and limited appearances later he seems to be losing his way. Will be an interesting one to watch.
Finally, the enigma that is Olly Burke. After signing with us last summer for £15m, he failed to impress any of the four managers we had over the season. He looks exciting when he comes on, without any end product so far, and was unfairly blamed for a loss at West Ham by Alan 'Coward' Pardew. We all know the talent he's got. Hopefully we can see it this season.
What happened last season?: Let's not talk about it... We finally escaped the stranglehold of Tony Pulis, only to opt for the human joke that is Alan Pardew and duly hurtled towards relegation. Four of our players stole a taxi and then played (and lost) the following weekend.
Pardew was sacked about 3 months too late, and Moore took over, restoring pride with some notable wins over Man Utd and Spurs.
This season we also lost the great Cyrille Regis, and the outpouring of emotion and the coming together of the club during the weeks after his passing was something special.
Summer transfer business (so far): We started by releasing Claudio Yacob, Boaz Myhill and Gareth McAuley. Yacob and McAuley will be greatly missed but it is perhaps the right time for them to go.
Jonny Evans departed for Leicester for a cut-price £3m, Ben Foster left for Watford and James McClean has departed for Stoke City.
Sam Johnstone has been bought in to replace Foster, with Jonathon Bond arriving as backup. Kyle Bartley has joined from Swansea City and it appears that Harvey Barnes will soon be arriving on loan from Leicester.
Finally, James Morrison is currently out of contract but still with the club. His future is uncertain.
I am very happy with Johnstone and Bartley. It has been a quiet window for Albion so far but that is largely a good thing. The squad is packed with Premier League talent and the window is more about keeping hold of them.
There is major interest in Dawson and Rondon, along with interest in Rodriguez, Hegazi and Chadli. If any of the above go, then we would need to replace. Otherwise I would be happy with another striker and another CB.
It is also worth mentioning that every player in the Albion side suffered a 50% wage cut upon relegation which means that we are financially sound despite relegation, but may lead to more big names leaving.
Predicted starting XI: This is my best attempt. It will undoubtedly be 4-4-2. We may see Nyom in at right back and perhaps Barry in for Field.
Obviously about half of this side could leave, so we shall see.
Best case scenario: The bulk of the side remains and the quality in the side shines through as we breeze to automatic promotion.
Worst case scenario: The better players leave or do not put the effort in. Moore cannot transfer his great start into his first full season in management. We become embroiled in a relegation battle
Prediction: It will be somewhere in the middle. I'd like to think we'll go up automatically but I think play-offs are more likely. 6th
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Villa won't go down but will settle into mid-table, despite the recent takeover.
I think Wolves will do well in the PL, although I don't know how long Nuno will last before a big club comes in.

Stoke City by mrmariomaster

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Nickname: The Potters
Stadium: bet365 Stadium, 30,089 seats
Major honours: 1972 League Cup
17/18 finishing position: 19th, Premier League
Squad value: £127.8 million
Manager: Gary Rowett signed from Derby in May. His honest attitude has brought lots of optimism to fans, who are looking forward to an overhaul of the Club. His style of play seems to change based on the squad he has available.
Best Player: Joe Allen was vital to the Club last season, giving us hope that we would avoid relegation. His massive new contract signed this summer shows how loyal and committed to the Club he is, and will be a vital player this season.
Rising star: Tom Edwards is a local lad who has won the Under 18 Player of the Year award twice in the Club. In the latter parts of last season he played some good first team football.
What happened last season: A pathetic attempt at a season that had been coming for a while under Mark Hughes. Paul Lambert was appointed in January, but a win rate of just 2 in 15 matches wasn’t enough for him to keep his job and miss out on the million pound bonus offered to him.
Transfer business so far: So far this has been a decent transfer window. Peter Etebo had an amazing World Cup for Nigeria and Benik Afobe looks really promising. Adam Federici has also been appointed to replace Lee Grant. Xherdan Shaqiri has left along with a few players like Stephen Ireland and Glen Johnson who will not be missed. Badou Ndiaye also looks to be on his way out, but it looks like Jack Butland will stay with us, which is massive. Perhaps most surprising are the new contracts signed by our 2 best players last season, Joe Allen and Moritz Bauer.
Predicted Line up: Here is our predicted squad. I’m not sure what formation we will have. EDIT: This is a new version, complete with our rumoured new signings and in the right formation.
Best case scenario: Stoke will finish top with an all-time Championship points record.
Worst case scenario: A mediocre start to the season will see Rowett sacked and Stoke with a disappointing mid-table finish.
Prediction: I think with our squad and our new manager, we will finish 1st.
What will happen to our closest rivals? Port Vale will be relegated to the Vanarama National League.

Aston Villa by trueschoolalumni

Location: Villa Park, Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6HE
Nickname: The Villans, The Villa, Prince William's Club, David "Twat" Cameron's Second Club.
Major honours: 7 First Division wins, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, 1 European Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Intertoto Cup
17/18 finishing postion: 4th
Transfermarkt squad value: £67.77m and dropping fast
Manager: Steve Bruce (for now). Former Man Utd playing legend who's been a fixture of English football for decades. He joined Villa in 2016 after successful runs at Hull, Sunderland (yes they were good once) and Birmingham City. A bit of a promotion specialist, he's taken Championship clubs up to the Premier League 4 times in the past and just missed out last season, losing 1-0 to Fulham in the Playoff Final. Tactically, he's fairly old school who prefers 4-4-2 or a 4-1-4-1, usually involving a big man up top. Fun fact: while managing Huddersfield in 1999 he wrote three novels, "Striker!", "Sweeper!" and "Defender!", which focus on main character Steve Barnes, a football manager. Barnes solves crime and takes on terrorists, and the books have become prized rarities. The Guardian's Football Weekly podcast managed to get a copy and read out some of the copy - suitably awful.
Best player(s)/ talisman: There's only one Jack Grealish. A Villa boy through and through, he's been with the club since 2001 (aged 6), and made his way into the first team in the 2013-14 season. He's been the centre of controversy a few times, most notably getting on the beers and passing out on a Tenerife street. Playing as a number 10, his quick feet and dribbling skills provide a number of goals and assists, as well as fouls. He probably went down a bit too easily when first in the Premier League, but time in the gym has noticeably toughened him up and he's a much more solid player as a result. One of the better players in the Championship, and due to Villa's abject finances, a transfer target for the likes of Leicester.
Rising star: Keinan Davis could possibly be it, potentially Andre Green and Rushian Hepburn-Murphy as well.
What happened last season?: Have you ever walked into a casino, spotted the roulette table and popped £10,000 on red? It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off. You've doubled your money if you win, but look like a right git if you lose. Villa figured this was a good way to approach 2017-18: spend millions on players, get in lots of loans, gamble everything on achieving promotion. After a so-so start, Bruce got the team playing well, stringing together a number of wins and moving through the playoff spots. Unfortunately they ran into a few teams playing out of their skin - champions Wolves ran away with the league and boasted a squad that included several Champions League players. Neil Warnock's Cardiff couldn't stop winning and grabbed the second automatic promotion. In the playoff final Villa came up against a Ryan Sessegnon-led Fulham and were just pipped at the post 1-0.
Summer transfer business (so far): It's one-way traffic, due to absolutely abysmal finances. Loan spells for Lewis Grabban, Robert Snodgrass, Josh Onomah and Sam Johnstone have all ended, which is almost the spine of the team (Johnstone in particular - he was arguably the best keeper in the Championship and personally bagged a number of wins). Plus clubs are circling to pick off whatever assets we have left (eg. Jack Grealish, James Chester). With no prospect of anyone new coming in, it looks like the youth academy will be getting a lot more game time.
Predicted starting XI: Possibly this, but half these players could be gone before the first match.
Best case scenario: Mid-table anonymity would have to be best case - Villa are a mess and could go down this time around.
Worst case scenario: Our finances are the real issue - they are dire. Villa need to find £9 million this month to avoid going into administration. Owner "Dr." Tony Xia is a billionaire, apparently, but tax bills went unpaid and the question remains if he's able to support the club as generously as he has in the past. Administration, points deductions and potentially relegation to League One are all real possibilities right now. It's not looking good.
Prediction: Due to financial irregularities in the 23 clubs above us, Villa will get into the Champions League and take out the likes of Atletico, Bayern and Real Madrid on the way to our second European Cup. "Taylor, Green, prepared to venture down the left. There's a good ball played in for Jack Grealish. Oh, it must be and it is! It's Keinan Davis!"
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Unfortunately the Scum managed to avoid League One in the final rounds of the season. Here's hoping they go one better. Agbonlahor to re-sign for one game: the Derby. And score the winner, again.

Middlesbrough by OneSmallHuman

Location: The Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough
Founded: 1876
Nickname: The Boro (Or just Boro)
Major honours: The League cup 2003-2004 season
17/18 finishing position: 5th
Transfermarkt squad value: 79.34m
Manager: Tony Pulis became manager of us in late December 2017, replacing the sacked Garry Monk after a pretty lacklustre few months of the campaign (despite where our league position was). Pulis is known in England for being the man that is never relegated when in charge of someone in the top flight. We are all aware of Tony Pulis' style of football. You start by having a strong and massive defence and maximise your use of set pieces to gain an advantage. Pulis is a lover of all set piece plays, whether that is crossing the ball in from a corner or free kick, or launching a ball into the box from a throw in, they're all in his arsenal of weapons. 'Pulisball' as it is pretty much known. Pulis has achieved promotion from the championship once before with Stoke, and I hope he achieves it again with us this season
Best player(s)/ rising star: I mean, where else do I begin. Adama Traore. Arguably the best player in the championship on his day and is one of the most frightening dribblers in English football, maybe even world football. The winger is known for his speed and dribbling ability although is usually criticised for his lack of end product. Before last season I would've agreed, however 5 goals and 10 assists, with all but 2 assists coming before Pulis' arrival show the progression of the Spanish winger.
As for other members of the squad, Ben Gibson, the prodigal son. Boro through and through he's progressed into a commanding centre half with the ability to play out from the back thanks to Karanka. He gained attention and emerged as one of the few given credit after our disappointing premier league campaign but was only the subject of one bid upon our relegation, from now manager Tony Pulis. It remains to be seen whether he'll be here come the first game of the season, but I hope he will be.
As for future stars, Dael Fry, already has played 2 championship campaigns for us and looks as assured as a veteran of the game. Another centre half produced by our academy and he is being played in cdm this pre-season by Pulis, to add to his versatility. Hopefully a standout season for him, especially if Gibson does end up leaving. Finally, yes, he does always look as confused as images of him show.
What happened last season?: Well, the first half of the season was tragic under Monk. We played really poor football at times and looked like we hadn't defended a day in our lives. There was also no consistency in the team, we'd win one game then lose the next. A key theme under both managers however, was our inability to beat those around us in the table. After Pulis' appointment the results picked up and it ended with us finishing 5th in the table. We ultimately lost in the playoff semi finals to Aston Villa but honestly, we didn't think we'd even be in the top half around Christmas.
Summer transfer business (so far): Just the three deals to talk about so far. We've acquired Paddy McNair from Sunderland who looks like a decent player. He's been utilised in right back and midfield during pre-season so it looks like they'll be his positions for the season. I imagine he'll play alongside Clayts and Howson in a midfield three.
Aden Flint was signed from Bristol City and I think I'm in the minority when I say I don't like how much we paid for him. Obviously the man is a Pulis player but I'm a bit unsure about his defensive ability. That being said he's looked strong during pre-season and I'm sure Pulis will get the best out of him. Fabio departed our club for Nantes so we'll need more full back cover.
As for the rest of the window, I expect Gibson to leave but will be delighted if he doesn't. One of our strikers will also leave and Braithwaite should follow after his decent World Cup performances. We'll probably bring in a striker and a winger and hopefully hold onto Adama. That'd be a successful window in my eyes.
Predicted starting XI: My best guess The only other guess I could make is that Gibson might leave and then Ayala would start, but he's injured at this point in time. Britt might play over Gestede too if Pulis is feeling fancy.
Best case scenario: It has to be top of the pile right? It's not out of the question to imagine us up there and if everything clicks then we've got a chance. A defence that scores more than some teams' strikers, Adama channelling his inner Messi and finding consistency, Rudy/Britt/Bamford scoring for fun. It could be carnage.
Worst case scenario: I can't see us finishing outside the playoffs, if we did then that would be gut-wrenching. But if we did then that would most certainly be the worst. Realistically, it'd be losing in the playoffs... again, and if it were in the final again then god help me. Although saying this, now losing Bamford and maybe Traore will be a worst case scenario in itself, definitely if they're not replaced.
Prediction: Have to be confident, although it always kills me. 1st or 2nd. Tony Pulis and his nice white trainers carry us to the promise land. That being said, we never do it the easy way.
Best Match of Last Season Sorry Leeds fans, but it had to be. "Hattrick Bamford" as our Twitter account tweeted, 3-0 against Leeds with Adama running the show. Leeds clearly found some positive from the game as they're set to sign him off us. This was the sign of what we should've done more last season. Showed what Paddy could've been too if given an even more extended period in Striker by himself. Oh well.
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Who even are our closest rivals in this league? We're in geographical purgatory. Can't say Sunderland anymore so what? Leeds? Bielsa either turns them into the well oiled machine they hope for or he succumbs to the old Leeds ways and is sacked by December. As for the Mackems, probably promoted from League 1.
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2015.10.24 02:14 alwayzsuspicious Chinese Interracial Mainland

While data from the PRC’s Ministry of Civil Affairs indicates that the number of couples registering a Chinese-foreign marriage in mainland China was almost ten times greater in 2010 than in 1979, the figures for registered Chinese-foreign marriages are still relatively small compared to couples registered in a domestic marriage.[2] The data also suggests that most Chinese-foreign marriages are intra-national rather than international in character. An article published by Elaine Jeffreys and Wang Pan, ‘Chinese-foreign Marriage in Mainland China’, in the University Nottingham’s China Policy Institute Blog notes that “the most common type of Chinese-foreign marriage registered in mainland China until the late 2000s was between a mainland Chinese woman and a man from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan.”[3]
Despite these marriages being classified as "Chinese-foreign marriages", the above data suggests that they are intracultural, rather than, international in nature. In his article The rise of international marriage and divorce in contemporary Korea, Professor Doo-Sub Kim (2010) gives weight to this observation by highlighting the surge in cross-border marriages registered in South Korea between Chinese and South Korean nationals. Between 1990 and 2005, there was an increase of over 35,000 cross-border marriages registered in South Korea, with China becoming the main sending country for such marriages by the mid-1990s.[4] The majority of these marriages are between Korean men and Chinese ethnic Korean women from China’s northern provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning.
Most Chinese-foreign marriages are intra-national rather than international in character.
Fewer than 8,500 couples registered a Chinese-foreign marriage in mainland China in 1979. That figure climbed to a peak of nearly 79,000 couples in 2001 and decreased to just over 49,000 couples in 2010. These figures are small when compared to the total number of marriages registered in China; over 8 million couples registered a domestic marriage in 2001. Chinese-foreign marriages therefore accounted for only 1 per cent of the registered marriages in mainland China in 2001, when those marriages peaked.
Chinese–foreign marriages registered in mainland China are typically ‘cross-border’ rather than international. The PRC’s marriage registration regulations divide Chinese-foreign marriages into three different categories:
marriage between PRC citizens (中国公民) residing in mainland China (内地居民) and Overseas Chinese (华侨), i.e., Chinese citizens who reside in another country
marriage between citizens of mainland China and citizens of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, i.e., territories that the PRC government claims as part of China, but which have separate legal jurisdictions; and
marriage between citizens of mainland China and foreign nationals (外国人, literally people from another country), which may include former PRC citizens who have acquired foreign citizenship (外籍华人).
The most common type of Chinese-foreign marriage registered in mainland China until the late 2000s was between a mainland Chinese woman and a man from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan
The ‘intracultural’, as opposed to ‘international’, nature of Chinese-foreign marriage is further suggested by data from the Republic of Korea and Australia. Doo-Sub Kim (2010) shows that the number of cross-border marriages registered in South Korea increased from around 5,000 marriages in 1990 to over 40,000 in 2005, with China becoming the main sending country for such marriages by the mid-1990s. Kim does not specify what is meant by the category China and hence whether Chinese spouses could include people from Hong Kong and Macao. However, the majority (over 73 per cent) of the cross-border marriages registered between South Korean and Chinese citizens are marriages between Korean men and Chinese ethnic Korean women from China’s northern provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning (Kim 2010: 134–5). Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (1994–2011) show that in Australia, of the 6,324 marriage registrations in 2011 that involved a spouse born in mainland China, 60 per cent were between two people born in mainland China
Data made available by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the number of Chinese-foreign marriages (涉外婚姻) registered in mainland China between 1979 and 2010 suggest three key points: Chinese-foreign marriage is a recent and small phenomenon; most mainland Chinese marrying this way are women; and most marriages are cross-border, or intra-Asian, rather than international.
Foreign marriages is a miniscule percentage of marriages in China. About half of "foreign" marriages is to citizens from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese. The remainder then needs to take into account ex-citizen PRC Chinese and intracultural marriages, like Koreans marrying ethnic Koreans in China. Finally, foreign marriages peaked back in 2001 and levels as recent as 2010 are far lower.
Sihong (Julia) Wang
A Thesis Presented to the Department of Sociology In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors
While all participants share the same ethnic heritage, their dating preferences varied based on cultural upbringing. The dating preferences of Chinese women were strongly shaped by ethnicity: they were mainly attracted to Chinese men. In contrast, Chinese-American women were more open to dating across ethnicity.
A high percentage of women who grew up in the United States were more open to interethnic dating and a high percentage of women raised in China would only consider dating a Chinese-(American) man.
Overall, I found that culture and family were the two most influential factors in my participants’ dating lives. Whether the women themselves cared about sharing a common language or celebrating the holidays together with their boyfriends, the significance of the Chinese culture was passed on from their parents’ generation and helped shape their identities. If nothing else, my participants stated that respect for their ethnic heritage was expected of a significant other. Twenty out of twenty-four women stated that they celebrated Chinese holidays, and most of these participants singled out Chinese New Year.
Several women brought up prejudice against particular ethnicities. Of all twenty-four interviews, fifteen women noted that their parents and/or grandparents would disapprove of an African American boyfriend. In addition, respondents mentioned objections to other ethnicities (n=5 for Hispanics, n=4 for Indians, n=1 for Muslims).
Rachel (China, CA) said, “Most Chinese do not like black [people] in terms of dating, but sometimes I think black people are actually attractive, [although] I may not consider dating them.”
Overwhelmingly, the women raised in China who were mainly attracted to Chinese-(American) men seemed to prioritize their family’s desires above their own.
Based on the responses I received from these women raised in China, it was fairly clear that they were more comfortable dating within their ethnicity and preferred to be with someone that shared similar values and traditions.
The responses I received from my participants generally supported my hypotheses. Overall, the Chinese-(American) women who grew up in the United States were more open to dating interethnically whereas those who were raised in China stated a preference for Chinese-(American) men. There were exceptions, but those women shared experiences that differed in one way or another from the common responses I received. I hoped to focus my thesis around cultural homophily and believed that individuals would prefer to date others that shared similar cultural beliefs, traditions, practices, and values rather than simply choose intimate partners based on race or ethnicity. This proved to be true for women who grew up in the United States, but culture and ethnicity are too closely related in China. Several women emphasized that the Chinese traditions, values, and beliefs are built into the ethnic identity. They are what make a Chinese individual Chinese. Therefore, women raised in China who stated that they were mainly attracted to Chinese- (American) men for cultural reasons essentially preferred to date them because they shared a common ethnic background. I found that respect for Chinese culture seemed to be important to my participants across the board whether or not they chose to participate in ethnic festivities or held traditional values. Family influence was one of the leading considerations for my participants, and often made the difference in dating practices, particularly for women who were raised in China.
It was interesting to note that no woman raised in China stated that they were mostly attracted to non-Chinese-(Americans).
Dating preferences of Chinese women were strongly shaped by ethnicity: they were mainly attracted to Chinese men. Attracted to Chinese American men mostly due to cultural reasons. Family influence big influence on Chinese women. No woman raised in China stated that they were mostly attracted to non-Chinese-(Americans).
Chinese women find foreign men less attractive in financial crisis
The attractiveness of foreign men has waned in China since the financial crisis began, according to a new survey.
The study polled 6,600 Chinese women with foreign husbands, starting in September last year, when Lehman Brothers' collapsed. Hongniang.com, a Chinese matchmaking website, asked the women to score their happiness out of 100, and they gave an average score of 72. However, when the website conducted another poll more recently, involving 4,400 married Chinese women, they were significantly less happy with their foreign partners and the average score had dropped to 54.
In other polls on the website, the proportion of women who expressed a desire to marry a foreign man had slumped from 42.5 per cent to just 16.8 per cent. Instead, 68 per cent of Chinese women said they preferred to marry a Chinese man.
Foreign men less attractive since financial crisis of 2008. Average happiness score out of 100 drops from 72 to 54. Women who expressed a desire to marry a foreign man fell from 42.5% to 16.8%, 68% said they preferred to marry a Chinese man.
In our current study, not one of the 144 female respondents indicated a strong or exclusive preference for dating and marrying a foreign man and only 4.2% indicated even a moderate preference for dating and marrying a Westerner. About 32% stated that it didn't matter either way (no preference based on race or culture) and another 48.6% indicated a preference for a Chinese man but stated that they would consider a foreigner "if the right one came along" (ibid). The most common reasons stated for these findings were "parents would never agree to a foreigner," "too many cultural differences leading to problems later on," and "difficulty communicating."
In light of this new evidence, what we now believe is that foreign men provide a very attractive alternative to those Chinese women who feel they are not competitive for the most desirable and sought after Chinese men. This group of women primarily include:
  1. Women who are considered to be relatively unattractive or just mediocre in appearance by Chinese standards
  2. Women over the age of 30 and those who are no longer virgins, irrespective of marital status
  3. Women who are divorced especially, but not only, if they have a child.
  4. Women from poor families, especially those whose parents are farmers and transient workers and were not born in a first-tier city. Chinese men ranked the girl's education and family background as 4th and 5th in order of importance, exceeded only by character, health and appearance in first, second and third place, respectively.
  5. Finally, and quite cynically, unscrupulous women who are otherwise quite competitive for the most desirable Chinese men but who are Western-bound at any cost and are primarily, if not only, interested in the foreign man's visa.
In the study, only 4.2% of Chinese women indicated even a moderate preference for dating and marrying a westerner. Foreign men provide an attractive alternative to Chinese women who feel they are not desirable. This group includes women considered unattractive, over 30, non virgins, divorced, divorced with child, poor and visa seekers.
Responsible Western men will bear in mind that Chinese girls who have lived with or even dated foreign men are extremely limited in their future marriage options if the relationship doesn't last. Most traditional Chinese men will immediately eliminate a woman as a potential future spouse if and when they learn she has had a former foreign boyfriend, even in the absence of sexual intercourse. This rather strong bias often then leads to a forced pattern of serial monogamous cohabitating relationships with other foreign men exclusively.
Outside the three major international cities, it is highly unlikely you will encounter an unmarried Chinese girl, under the age of 35, who is only looking for a "friend with benefits." Anecdotal evidence suggests that middle-aged women, whose husbands are out of town on business for days at a time, overrepresent those who are seeking casual sexual relationships as they are driven by loneliness and the belief that their husbands are doing more than just discussing business during their frequent late night outings.
Quite surprisingly, and paradoxically perhaps, even though these young professional women tend to possess some of the best English language skills in China, their general preference seems to lean in the direction of Chinese men, almost exclusively. Unless a Western man were relatively young, above-average in physical appearance, and had a lot of cash at his disposal, it is unlikely he would catch the fancy of such a Chinese girl.
Even young professional women, who have the best English skills, generally prefer Chinese men almost exclusively.
China's 'leftover women' look for love abroad
Loretta Xu Liang unzips her pink Juicy Couture jumper and sinks into her sofa. "Chinese men are terrified of me, both emotionally and financially," she sighs. At 31, Xu is confident and attractive, and earns about 35,000 yuan (HK$43,500) a month, more than eight times the national average. On the face of it, she represents the essence of a modern Chinese woman; better educated and more accomplished than ever before. But like most single women her age, she's under intense pressure to tie the knot, both from her family and from state media.
Highly accomplished women are not only the target of harsh media scrutiny, they also face a severe lack of admirers, despite China having 34 million more men than women as of last year. A recent study by Hong Kong-based sociologist Sandy To Sin-chi shows that these women struggle to find a lasting relationship in what is a conservative, patriarchal society.
"My mum spends all her time organising blind dates for me," says Faye Yang, a pretty 29-year-old university professor, "but over 60 per cent of them reject me when they discover I have a PhD degree."
Although only a handful of the women I speak to seem terribly excited about the prospect of marrying a foreigner, all are at pains to differentiate between expatriates and men living in their home countries. "China has polluted foreigners living in China," says Xu. "They make money in grey areas, they cheat, take bribes and are spoilt with so many Chinese girls."
Richard Burger, author of Behind the Red Door: Sex in China, points to another reason why women may tread carefully with foreigners. "Chinese women who date foreign men face the risk of being looked on with suspicion by friends and neighbours," he says. "They can be branded as 'loose' and improper and seen as 'damaged goods'."
Leftover women are the ones who consider foreigners. Foreigners in China have a polluted reputation and Chinese women who date foreigners also get a bad reputation as being loose, improper and damaged goods.
Zhou Xiaopeng, a marriage specialist from dating website baihe.com, said there are two main reasons for the rising number of Chinese marrying overseas residents. "Compared with Chinese men, foreigners care less about appearance and age. Therefore, an increasing number of educated Chinese women tend to date and marry Western men," she said.
In recent years, media reports have exposed more Chinese men from rural areas buying brides from Vietnam or other Southeast Asian countries through illegal agencies, Zhou said.
Foreigners care less about looks and age, that is the main reason for dating/marrying them.
Chinese women think I'm too old
COMEDIAN Des Bishop remains a single man a year after relocating to China and appearing on a dating show. However, the Irish-American said he was not ideal husband material in China.
"I'm very old, Chinese woman are all married at my age so it's not that easy to find a Chinese girlfriend," said the 38-year-old.
The percentage of women who expressed a desire for marrying a foreign man dropped from 42.5 percent to just 16.8 percent with 68 percent now indicating a clear preference for Chinese men (Chen, 2009). These results support our findings from a recent survey study of 302 unmarried Chinese young adults (mostly university students) in which 48.6 percent of our female respondents indicated a clear preference for Chinese husbands (Mavrides, 2009).
Despite their eligibility, most African grooms in Guangzhou marry Chinese economic migrants whose disapproving families reside far from the city. "Many Chinese women want to marry Africans because they are from poor rural areas, often Hunan or Hubei provinces. Marrying a foreigner is a way to upgrade their social status, because the Africans have money." East African prostitutes working in Little Africa, however, report that 50 per cent of their clients are Chinese men who "want to try it", according to Matthews.
Generally, though, the African bachelors in Guangzhou are not desperate asylum seekers: they are highly eligible businessmen. Like Ousagna and Issa, they often own a car, have a stable income and speak Putonghua. Forty per cent of African migrants surveyed in Guangzhou for the book Africans in China (2012), by former University of Hong Kong professor Adams Bodomo, had received tertiary education - some even held a PhD. Many Chinese women want to marry Africans because they are from poor rural areas, often Hunan or Hubei provinces Instead of taking a factory job, a Chinese woman who marries an African man often becomes head of his wholesale shop, should he open one, and a key player in his export business. To add insult to injury, while Africans are denied Chinese citizenship, they are still subject to the one-child policy. I.G. and Winnie have three children, Peace, aged eight, Joshua, six, and 1½-year-old Jeremia. "After the second child they asked us to pay 30,000 yuan even though I'm a foreigner," he says, with a what-can-you-do shrug.
his children, should he have any and they be registered under Tsang’s name Despite their eligibility, most African grooms in Guangzhou marry Chinese economic migrants whose disapproving families reside far from the city. “Many Chinese women want to marry Africans because they are from poor rural areas, often Hunan or Hubei provinces. Marrying a foreigner is a way to upgrade their social status, because the Africans have money.”
Poor Chinese marry rich African business owners. Wife becomes the head. The children take the wife's surname as well.
VAHE: How big is the pressure to get married to a Chinese man?
Most people tell me their parents prefer them to marry a Chinese man, but of course a small minority of women and men in China marry foreigners.
Vancouver man wanders streets of Shenzhen, China looking for an online love he’s never met
a desperate Malone has turned himself into a human billboard in a last-ditch bid to find his online love
But Malone hinted the love may have been a little one-sided — he said RiLi was concerned that an in-person meeting might mess with the magic.
Undeterred by her doubts, Malone booked a flight, and now marches the streets of Shenzhen with a billboard around his neck, bearing the photo he believes is RiLi, hoping she really is his true love.
Chinese girl rejects US teen after he flies 7,000 miles to meet her
Infatuated US teen found almost frozen to death on bank of Chinese river after travelling 7,000 miles to be rejected by girl he fell in love with over the internet
Police said it appears the young woman may not have taken him seriously until he suddenly turned up in Xiamen, in Fujian Province, and then went to Jiangshan to meet the girl.
Detectives confirmed from his mobile phone that he did try to ring her several times, after which he was told to leave her alone – and his number was blocked.
Depressed about the rejection, Pratt had started drinking and was last seen cursing and staggering near Xu River, where he was found passed out later that night.
Police tracked the young woman down, but she again refused to meet him despite hearing about the fact that he had almost died.
Hangzhou sex worker blog was faked by male editor
The microblog of Ruo Xiaoan 1, which purported to be the posts of a female sex worker in Hangzhou and attracted enormous attention from media and internet users, was actually a fake written by a man surnamed Lin, say local police according to Zhejiang Online.
Fake sex blogs, which some foreigners use to stroke their fragile egos.
The Decline of the Expat: Foreigners in China Proliferate, But Become Less Special
What does this mean for China's expats? First off, they are less and less a novelty. Once upon a time, they were asked to pose for photos wherever they went. While this is still true in most areas, they are now hardly given a second glance in the trendier areas of big cities. With more of them around, expats have been demystified - and more opportunities for interaction have perhaps led local Chinese to a startling revelation: that many foreigners are poor students, or are struggling to make ends meet, while China's middle class is only growing more and more wealthy.
Foreign Female:
French Girl Marries Chinese Guy for Love, Not Money
Domestic lives of foreign women with Chinese mothers-in-law
The domestic arrangements of cross-cultural marriages like Swift's have become a topic of interest in the Chinese media in recent weeks, following the publication of a story in Jiangsu-based newspaper Modern Express about the marriage of 26-year-old French woman Emilie Gutowski to a Chinese golf instructor by the name of Kevin Xie this month. A quote made by Gutowski to the publication particularly galvanized public reaction: "I don't want a house, I don't want a car, I just want to be with you."
Militonyan Nune, originally from Armenia, married her Chinese husband, Deng Zhonggang, in 1996. They had met the year before, when Deng went to Armenia to work as a farmer.
Ember Swift from Canada takes a stroll with her Chinese mother-in-law (left) and her two children. Photo: Courtesy of Ember Swift
Hungarian actress and media personality Victoria Varadi married her Chinese husband in 2013.
Li Jian'en, Gutowski's mother-in-law, said she was worried at first when she heard that her son wanted to marry a foreigner. "I have a friend whose son married a woman from New Zealand. They all live together and my friend told me that there were a lot of problems," said Li.
More Chinese men marrying foreign women in Shanghai
Chinese Man’s Life with Beautiful Ukrainian Wife Envied
Ukrainian woman Sasha created a sensation in Dujiangyan, southwest China's Sichuan Province, on Valentine's Day when proposed to her boyfriend dressed as a panda, the West China Metropolis Daily reports.
Sasha, 26, visited the city one year ago and hoped to find Mr Right. On the train back to Chengdu, she met Da Bin and fell in love with the 30-year-old.
Inma: A Spanish Cultural Ambassador' Journey in Beijing
This marriage represents a new order that is sweeping across Africa--intermarriages between Chinese and Africans, which historians say would close the gap between the two.
"It is a trend that is growing fast. Though there are few Chinese women in Africa, many African ladies are now getting connected with the Chinese men working or doing business in Africa," says Caroline Mbalula, a culture analyst based in Gauteng, South Africa.
And finally, there were the inordinate number of Chinese artists and musicians I met who all seemed to be married to Western women. The long-haired guitarist who was drunk more often than not, with the pretty German wife. The DJ I always ran into at 4 a.m. whose wife was a high-powered American executive. The abstract painter, the video artist, the singer. All of them had British or Belgian or French wives.
Sally Bennett (pseudonym), a 29-year-old teacher in Beijing who is originally from Australia, also disagreed with the view that Chinese men were poorly dressed compared to Western men. "In my own country or in the UK, I've seen some guys wearing pajamas or walking barefoot in shopping malls," said Bennett, who is engaged to a Chinese man. "While in China, the men I know, they all care about their appearances and try to look good all the times."
Chinese men also tend to quite chivalrous, in her experience, said Bennett. "Take my fiancée, for example. He always holds my hand, opens doors for me and kisses me on the forehead when we're waiting at the bus station," Bennett said.
Chinese man fetches Russian bride with fleet of Ferraris and Hummers
The supposed materialism of Chinese women is putting off some Chinese men and driving them into the arms of Western women.
Fishbowl Events, a Beijing group run by foreigners and known for its speed-dating parties, has observed a marked increase in male Chinese participants in the past few years. "In 2007, we had about 20 percent Chinese men," says Ola Zdzarska, co-owner of Fishbowl. "Now it is 40 percent.
Humble Sichuan bartender marries professional London singer
The newlyweb and Yang's mother.
After that there were some voluntary migration from China to Assam and Bengal. Says author Rita Chowdhury, who has done extensive research on the subject, "Most of these people in Assam got married with local girls and settled down there.
The mainland marriage statistics section. Pastebin copy/paste for Reddit post
More than 20,000 Myanmar women married to Chinese men and illegally emigrated to Dehong autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, since China still lacks the laws or policies to regulate illegal immigration along border towns, local legislators said.
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2014.09.14 14:17 Pazzyboi [Match Thread] Nottingham Forest v Derby County

Match Information - Nottingham Forest 1 - 1 Derby County
SkyBet Championship 2014/15
  • Date: 14/09/2014
  • Venue: The City Ground, Nottingham (Away)
  • Attendance: 30,227
  • Referee: Paul Tierny
  • Kick-off: 15:15 GMT
  • Streams: Wiziwig
  • Live on Sky Sports 1 HD: Coverage starting at 13:00 GMT

Starting Lineups

Nottingham Forest: Darlow, Lichaj, Mancienne, Hunt, Hobbs, Reid (Off 43 min), Burke, Cohen (Off 14 min), Antonio, Lansbury, Assombalonga
Derby County: Grant, Buxton, Keogh, Shotton, Forsyth, Bryson (Off 74 min), Hughes, Eustace (Off 74 min), Dawkins, Russell (Off 68 min), Martin


Nottingham Forest: Wilson, Fox, Veldwijk (90 On), Paterson, de Vries, Tesche (On 14 min), Osborn (On 43 min) (90 Off)
Derby County:Christie, Whitbread, Roos, Calero (On 74 min), Best (On 68 min), Mascarell, Ibe (On 74 min)

Match Stats

Score: Nottingham Forest 1 - 1 Derby (0 - 0 HT)
Nottingham Forest Derby County
48% Possession 52%
15 Shots 13
3 On target 5
5 Corners 6
11 Fouls 17

Match Events

Surprise replacement in the Derby starting line-up as Shotton comes in for Christie who is dropped to the bench
  • 0 min - KICK-OFF
  • 5 min - The atmosphere is electric in the early stages
  • 6 min - Yellow Card John Eustace (Derby) in the book, he'll have to be on his toes for the vast majority of the game
  • 8 min - First corner for Derby County in front of the Forest fans, headed out for another
  • 10 min - 10 minutes on the clock and the entire crowd are on their feet to join in applause for the great Brian Clough
  • 12 min - Injury for the Nottingham Forest captain, as Chris Cohen looks in a lot of pain
  • 14 min - SUB FOREST Cohen Off Tesche On
  • 17 min - Opening 17 minutes have been at breakneck speed, with both sides fired up. No control established yet by either side
  • 19 min - Assombalonga hits the ground in the Derby box after a struggle with Keogh, no interest from the referee but it looked like there could've been something in it, ball goes out for a goal kick
  • 21 min - Forest win a free kick on the edge of the Derby box, Andy Reid takes and after a game of pinball it goes out for a Forest corner
  • 25 min - A really dangerous ball is put into the box by Chris Burke and only an excellent piece of defending by Derby captain Richard Keogh denies Britt Assombalonga a golden chance
  • 27 min - Derby trying to establish control through a patient passing game, but Forest are pressing the rams well extremely high up the pitch
  • 29 min - Ryan Shotton receives a warning from referee Paul Tierny after a cynical foul on Michail Antonio, who is currently running riot down the left hand side for Forest
  • 32 min - Forest having a really good spell now, as they earn another Andy Reid corner
  • 34 min - Bryson earns a free kick in a dangerous area for Derby County
  • 35 min - Bryson takes it himself and hits a really tame effort straight at Darlow
  • 38 min - Plenty of intensity in the game so far, but only one effort on target for either side so far - that being Bryson's poor free kick
  • 40 min - First dangerous bit of play for Derby earns them a corner, and the Rams will hope to finish the half strongly
  • 42 min - Bryson leads a charge up the pitch, but fluffs his pass to Hughes and it's out for a corner
  • 43 min - Andy Reid injured for Forest
  • 43 min - SUB FOREST Reid Off Osborn On
  • 44 min - John Eustace is getting a talking to, any more from him and he'll surely see Red
  • 45 min (+1) - Great long range strike by Tesche just goes wide
  • 45 min (+4) - The Whistle goes for Half Time after a feisty first half
Forest perhaps shading the first half, but failed to get a shot on target. Perhaps had a good shout for a penalty, but nothing given.
  • 45 min - KICK-OFF
  • 46 min - Yellow Card Ben Osborn (Forest)
  • 46 min - Poor challenge on Johnny Russell by Osborne and he picks up a yellow card
  • 51 min - Derby starting to put together some slick passing combinations, encouraging for the Rams
  • 52 min - An accidental elbow on Craig Bryson by Assombalonga causes Bryson to leave the field to receive treatment for a nasty cut
  • 54 min - Another good move by Derby results in Martin blazing the ball over the bar, not been his day so far
  • 57 min - Yellow Card Jake Buxton picks up a yellow for a cynical foul
  • 59 min - Yellow Card Henri Lansbury booked for an awful clash with Will Hughes, could've been a red on another day
  • 60 min - Excellent run by Hunt for Forest as he bursts past multiple Derby players, unlucky to come to nothing
  • 61 min - Antonio uses his pace and power to earn Forest's first shot on target
  • 63 min - A dangerous ball into the box for Derby comes to Russell who fails to capitalise on the Forest keeper being in no mans land
  • 65 min - We have a pair of Pitch Invaders who aren't being dealt with at all. Get off the pitch you wankers, the game was picking up and now it's come to a halt
  • 68 min - SUB DERBY Russell Off Best On
  • 69 min - Play finally gets back under way after the worst handling of pitch invaders that has ever been seen
  • 71 min - GOAL NOTTINGHAM FOREST!! Britt Assombalonga nets his 5th goal of the season at the end of a breakneck counterattack by Nottingham Forest
  • 74 min - DOUBLE SUB DERBY Calero On Ibe On Bryson Off Eustace Off
  • 78 min - Scrappy defending by Derby almost presents Forest with a golden opportunity to extend their lead
  • 80 min - Yellow Card Chris Burke
  • 80 min - GOAL DERBY!! Ryan Shotton/Richard Keogh/Leon Best scores from a great ball in from the resulting free kick from Burke's foul
  • 83 min - Play comes to a halt once again as Britt Assombalonga is down with a problem
  • 86 min - RED CARD DERBY COUNTY Jake Buxton with two rash challenges right in front of the referee picks up his second yellow card and is sent off
  • 89 min - This East Midlands Derby is reaching boiling point now with challenges flying in left and right, and the pace of the game ramping up
  • 90 min - SUB FOREST Osborn Off Veldwijk On
  • 90 min - 8 minutes of added time for Derby to survive with 10 men
  • 90 min (+3) - Tesche blazes one over the bar, and Derby get a chance to relieve pressure
  • 90 min (+3) - Michail Antonio named MOTM
  • 90 min (+5) - Nervous times here for both sets of fans, with it all at stake in the final minutes
BBC REPORT: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/29098233
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2013.08.07 17:43 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Brady Haran, behind various YouTube channels including Numberphile, Periodic Videos, Sixty Symbols, Computerphile, --- AM(a)A

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-08-07
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Could you describe what an average working day looks like for you? Basically, I want to know how on earth you can produce as many videos as you do on such a regular basis. Hmmm, I guess my life isn't really broken into typical days like that.
Sometimes a day is mixed and what you might expect... Going to meet people for filming, coming home and editing, etc.
Then some days might be back-to-back interviews all day... Maybe 3-4 subjects covered with each person... Filming 12 videos worth of stuff...
Then I might have 3-4 days straight just bunkered down in my office editing various films...
Then I might go away on a trip for a week to some cool place and film loads of material... Then occasionally I might pull an all-nighter editing various videos - or one long one!
I don't make many films in such a linear, one-day kind of way... The whole process has become kind of scattered!
I am able to produce many I think because I work quite quickly (journalistic training!?) and I work very long hours!
Oh Grey - I didn't realise that was you. I've told you this already!!!
No one on YouTube runs so many successful channels. Do you see that growth continuing? Is this kind of thing infinitely scalable? I hope so, because I love your work. Ha ha - I didn't actually know it was John... Who runs more successful channels himself! :)
Would you ever consider making a child-centric channel? I see what you did there.
I know you can't answer specifically, but do all your channels sustain themselves money-wise? Does the Youtube model work for you, or have you considered things like kickstarter, patreon or subabble? Thanks for your kind words. YouTube advertising would not sustain the projects, but luckily I have partnered with great organisations like The University of Nottingham and they help make some of the channels possible.
I also wanted to say I love your channels, they show me every day that YouTube is not just for cats on roombas, but also for valuable, well-made educational content. Thanks, and keep up the great work! Down the track I guess I might need to look at other options like the ones you mentioned... I guess we'll see.
0) How do you get paid? Does Nottingham toss some coin your way, or are you solely ad-supported? The university supports some of the projects - they have made so much of this possible and are brilliant.
1) Can we learn something about Neil some day?! Well this is an AM(a)A - you can try your luck while I'm still here!
2) Why no more foodskey? It is having a rest, but will be back!
3) Will there be more Markus Eich- the Tree guy - any time soon? I think so - although he made a joke about the Australian cricket them this morning on my Facebook page, so he is in the dog house... ha ha!
Good job on the formatting! Just wanted to say I'm a big fan, thanks for the videos! Am learning!
How the [CENSORED] do you keep track of all of your channels? > How the [CENSORED] do you keep track of all of your channels? It is honestly hard sometimes.
Do you keep a few spare videos made at any given time, in case you can't upload a new one on time? > Do you keep a few spare videos made at any given time, in case you can't upload a new one on time? Well I don't have deadlines or set times I have to put videos up, so I don't usually sit on them for long once they are ready... Though I must have a dozen or so in various stages of completion at any give time!
Do you think you make more videos of stuff that is new to you than stuff you already knew about? > Do you think you make more videos of stuff that is new to you than stuff you already knew about? More stuff that is new, definitely.
Roughly how long does recording an average video take? Drawing diagrams? Editing? > Roughly how long does recording an average video take? Drawing diagrams? Editing? Some take a few hours, some take a few days.
How do you get ideas for new channels? > How do you get ideas for new channels? You can do channels about anything you find interesting - and I find almost everything interesting... The hard part if having the time, resources and will to make it happen.. And the right people to work with, of course!
What inspired you to do this to start with? > What inspired you to do this to start with? I kind of fell into it when I started a little side project called Test Tube - Link to www.test-tube.org.uk (which is still going, by the way!)
Sixty Symbols is just fantastic, thank you! That happens - if they lose me (because I am too dumb or I got too bored) I tell them so and ask them more questions.
How often do the professors go over your head and you have to stop them and have them simplify an answer? I see it as my job to keep asking and probing until I feel like I understand... And I think if I understand, the viewers probably will!
Do you use your own admitted amateur knowledge as a guide for when the answers are too complex? My amateur knowledge is very helpful in that regard! :)
What happened to Foodskey and Philosophyfile and Psyfile? Not enough interest? :( No they were always smaller projects with less resources dedicated to them - but the great thing about YouTube is that you can just start them again at any time (and maybe keep some of the subscribers, if they have been loyal and patient!). And I can tell you the people involved with all three of them are keen to do more.
Are there still new channels in the works?!? I think all three are great topics and would love to see more on them!
Link to www.youtube.com Link to www.youtube.com Link to www.youtube.com
Not just at the moment - well, there is one idea maybe!?
That reminds me, I have started a personal channel to just put stuff on that has no natural home... Like this video I made about George Everest's Grave...
Link to www.youtube.com
Do you come up with the subjects for the videos or do the experts suggest you about the ideas? That's a mixture...
Sometimes I will contact someone and say "I think we should do this" or "we haven't done anything in this area for a while" or "I saw this in the news" or "the viewers have been asking about that".
But often they will contact me and say "I really want to do X,Y,Z"
Perhaps over time I think the balance has moved more towards suggestions from the experts, but that is because they are learning more and more about how the whole process works.
How did you start the collaboration with Dr James Grime for numberphile? James actually watched some of my other channels and had contacted me just to say he liked them, etc.
We had a bit of contact after that...
Some time after, the idea of Numberphile came about and James was my first port of call!
I think we discuss it somewhere in this rather lengthy video: Link to www.youtube.com
I really enjoyed this video of you two just talking about things and it has stuck out as one of the more memorable videos, though no maths or science was demonstrated. I know you've pretty much done the same thing with the professor, with his backstory, schooling and all of that, but would you consider bringing more of your frequent guests into these hangout-style videos? I am trying to find time for this - also think it would be good.
How did you become film maker? Did you study any of the things you interview the people about? Well there is a long version and short version...
Basically I worked in newspapers in Australia... I had always wanted to be a newspaper journalist. When I moved to the UK in 2002 I started working for the BBC website.
Some of the stuff I was doing was a bit quirky and creative, and I think the bosses figured it should be done for TV too, so I was sent off for training as a video journalist.
And from there things have just kind of snowballed!
How did you end up in the UK? 747. How's Bristol? Lovely - I had forgotten what the sea looked like. Who would win in a face-off between Dr. G and Simon Pampena? (I was a die-hard Dr. G fangirl until I saw the vid on transcendent numbers, and now I'm all confused) A physical fight or mental one? Any caravan updates coming soon? A bit busy at the moment. Airbus or Boeing? I am really into planes (I spent this morning filming planes land with a high speed camera!!!) That is a huge question! Seriously...why Bristol?! What's wrong with Bristol? I think it is great! Again, sorry about the formatting there!
What kind of cameras and lenses do you use the most? I am just changing camera at the moment - for ages I used a Sony Z7, but I am trying out a Canon C100 - I have various lenses but a 24-105 seems to be my current workhorse.
how do you contact places like CERN for videos? Was it easy? Also, just saying, you've made youtube a much better place. Regarding places like CERN, I guess you just make contacts through contacts and meet people, etc, and you also develop a reputation for being okay to deal with. We made a bunch of video at CERN a while back: Link to www.sixtysymbols.com (CERN videos) So when I contact people about the music video I guess they knew I was okay: Link to www.youtube.com (music video)
What type of videos to you enjoy making the most? That is hard to answer - I guess because I make quite a lot, I always enjoy ones that are a bit different from the norm - for example yesterday's music video...
Link to www.youtube.com
Those ones keep me kind of fresh and thinking in new ways.
But I enjoy any video that I think the viewers will find interesting... If some professor tells me a cool fact or shows me a cool demo, I just can't wait to get home an editing so I can share it with all you guys!
How did you end up in the UK? > How did you end up in the UK? 747.
How's Bristol? > How's Bristol? Lovely - I had forgotten what the sea looked like.
Who would win in a face-off between Dr. G and Simon Pampena? (I was a die-hard Dr. G fangirl until I saw the vid on transcendent numbers, and now I'm all confused) > Who would win in a face-off between Dr. G and Simon Pampena? (I was a die-hard Dr. G fangirl until I saw the vid on transcendent numbers, and now I'm all confused) A physical fight or mental one?
Any caravan updates coming soon? > Any caravan updates coming soon? A bit busy at the moment.
Airbus or Boeing? > Airbus or Boeing? I am really into planes (I spent this morning filming planes land with a high speed camera!!!) That is a huge question!
Seriously...why Bristol?! > Seriously...why Bristol?! What's wrong with Bristol? I think it is great!
How did you end up in the UK? 747. How's Bristol? Lovely - I had forgotten what the sea looked like. Who would win in a face-off between Dr. G and Simon Pampena? (I was a die-hard Dr. G fangirl until I saw the vid on transcendent numbers, and now I'm all confused) A physical fight or mental one? Any caravan updates coming soon? A bit busy at the moment. Airbus or Boeing? I am really into planes (I spent this morning filming planes land with a high speed camera!!!) That is a huge question! Seriously...why Bristol?! What's wrong with Bristol? I think it is great! Must learn to do that!
Do you stay in touch with some people featured in your videos? Phil always tells people who knocks on his door to come in without looking up to see who they are (despite having a big window in the door) and his whiteboard is covered with drawings by his kids.
do you think this image conflict inhibits the potential growth to wider audiences? I think that problem is fading away - people now realise there is a lot of good stuff on YouTube among the less useful stuff!
Do you think that sites like Subbable and Kickstarter are the future towards improved quality and production values? Anything that helps good film-makers make their films can only be good... I do wonder what will happen when lots of people are on things like Kickastarter and Subbable - will just the top few get all the money? But I am sure things will work out. Cream always rises, etc.
How long before the TV networks start getting involved / competing / infering? Well that is clearly happening - they're all over YouTube now and it will be interesting to see what results!?
Do you think that the explosion in interest of channels like yours is more of a consequence of the geek revolution, or more that they have have helped add momentum to it? I don't know - I'd love to think we helped but that would probably overstate our case!
After revealing in your "making of Scale of the Universe" video that you put Dave in touch in Vihart how many more people have now asked you for the same favour? Ha ha - none! And I have no such powers... that was just coincidence!
Who are the top three (or five, or seven, whichever) YouTubers you want to collaborate with that you haven't already? And why? I guess I don't really think about collaborations like that... All the collaborations I've done so far have resulted in meeting the people face-to-face at events, etc, and just enjoying their company...
Then when you become friends, you later start sharing ideas... And some of those ideas result in you saying "hey, let's do that one together".
I do quite enjoy collaborating with artists and musicians - people who have skills very far from my own!
Do you have any science background or is it just a interest that got you involved in the youtube channels? It is more of an interest.
I did physics, chemistry and mathematics to the highest level in high school because I found them easy and fun, but I always wanted to be a journalist so after high school that was it for proper science.
However in newspapers I eventually gravitated to science and was the science reporter for my paper for a year or two!
So I guess it depends on your definition of science background!?
(I have co-authored in both Nature and Science, but that was about my videos so I guess that is cheating!!!)
Do you mean the journals Nature and Science? Could you please provide any links to them or the abstracts? Would love to give them a read! Here's one - Link to www.sciencemag.org
Was it difficult convincing the experts to make videos with you? Have they come to terms with how popular and liked they all are? Some people take persuading (I remember Roger Bowley was very sceptical of me when I tried to explain my plans for Sixty Symbols, and now he loves it!) and others just love it immediately!
Some people I just can't get interested!
I think the "internet fame" is a weird one but secretly I think they like the autograph and photo requests! It is not like they can't walk in the streets or anything! :)
YouTube comments probably take some getting used to - but they are old hands by now and I warn new contributors what is about to happen.
You seem to travel a lot across the globe for the videos. Was it paid for by any of universities or was it from the revenue of the videos? Different for different projects.
People in your videos appear to be so at home with you. Even the new guys appear to be like old friends to you. What's the secret, man? I don't know - I guess that is just part of my job, to help people be themselves!?
How do you find all the people in your videos? Do you have connection at the universities, or are they your friends? I just ring or email people I want to speak with... It is amazing how few people think to do that!
Brady, I am a long time watcher of numberphile, and it more than amply satisfies my number based fetish, if you like. You hail from Australia yes? I was wondering from where in our great land do you hail from? I am from Adelaide.
Which channel do like making videos for the most? That is like asking someone to choose their favourite child!
I like the variety... I like that I can do Numberphile one day, periodicvideos the next, etc.
Hey mate. Just wondering about the process of making the videos. How exactly do you plan out the video content? Do you consult the experts upon what they'd like to share, or are you assigned certain topics to create a video about? Or is it something completely different? The video are deliberately very unplanned. I like that about the style of my channels.
I basically interview and film everything on the fly, then come home and edit it into something that reflects the experience (that sounds a bit more naff than intended - "reflect the experience" - but you get the idea)
It is also worth pointing out the scientists do not watch the edit before you all see it! They usually see it after you!!!
Brady! It's awesome to be able to hopefully communicate with you. What keeps you from becoming distracted while you edit? Nothing - I get distracted all the time! In fact I am doing this AMA to avoid editing!
Why so many channels? I could have just one mega channel, but I think people who like periodicvideos might not like numberphile, etc, etc, so don't want to irritate people by having them sub to stuff they don't want!
More sixty symbols? There used to be a lot more content, now it seems like there isn't as much. We will be upping the Sixty Symbols content a bit this year I hope... that is the plan.
Dude what, seriously? Brady I discovered your channels back in, oh, February maybe. I finally finished watching all of your videos (yeah, all of them) a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for your hard work! Keep it up! All of them - no way!!!?
My big question is who pays you for this? Do you really make enough off Youtube monetezation and the occaional Audible ad to live off of? You do have a lot of videos so I could believe it, but that just seems crazy. Really living the dream no doubt! I have other resources through partnerships with the University of Nottingham, etc. It is indeed very difficult to survive on advertising - I imagine only the very biggest YouTubers can do that and I certainly couldn't!
Hi, a while ago I was talking about your videos to a professor at Glasgow Uni (I can't remember his name) and was told you were thinking of possibly making educational videos for school children, is this true? and if so when will we likely see them? and if not, would you consider it? I think many school children like the existing videos - I think kids like stuff that is not "made of kids"!
What would you have wanted to know when you were first starting out at this educational youtubing business that you only know now through hard won experience? That is a good question... Rather than deep philosophical stuff (which I could easily start!!!) I will say this: choose a good name and brand and style for your channel, because you are kind of stuck with it!
You don't want to go viral and suddenly become a big deal with a username like fartmonster433317 and an archive of previous videos which you are ashamed of!
Hi there! For someone who isn't super familiar with your videos, which ones would you recommend? Gosh, I have done something like 1,600 YouTube video I think... It depends what you like?
Hi Brady, How much money have you earned from posting on YouTube? This much - Link to www.youtube.com
Hi Brady! Huge fan of Periodic Videos, Numberphile, and the rest. All of these other questions are interesting and all, but the one question that really needs to be answered is - How does the Professor maintain his luscious and voluminous hair? Chemistry!
Is there any one you would dream of working with to make a video, ie: Brian Cox, David Attenborough, Stephen Hawking, The Stig? (Ok... I was kidding about The Stig... it'd be quite boring since he doesn't really say much...) Not much point making videos with people who are already on TV loads! I want the person we never hear from!
What's it like meeting all of these experts in the various fields that you make videos of? It's great. I am lucky that I can have all these questions in my head and ask for answers from people who actually know! :)
Do you have different fan bases on each channel, or is it mostly the same crowd on each one? I honestly don't know the answer to that! I think there is a bit of both.
All right Brady, after all the proof your numberphile videos have presented, which do you prefer: -Pi or Tau? -Base 10 or base 12? Love all of your videos. I wait for them to add up and then binge on a channel for a few hours. I'm pretty traditional - I like history and heritage!
Why do you publish videos as HD when they're just really low-resolution material scaled up to blocky HD size? Moving to better full HD now... I am just a Tetris fan at heart.
Are you going to do more Computerphile on the current state of the universe? For example, the x86 or ARM architectures and how, EXACTLY, ACTUAL processors work. Hi... Do you mean computerphile? They sound more like computerphile topics?
Yes, mistyped, sorry. I think computerphile has scope for so much... the stuff you raised is among the topics that we will get to... It is just a huge field.
When is Moriarty's "slower light in glass" video going to be released? Been waiting for it it eagerly. Here it is - unlisted.
Link to periodicvideos.blogspot.co.uk
Brady, I am huge fan of your work in general but esspicaly of numberphile, not that I am not a mathematician who could be biased. More interesting then the videos though is the channel as whole. You seemed to have moved the channel from why certain numbers are cool to math culture and recently some philosophy of mathematics. Is this a movement that you wanted to make or is one that you made because of the community? Should I expect more philosophy of mathematics and less number facts? Also 1 is prime. Also would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? I always wanted Numberphile to have some flexibility - not just be about mathematics and not just about specific numbers.
I feel like the channel now has enough "runs on the board" to delve into other areas, as long as we have a touchstone of either mathematics or numbers in some loose way.
I don't know if the viewers always agree!
My favorite video you did was the "what does scientists eat for breakfast?"-video. Can you please do one more? Love your stuff, welcome to reddit. Thanks - I loved that too - I have enough footage for about 10 more of them!!!
How did you get into science? Do you have an education in one of the natural sciences, perhaps? I studied science at high school and was later a science writer for my newspaper - but I have always had an avid interest.
What was your favourite subject at school and how did you come up with the idea for your channels? I think I liked physics - but not so much for the day-to-day stuff, but for the chats we'd have with our teacher about more far-out stuff...
Link to www.youtube.com
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Umm, I think I'd love to live in New York at some point...
When I first saw a Computerphile video my first thought was, "huh, I guess Numberphile is doing well enough to get ripped off." I was happy to find out that it was you doing it. But I talk to him a few times a week about it... Give him my feedback and thoughts... And of course I make a few videos too... In fact, I have 2-3 of my own coming in the next few weeks, including yesterday's video about the Universe being a computer simulation.
As an Nottingham physicists Graduate, do you realise how many lectures stated with "Bloody Brady took my pen again and told me no equations, so I am going to make up for it by making you lot write lot of equations". Most Roger Bowley and Moriarty lectures started this way. Also why no Geography videos? Ha ha.
The good professor on your chemistry channel. Has he ever lost his temper or gotten annoyed during a shoot? The guy seems so calm and composed all the time. Never.
On the other hand, I am a grouch!
Who would you like to have in one of your videos, someone from youtube and/or someone outside of youtube? Hmm, I'd love an Apollo astronaut! Not that I' could ask much that hasn't been asked before - but I just love Apollo.
Andrew Wiles for Numberphile would be interesting and a challenge I bet!?
Tim Berners-Lee for Computerphile?
Although sometimes it is the unsung heroes that appeal to me more!
Who would you like to see in one of my videos?
Is anyone else reading all the answers in his voice? Ha ha - I never thought of that.
Are you planning on doing an in depth interview with retiring professors? I'm thinking along the lines of that wonderful Feynman interview. The professor has stories, I know it. Edit: the man's name. don't rush people, don't rush. I did a sort of retirement video with Roger Bowley, but he still comes to the uni every day and we do more videos!!!
Why there are no subtitles on your other channels except numberphile? The Numberphile subtitles are done by some organisation that has nothing to do with me - I don't even put them on...
I think YouTube were involved with organising it?
It is very hard for me to do captions as my videos have no scripts and I have little time...
Many periodicvideos have them though.
When you ask questions in your interview-type videos, do you have anything written down or are they all spark-of-the-moment questions? No I never write anything down or plan - I just ask what is in my head!
Like the interview you did with minutephysics and veritasium, will you be doing more behind the scenes interviews with other educational channels? I have done some also with a few of the others - maybe I'll do some more... I think we're all meeting up later this year!?
Only recently discovered Numberphile and have watched dozens upon dozens of your videos. Very big fan! Yes I saw Grey had huge success there - he has very loyal fans (rightly so!)
Have you considered joining CGP Grey and working with Subbable? I'm sure you have tons of fans who'd be willing to throw some extra money your way in the form of a voluntary paid subscription. Anything to help keep the quality of your content high. I hope to chat with him about it soon - being a reddit guru, he is also currently messaging me advice on how to do this AMA! One thing at a time!
Brady, you're awesome. Were you naturally born with this trait? Did a 10x10x11 Rubik's Cube give you the power? Or did you develop it? I have lots of favourites - here is one about water boiling at Mt Everest!
(On a serious note) What's one of your favorite videos you've made? Link to www.youtube.com
What would you say is the most difficult part about making your videos? What was your favorite moment while making your videos? Also, I just want to say that I really enjoy your videos, keep up the great work! The most difficult part is finding the time to do all the work - not just the filming and editing, but the websites, social media, administration.
The best bits are being out and about chatting with people, the editing (when I can be more creative) and the moment you put a video live and people start seeing it!
Thank you for being of the people watching!
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