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ERR_GFX_STATE: what are we supposed to do when...

2020.10.25 04:06 Korvun ERR_GFX_STATE: what are we supposed to do when...

... we've done literally everything that has ever been posted as a "fix" for this problem? And I do mean everything.
I've re-installed the game. I've re-installed windows. I've deleted the "sga" files and turned off Vulkan. I've made the "sga" files read only. I've added the command line in Steam. I've done a dozen other "fixes" that have been recommended. Yet, here I sit, unable to play the game for more than a few minutes at a time due to this crash. And yep, I even updated and even backdated my video drivers.
I've invested a lot of time in this game and a not insubstantial amount of money and I can't help but be more than a little disheartened and frustrated at the lack of attention this problem is getting. My game is completely unplayable in this state. I can't complete missions or dailies. I was forced to use my dwindling stockpile of gold to complete my season, and I can't justify participating in this and future seasons if I can't play the damn game for more than a few minutes between random crashes!
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2020.10.24 15:19 Superb-Efficiency-87 Back Child Support

Does anyone have guidance on backdated child support? As in, do they always backdate to the day of filing? My ex (29), told me that she filed recently for our two kids which I get. Our youngest is three and not in daycare, but that could change soon as my ex finished her degree and is looking for work. She's going to be making 2x as much as me. I've been running the numbers through our state estimator and affording these payments is going to be a stretch. Even when I add in her potential income.
Looking on here I see that cases can take a while. I can't afford regular payments and back support too. If I start sending her money through Paypal then can that be counted as me supporting them? I'm trying to send her something out of every check. A few days ago I sent her $80. Does it have to be a certain amount?
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2020.10.24 08:20 tapeaoca Backdate Time Limit?

Here is quote from an update posted directly to floridajobs dot org
" You may be eligible to modify the date of your claim to the date you originally attempted to apply for Reemployment Assistance only if you were unable to file a claim between the weeks of March 9, 2020 to April 9, 2020. "
However, I've seen one person who was able to backdate their claim to late April.
I became unemployed May 24th and after struggling to get into the system and then having my regular UI denied, I wasn't able to get my PUA approved until late july. When I applied I gave my termination date, it never showed up on the website. I also didn't see any of the 600/week payment which I applied in time for but since my UI was denied, my PUA effective date was just after the 600/week ended. I've already called to request a backdate for my claim.
Is there anyone here who can give me a glimmer of hope that my claim will be backdated? If you had your claim successfully backdated to a date after April 9th PLEASE leave a comment.
I don't understand how they can think that limiting the time frame for backdated claims is logical at all when so many people didn't apply right away because the sites were overloaded and/or they didn't think they were eligible.
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2020.10.23 22:24 ilianaadore_93 Unemployment help

Hi. I'll apologize before hand since I know this topic has been around multiple times. But I need help. I jest waited 4 hours on hold for a lady to deny backdating my application, said the only date that matters is when I got laid off (I put 10/19 because that's when I turned in my equipment but the last day I actually worked was 9/28 but she didn't give me enough time to ask her if I was correct on putting that date), accusing me of doing it because "that's when they were giving the extra 600" she then hung up on me. That's not even the case. I was on hold pending the start of census at that time and didn't know I could apply for unemployment at that time since I've never filled before. Dealing with negative interactions just brings me down so bad. How do I go about this? I can't continue to call for hours on end and get nowhere. Who can I speak to? I know backdating is possible because of alot of similar situations on reddit. I hope someone can help
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2020.10.23 15:27 Sareeee48 [Pennsylvania] how long does IDME take?

On Wednesday I did the whole proof of ID, ss card, birth certificate, and selfie followed by a video call where he said everything went through and I should get paid any time now, but my issues are still there and I still can’t file for backdated weeks. Idk if I’m just being impatient, but I’ve already waited 3 months.
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2020.10.23 15:09 Low_Alarm_2018 [california] finally thought I was getting somewhere, then EDD throws another roadblock at me

I'm so at my wit's end and have no idea where to get any assistance on this matter. I came here a few weeks ago because my problem for months has been that every time I requested to backdate my claim, I would have them respond telling me that the particular date I chose would change my base period and I hadn't made enough last year to have any other period as my base period??? Well FINALLY after calling EDD for months trying to figure it out, I got ahold of a worker and just asked her when the earliest date was that I could request a backdate to without it changing my base period. She finally told me June 7th! So great, even tho I lost my job due to covid on March 11th, I could request to backdate to June 7th and at least get a month of the $600 PUA payments that I wouldnt have received otherwise.
So finally, I request June 7th and get the answer about recieving an amended form and how my request has been submitted. A few days later, alllll of my previous weeks to certify from June 7th to August 15th (I had originally made my claim on August 16th) had shown up on my UI account. So I certify for all of them! Like yay I finally got it fixed!! Keep in mind I have received MAYBE $1500 from CA EDD since aug 16th. For two days they stayed pending, then the very first week (6/7-6/14) was paid out to me. The rest of the maybe 11 weeks all turned to NOT PAID. then I check and suddenly my claim balance is down to $0 and my weekly benefit amount goes from $174 to $54. Then I get a notification saying that I've received maximum benefits paid. This part really confused me because I thought that your claim balance was supposed to be your weekly amount times 26 weeks. Obviously it hasn't been anywhere near 26 weeks and I've barely gotten anything from them. Then I called in trying to get it figured out and the woman who answered told me that because I'm ONE of the retroactive weeks, I said I didn't look for work, that that automatically made me ineligible. Which confuses me still because it says clear as day on CA EDD website that they had made the work search requirements not required until further notice due to covid-19. And that you are not required to look for work to receive your benefits. So the worker said she couldn't do anything else, just that she'd put in for someone to call me about my claim. I haven't gotten any calls or had anyone reach out. I did get a text saying I had automatically been applied for an extension and to look out for more info But then a few days ago I had the option on UI online to reopen my claim, so I went ahead and did that. My claim balance is still sitting at a big old $0 and it says I won't have any weeks to certify for until 11/01/2020. I also got my amended unemployment award in the mail which shows that I'm no longer getting regular UI payments but now I'm getting the Pandemic unemployment which is why my weekly benefit is only $54..on this paper too it says that my entire claim balance now is only $704. So I'm wondering, am I just never going to get that back pay that I certified for?? How come they paid the very first week out and none of the rest? Is there seriously nothing I can do? I did see that I can appeal with the form sent in with my amended unemployment award, so I guess that is my next step? It's just so INSANELY frustrating. I lost my job due to covid back in March. Everyone around me has gotten their lump sum of like a minimum of $10,000. Including my boyfriend who filed just 2 weeks before I did. Could anyone please just explain why exactly this is happening o what I need to do to just get what I have been told is my right as a california citizen.. all I got on here with my last question was like 3 people insinuating that I was trying to make a fraudulent claim or that maybe I just didn't qualify in the first place. Or my personal favorite, that if I made it this far without my back pay then obviously I'll live. I've gone all through the questions and can't find anything about what I've been dealing with. So if anyone could please help me out, this has been such a crazy hard fight for months now. Living out in california has absolutely not been easy and just because they are refusing to pay me out doesn't mean I've just had the funds to make it work! I've been on the verge of being evicted because I'm so far behind with rent. I luckily have food stamps to eat. And sure I can absolutely and have been looking for another job now that things are more open out here. But it doesn't make all of the thousands of dollars in bills that I owe that I desperately need that money for. I'm going to stop whining and complaining for now and just hope that someone can actually give some decent advice cuz at this point I'm not sure where to turn.
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2020.10.20 13:31 Such-Move [Florida]

[Florida] my backdated weeks have said payable since august 18th I’ve been waiting 9 weeks for payments does anyone know why or who I can contact?
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2020.10.20 12:22 TraditionalRaisin2 Council tax discount and backdated council tax (Scotland)

I’m currently staying with my dad since April. It was only supposed to be temporary, maybe a few months, but due to Corona I had to stop working a few months and then couldn’t afford to move out. I’ve been doing obligatory home coronavirus tests from my new job and they have noticed I stay here. My dads now been told he won’t get his 25% council tax discount which he is fine with. He’s just submitted the online form saying I moved in April. Will it just be backdated and he will be charged from then? Perhaps the bigger issue is that if they ask for my previous address which was in Edinburgh, I’m currently in Aberdeenshire, I paid the rent to my old flat mate which was like a lump sum which he used for council tax, bills and rent. He considered putting me on the contract but I wasn’t registered technically and it was good in that I could leave when I wanted to. I am worried now that they may phone and ask for that address and then ask for council tax for my time there. My other two flat mates were on the contract. The council tax was always paid for the property and the flat was 3 bedroom so it wasn’t as if I was sharing a room and more people were staying than expected. Forgive my naivety I’m not sure how this works. Any help appreciated.
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2020.10.19 21:38 chrixyx Management company withholding security deposit

I moved out of my apartment in March but kept paying rent up till the end of August. I had to email them a few times just to get a response back about the security deposit. When I did get it, the cheque was backdated to the 10th of Sept but the postmark on the envelope was the 24th of Sept. I'm fairly certain that according to NYC law I should have received the security deposit by the 14th of Sept, not have a cheque dated before the 14th.
When I did receive the security deposit, I had about $160 missing from it. I hadn't received an itemized bill up to this point and the total amount of "damages" was divided between 3 out of the 4 roommates, as they had kept the last roommates' security deposit to cover a month of rent. When I asked them about it, they said that I should go find the other roommate for compensation because he owed rent.
I've emailed them every day for the past 2 weeks for an itemized bill so I can see what actually happened in that apartment. They said they had to remove my furniture, but I only left a bed frame that was there when I moved in. One of my roommates has a screenshot from the management office saying that the bedframes in our rooms belonged to the landlord and were there to "stage" the apartment.
Is it worth fighting them over $160 or should I count myself lucky they didn't take the full amount and leave it? Does anyone have any advice as to how I should approach them to get a response? Thank you in advance for any insight you may have!
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2020.10.19 19:16 heroes821 Health Insurance refusing to give straight answer on out of pocket limits.

I'm going to apologize in advance this is a long one. (Per the Bot this is in South Carolina)
In December of Last year our oldest child had a legally mandated entry into a Mental Health Facility that was short term with the express purpose of getting her into a long term residential facility. This facility was one she had been in a few months prior in May 2019 and was covered as an in network facility by our HDHP plan 100% covered because we were past our family out of pocket limit. On Jan 3rd she moved into the only residential facility within 50 miles of our house at $750 a day until the middle of May 2020 when Insurance's "Doctor" told the attending doctor that she was healthy enough to return home, even though the attending doctor and therapist disagreed.
In November of 2019 Insurance open enrollment occurred and we selected our normal HDHP out of the two offered by work. In December 2019 my employer's company was sold from one Equity firm to a second equity firm, who used the same insurance company, UHC.
In Jan we used the original insurance policy elected in November for billing, and in the final week of Jan new equity firm had file for their insurance plan (the more expensive HDHP than before, because they only offered 1 HDHP) that would back date to all claims for Jan 1, 2020. They also simultaneously had us enroll for Feb-Dec 2020 plans.
In the end of Feb, due to a large backlash from my company the equity firm announced a return to all identical plans that were elected in November 2019 with them eating the increase in cost to honor what we were offered before they bought us. I, of course, returned to my normal HDHP that I wanted to keep the entire time.
So far everything seemed fine. I was more than happy to meet my $7,000 out of pocket limit for 1 dependent out of network coverage assuming the other $101,000+ of her care would be covered.
Now 10 months later bills are coming in, after being ran through insurance multiple times and getting different answers. UHC's Mental Healthcare advocate tells me that there is a form we should of filled out in the beginning that would of forced all charges to be in network due to no other nearby mental health facilities, but it cannot be backdated. And I have a $4,000 bill from the first facility that was "in network" in May 2019, but was no longer in network in Dec 2019, and even though the bill is dated 23 Dec-Jan 3rd the office, my health insurance, and the collections company say its just for Jan 1-3rd.
Then I have $10,000 in responsibility for February billing that insurance is also saying I'm responsible for because the Feb health plan had a $10,000 out of pocket out of network limit for the individual, and for some reason since the March-may bills were processed first, and I paid the current plans' $7,000 out of network, out of pocket limit already that none of that applies backwards for the same year, because work changed my policy FOUR GOD DAMN TIMES in one year.
Assuming I'm not crazy, The $4,000 bill in collections plus any charges from Jan to either the 10,000 or 7,000 cap should realistically be what I'm responsible for and then any in network limits for the year for my family. Not 10,000+7,000+4,000+ w/e in network costs right?
What kind of lawyer should I be looking for to pour over my healthcare documents with me? Should I see a lawyer? Is heath insurance mandated to straighten this out with me on their own without a lawyer? I've been banging my head on a wall trying to figured out what to do for months now.
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2020.10.19 17:56 SubaruToyotaFan1986 When could/has backdating something been illegal and resulted in either a court case/fines etc.? [Semi-hypothetical]

I've seen various legal blogs on backdating things, but what's the general situation on things, on when it's illegal, isn't etc.?
Did the Enron case have it with documents, or is this just an urban legend/misinformation (relying on a Geocities site from 2003 for that, from memory)?
In general, any legal experts able to advise on this, and when under U.S. law you should or shouldn't backdate a document or computer file?
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2020.10.19 14:15 b0ywife anyone have more than one deedpoll?

i changed my first and surname a few years ago but have since decided i don't want a surname at all and so have dropped if in favour of my first name only. i now have 2 deedpolls, one from my birth name to chosen name and one from chosen name to my current preference.
i'm applying for a passport and i'm unsure what to do, whether i need to include all of them or whether i could just make a new one from my birth name to my current name and then backdate it to when i changed my name the first time, and just forget all about the first one i made. this will be my first adult passport, my only previous passport is about 10 years out of date and is in my birthname if that makes a difference.
in the future i would also like to get a grc if possible, and i know you need 2 years worth of proof so i'm wondering if i could still put that i've been living fulltime since several years ago, just with a slightly different name and whether i'll need to keep the first deedpoll i made for that reason alone.
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2020.10.19 13:58 flowerbeautygirl95 LCWRA + when to expect it

Me and my partner signed up for UC at the end of March. I disclosed all our relevant health issues then. Our first UC was received on the 28th April.
I then unfortunately went off sick on the 1st May (and still am) but didn't inform UC till 1st July (mainly because my MH is so poor I find things like this difficult + I'm new to UC so wasn't aware I had too). It asked me what my current fit note was for and it was dated 2nd June which I put down (although I had a sick note from May-June prior)
I was sent an assessment and received a letter on 10th August deeming me LCWRA. A few days later they sent me a message saying that amended my 28th July payment because they owed me a little money due to the fact I'd now have a £292 work allowance buffer.
However since I have not received any additional payments for LCWRA which I believe is £341.92? I'm trying to figure out when this will be due (and if backdated) as I was in debt and now on UC in a deficit. So it would help make ends meet and pay a small amount to my creditors.
My questions are? 1) Has my LCWRA been replaced by a work allowance? (I've only occasionally been in receipt of SSP and reference my previous post this has now stopped!) 2) When should I have received the LCWRA - I presume July? If I get it in the future will it be backdated?
(Sorry for another post so soon, I'm anxious and have so many unanswered questions about UC!)
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2020.10.18 23:08 purpleja Entitled woman wants everything easy and thinks work is all about her. Needs a reality check

Hey mr Reddit this is probably tame compared so some of the stuff on here but I have a couple of stories about this woman at work who well you’ll see.... This is a series of short stories rather than one incident. The first was originally posted on entitled people but I was inspired to repost as as her entitlement has increased recently. Some of the text was altered from my original post to read better.
Why should I have to give evidence?:
So in my workplace there’s this one domestic who is entitled as hell. To make it clear I’m not one of those snide people who look down on people. I get on well with most of the domestic,catering staff at our work . One of them often comes on nights out pre covid obviously. On the whole great people. This one lady though....She never works. She always in the staff kitchen eating. That or just standing. Also she is just odd. She always asks me “how are you” and looks surprised when I answer. She pauses and moves head surprised like she wasn’t listening. So why ask? She also asks weird questions about expenses and the thing. Which we can’t answer. She asks questions which in no way relate to our jobs and expects us to know how to help. So begins our story sorry for long intro.
So I’m at my desk and she talks to my co-worker mc is my co-worker, el is entitled lady. Me is me.
EL: hello!!!
MC: can I help you?
EL: I’m a member of a local gym and I just found out they give (company name) staff discount
MC: Ok... EL: How do I get one?
Mc: talk to payroll
EL: can’t you help me?
MC: No
She leaves pretty uneventful you might say. However today I saw her in the kitchen. She does this thing where she just stares so you can’t ignore her.
EL: Hello ME: Hi um did you sort the gym?
EL: No I give up they won’t give my money back I should have had off for last two years
ME: Sorry to hear that (thinking is that even possible)
EL: they said they needed to see my staff ID
ME: probably just to confirm you work here...
EL: they gave me the discount going forward. But I need prove how long I’ve been here
ME: well that’s fair they want to see your ID so...
She cut me off EL: you think I want my identity stolen?!!!When I joined I gave my name and address they should just take my word.
I gave up. So recap EL demands two years of discounts backdated from business that gives her company discounts. Business very reasonably asks for proof of length of employment. She accuses them of trying to steal her identity and is annoyed she had to give basic info about herself to join. The way any membership works.
Now the reason I’m reposting this? She is getting worse
Story 2 stolen drinks and her “unreasonable boss” No real dialogue to below sorry. I’ve been working half the time from home recently and half in the office. My workplace implemented a rota system to minimise who we come into contact with. So thankfully I’ve been seeing less of this lady. I dread afternoons in the office. She starts early afternoon she always asks how long you have left and when you say you finish at five she rolls her eyes and says “I’m here till half 6” yeah and I was here at half 8 this morning. You just started. I hate getting afternoon coffee as she won’t leave me the hell alone. Always some ridiculous complaint like my above story about the gym. Recently my colleague told me she was complaining people were stealing her private herbal teas from the kitchen. Those tea’s were actually being handed out free to everyone as a gift for our hard work. The box was left for everyone to help themselves. Apparently she somehow thinks she can claim it as her property. We all had a good laugh at this even one of the other domestic rolled their eyes. They hate her too. This doesn’t really relate to the above but it happened close to it. I saw her in the corridor and she started saying that her boss was being unreasonable. Wanting to see her worksheets. Asking her about how she spend time. Oh how unreasonable.... She asked me what she could do? I said maybe talk to HR as with her other queries not my job. I am a little pleased that she is finally getting some karma for her lazy work ethic however. So a sort of happy ending? Too soon to tell but here’s hoping
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2020.10.18 19:04 themadkingnqueen The ballad of Mike's Appliances and the call that should have gotten me fired

In the Scam Home Warranty business, the people are represented by two separate but equally lazy groups: The Authorization agents, who deny claims and smoke like chimneys, and the technicians who lie through their teeth to snag a few extra bucks. These are their stories CLICK CLICK
I worked at "Scam Home Warranty" in the authorizations department a few years ago. I determine if a repair is or isn't covered and have 16 pages of contract to pull denials. The policy of not talking to customers works 99% of the time but once in a blue moon, the customer is telling the truth and the house of cards starts to fall apart - this is one of those stories.
(background)Typically when a customer has a complaint about a technician, its that they've missed an appointment. Typically customer service will record that complaint and then task authorizations to call the technician. However these tasks are not priority and in a given week there are hundreds of "vendor call back" tasks sitting untouched in the queue - often new people in authorization would be forced to do these with varying degrees of success. Vendor relations can do something with the complaint but only if authorizations has touched the task and can confirm if the tech is indeed being unresponsive.
Enter "Mike's Appliances." Mike was very good about accepting new work but absolutely terrible at getting anything done. Pull up his vendor profile and there's a complaint on just about ever claim we gave him.
But, to authorizations, every tech had complaints and honestly Mike was very reasonable with his prices and answered whenever we called him so even the most vehement VCB (vendor call back) was ignored and we kept giving him the benefit of the doubt.
One VCB stated "Mike showed up 2 hours late, took the service call fee, spent 2 seconds looking at the air conditioner, said it needed a new fan and that SHW wouldn't cover it and the customer should pay him directly, he left and never came back and never returned a call."
Get Mike on the phone and his version is "the customer told him to come by later, tried stiffing him on the SCF and wanted him to lie about the unit to get it covered."
In authorizations, we always go with the tech on those kind of stories especially when its so plausible.
One day Mike calls in, Refrigerator claim. Says the ice maker is broken, can get the new one on order by next week gets authorization number texted to him and disappears off the face of the earth.
Techs ghosting customers is one thing, but you don't EVER ghost authorizations.
That customer called in every day, adding a new task to the claim each time. Her story never changed.
However this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Vendor relations had had enough of Mike and turned his account off. We had dispatch reassign all of his claims and we pulled all of his old authorizations.
But some claims slipped through the cracks. Like that refrigerator.
So on a random Saturday my phone rings and its from sales. Sales never calls authorizations unless someone's in a lot of trouble.
I pick up and here's how it went.
Sales: "pull up claim # right now."
Me: "done."
Sales: "customer is telling me this guy never came back with the part, this claim is over a month old and you are the last person on it!"
Me: "Mike's appliances really screwed us. I gave him auth to fix the fridge and he disappeared."
Sales: "why isn't there a new tech on the claim then?!"
Me: "........."
Sales: "themadkingnqueen, since you know so much about this claim and this tech, I'll let you handle her."
Me: "you can't send a customer at me like that"
Sales: "Rather I transfer it to [VP] she takes calls on the weekend and can see your name as well as I can on the claim"
Me: "send her through."
Customer: "Is this authorizations?! I've been getting the runaround for weeks and I have a bone to pick with you"
Me: [completely off script and panicking] "you have every right to yell at me but if you give me 30 seconds you're going to start hearing what you want to hear"
Cust: "Fine, 30 seconds."
Me: [lying as fast as I possibly can] "Mike's appliances is not an approved vendor or tradesmen with SHW"
Cust: "Oh yeah so why send him to fix my fridge huh?!"
Me: "We caught him doing this exact same scam last year! We turned his account off. "Mike" isn't even his real name, he was going by "Joes Appliances" back then! Right now he's literally a probationary technician, this was his first and only claim with us."
Cust: "Still doesn't explain how he ended up on my claim!"
Me: "Probationary technicians can be manually dispatched on weekends if its an emergency. Someone in dispatch got lazy, flagged your claim as such and added him. We don't even have his insurance on file because of course its a fake name. I've already tagged that dispatcher for the head of operations to write up on Monday! I promise this can never happen again."
Cust: "I don't give a damn about SHW and writeups, I wanna know when my fridge is getting fixed!!"
Me: "Listen he put in the diagnostic this is a Samsung side-by-side unit about 5 years old, is that correct?"
Cust: "Yes and it hasn't made ice all month what are you gonna do about it?!"
Me: [bluffing]"I can have this fixed today."
Cust: "You think I haven't heard that before? What makes this time any different from the other ones?!"
Me: "here is my direct line extension [####]. I'm going to put you on hold. If you don't get a call from a technician in the next 10 minutes who's already on their way to your home with the new ice maker, I will issue you a full refund of your policy, backdated to when it started. I will override the system, no cancelation fees, no pro-rated junk. A full refund if your fridge isn't working tonight."
Cust: "I'll believe it when I see it." [I don't have the power to do any of that and I think the customer knows it]
Me: gets 1st Choice Appliances on the line, they're expensive with labor and always fight me on part prices but at least they always pickup when I call.
Tech: "First choice here, how can I help you?"
Me: "Can you do a fridge claim today, close of business?"
Tech: "No of course not, its a Saturday wh-" click
Me: gets Prestige Appliances on the line
Tech: "Prestige Appliances here, how can I be of service?"
Me: "Can you do a fridge claim today, close of business?!"
Tech: "'ll cost you."
Me: "go ahead."
Tech: "emergency call on a Saturday? That's a $100 service call fee and a buck a mile."
Me: "I know what's wrong with the unit, can you fix it today if you have the part number?"
Tech: "what's the customer's address, I aint making any promises."
Me: [address]
Tech: "Ok, got a parts store on the way actually, you 100% you know what's wrong with it?"
Me: "ice maker, here's the part number [#]."
Tech: "Ok, so looks like that's a $200 part alone" [tech is toying with me with that markup]
Me: "I got the card right here if you really demand to be pre-paid for the claim."
Tech: "Nah, just making sure you're serious about this one. I'll send the SWO over to Phil, he'll be there within an hour. No funny business right? Phil calls you and you give him auth on the spot, no bullshit this time?"
Me: "Yes, I'll pay it right then on the spot."
Tech: "Good" click
Me: "customer are you still there?"
Cust: "cutting it a little close there, you got me a tech or you gonna refund me my policy like you said?"
Me: "tech should be calling you any second."
Cust: [beep noise] "Oh I guess that's him then." click
Mike's Appliances screwed us on every claim we gave him. I bit the bullet on this claim. Caught an outrageous authorization but managed to cover my ass on the claim. Phil had that lady's fridge working on the spot. If anyone pulled that call, I'd have lost my job. But they didn't and I breathed a sigh of relief.
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2020.10.18 11:53 Many_Adagiow 33, self employed, with no pension savings - am I doing the right thing?

I've always been good at saving, but terrible at investing (my savings were just sitting in a bank account until last year and discovering this subreddit.
Following the UKPF flowchart I'm now looking at pensions and just wanting some reassurance that I'm basically going in the right direction!

My situation:
33 years old, no dependants, self employed basic rate tax payer, salary unlikely to increase at the moment due to covid, probably will continue to be basic rate for some time. No pension. Up until 2016 I was earning much more hence the savings.
£80k in savings account while I work out what to do with it -> this is where my pension comes in!
House worth £140k with a 65k mortgage remaining
£12k emergency fund in savings account
£40k in Vanguard ISA (maxxed out the contributions in the last two years) lifestrategy 80%
£100k in Vanguard lifestrategy 100%
9k in student loan debt

I've been reading up on pensions, it looks like with the remaining 80k I have it would be wise to start a SIPP (I like the look of the vanguard target retirement fund) and as I've read you can backdate it, perhaps max out my allowance for the last 3 years with this - this would take up around 70k. With the remaining 10k, I was thinking of waiting till the next tax year before investing 4k in LISA, and the other 6k in my SIPP. I haven't looked it up yet, but I'm presuming I could move 4k of my 20k ISA that I have for this year into a LISA too.

Does this all seem ok?
And if I do choose the Vanguard target retirement fund, that would mean that a very large percentage of my money would be managed by Vanguard - would people advise against this for any reason?

Thanks in advance.
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2020.10.17 14:16 KmvsDh [Virginia] reopen your claim...

Had major overpayments due to reason for separation from employer in 2019. Submitted appeal and never heard anything nor received call back about status of appeal; downloaded gov2go to file for pua. Had been receiving pua since March. I recently resigned from previous position this week where before I was working temporarily through a staffing agency. I accrued more than enough wages from June-October 2020. Two days ago I called in once again to check on status on claim; had to receive call back once que went down. Received call from a very informative and nice rep. In general she assisted me in what the status of claim is and explained to her about resigning from position (psychological/mental history...) to find part time work. That way I can start scheduling and going to medical and non medical appointments I’ve been putting off for over a year now. Anyways, after the call ended, she calls back which I found shocking. She informed be that she spoke with her co-workers in reference to my claim. She stated that because i had been working since June-October and although I had been reporting wages from work, I had to reopen claim. I reopened it as ordered because of new quarter, the overpayment would most likely disappear (my work history was trash cause of course they go by what employers state on behalf of you and your claim smh). I reopened my claim two days ago. From there I was able to add my recent employer all over and anything additional. When you reopen your claim, it’s added as an additional claim on their end. So right now I can see why my claim had been taking so long to process. Also SN: lwa is backdated to August 1st- September 5th. That doesn’t mean each person is eligible for all weeks. However for each week that submitted, processed, self-certified that due to COVID etc etc, that payments within that time frame will be issued with lwa and weekly benefit amount. My grammar sucks so don’t try me LOL
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2020.10.16 23:10 Psynapticlapse [California] Do I need to backdate my PUA claim?

Hey everyone. I'm a freelancer in Cali and I just got approved for PUA. When I applied, I put my last day of work as being way back in March when my income initially got destroyed due to Covid.
On my EDD/UI page though, it says that my benefit year is from 09/13/2020 - 12/31/2020, although it should've been from March instead. My claim balance is $6513, which is the maximum amount for the whole year, but I'm a bit confused. Do I need to backdate my claim so that it can go back to March as it should so I could get the extra $600 weekly benefit from that period of time? Or will it update itself on its own and send me that cash? Has anyone else had to deal with this issue recently?
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2020.10.16 05:18 l1thiumion My employer stopped deducting my health insurance after having a baby and reaching max-OOP.

I'm not sure where to post this. I'm going to call my company's HR department in the morning, but I wanted to start gathering information about this now.
I had a baby in July. We hit the max out of pocket some time in August with the hospital bills. I enrolled my newborn in my employer's health insurance plan a few days after the birth. I completed the audit process by sending them a digital copy of my newborn's birth certificate, and I received the confirmation email from them saying "your dependent has been verified".
I've been back to work for a month since my parental leave, i just got my second paycheck since being back to work. Not only did they stop withdrawing for my medical insurance, but they CREDITED me about 2x the usual amount for medical insurance premiums. This made my paycheck much larger than usual. When I tried to go through the digital enrollment process again (it's still letting me do that for 7 more days apparently), it's still saying the medical premiums are zero when I have all family members selected.
Did they stop deducting premiums because I hit the max out of pocket or is this most likely an error in my "life-change" benefits enrollment process that caused my insurance premiums to cancel at a backdate?
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2020.10.16 00:37 dashmcnasty 3 Way SLI 560ti 448 not working?

I've got 3 560ti 448's in my possession that each work on their own, but any combination of 2 or 3 way SLI and the drivers won't install. The install runs, it asks to reboot, but no Nvidia Control Panel or anything after reboot. I'm using the appropriate bridges, and running this on x79 for the PCI lanes.
Any ideas? Do I need to backdate drivers to a certain point?
Does it matter that they're different SKU's? They're all 448 core cards.
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2020.10.15 12:00 ChickenGravy32 Extra Funds: What would you do?

Update: I decided to pay the larger debt. Rang the company and they said they would accept £302 to settle the debt completely! Thank you so much for all of your help. One step closer to being debt free :)
I've got an extra £360 available this month due to some backdated wages.
I've been paying off multiple debts over the last 6 months with a view to clearing my balances and improving my (very poor) credit score. I have many smaller debts (the odd 100 and 200) then I have a larger one for 500. How would you use the extra money available. Is it best to clear one of the smaller debts or pay it toward the larger one? I'm not being charged interest on any of them and I'm currently in seperate payment plans for all of them.
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2020.10.15 07:21 CompletelyUnsur We are the Masters of our Fate: Roleplay and Player Agency

This post is part rant, part genuine curiosity where the reddit-public falls on this issue.
I’m a player in a campaign where, long story short, we’re starting to feel like errand boys for the major powers of the setting (kings and gods and a Gandalf-powerful wizard) with very little agency of our own. It’s gotten to the point where, although there’s a quest we all want to do, none of us our very confident we’re going to be able to do it before getting teleported off to do another quest for one of these major powers.
Now, this is not a 'I don’t know how to approach my party and tell them my feelings' post, but here’s the rub: I’ve had multiple conversations with other members of my party (both one-on-one and in group settings) where they’ve said something along the lines of “I’m not happy with the direction this campaign is taking, but these are the decisions my character would make.” And that’s what boggles my mind.
We are in charge of our characters, not the other way around. If faced with a choice, you should make the choice you want to make, and then figure out why your character would make that decision. Backdate it, for lack of a better term. Why do people feel the need to do this, even if it means they are (self-admittedly) enjoying the campaign less?
Characters are allowed to evolve and make irrational/different decisions. One of the other characters is a prince loyal to his King, Princes rebelled all the time! The noble warrior can find that his moral code has changed, and he no longer holds the high-wizard in good regards. Even if you couldn’t find a logical reason your character would make this decision, people are irrational and make bad decisions all the time. Part of it is the fear that going against the wished of these great powers in the campaign could have negative consequences down the road, but no campaign should make your players scared to make the choices they want to make.
Am I the crazy one here? I feel like my group is complaining about the nooses they we’ve been putting around our own necks, time and again. And I seem to be the only one wanting to stop hanging ourselves. Why should we not be free to lead our characters in the directions we want to go, instead of being lead by the leash of our characters. I think there’s a fine distinction between making bad choices on a character level, and making bad choices that we as players don’t like.
tl;dr – Please, please do not ever feel obligated to make a bad choice “because that’s what my character would do”
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