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40[M4F] Looking for the one/ones

2020.10.21 05:10 polyamoroso 40[M4F] Looking for the one/ones

Throwaway acct because I like discretion. A little about me, I'm 40, cis man, 6'2, 235lbs, black hair, dark eyes, social, extroverted, nerd/playboy type. I'm totally single aside from some occasional fwb situations to get my oxytocin fix. No kids either although I would love to have some. I'm fairly attractive (a popular dating site borrowed some casual pics of mine to advertise on facebook lol... I have no idea how effective that campaign was haha) I'll happily verify with social media and video chat. I don't hide anything and you shouldn't either. I am catfished daily so my bullshit sensors are always on high alert. I match with too many women on the stupid dating apps and I'm very tired of the match/sex/ghost repeat cycle.
Most of my relationships are long term as I love commitment and focus of being with one person. I've started exploring polyamory and think it could be a good fit especially because I want lots of children (yes I can afford them and give them all love) and seems most attractive women these days dont want any or just 1 or two. Anyways, I'd love to find one or two women who could be compatible and also love each other. I'm not looking to be monkey in the middle or an egoist in a hinge relationship... I don't ever want to "split" my time, my soul, or my love. I've had plenty of threesomes and I'm not looking to fulfill a fantasy. I don't believe in non-monogomy in the sense that everyone can do what they want when they want.... I think love, commitment, and follow-through are important, especially when you want to raise a family. So I can be with someone 1 on 1 or also be with two in triad. I don't see any other configuration working for me and my future family (no judgment on other types of poly, just not my cup of tea).
I'm successful and have a good comfortable life. Highly educated, bilingual, bi-cultural, latino. Working in finance but trying to retire and write novels and make apps. Also I am building a farm estate and would love someone by my side who loves animals and the more quiet lifestyle (although no reason we cant go out and party and dance and drink in the big city)
I'm looking for women who want to nest together with a strong masculine type of man. I'm very technical logical type, but also highly creative/artsy type, also very handy and DIY type. I am totally straight and seeking cis woman only please. I'm also very affectionate and believe in honesty and transparency and over communicating thoughts and feelings.
I'm not looking for drama, I've already had enough in my life... I'm looking for peace and tranquility. Please no serious mental illnesses or extreme kinks (no ddlg or rape fans). No drug abusers or daily pot smokers. No debilitating insecurities or other issues please. No vampires, non-ironic satanist or furries or other weird shit k. If you read anything here and it triggered you in a bad way... we aint compatible.
Let's travel the world, fall in love, have amazing sex, discuss metaphysics, astronomy, social justice and gardening. Eat at great restaurants and go dancing or cook at home and cuddle up watching horror movies.
please be older than 21 and younger than 35. If you have a kid or two it might work, but understand I do want my own and if you don't then let's not waste time. If you are on the younger side of that spectrum I would expect you to be ambitious and have some idea of what you want. I'm not looking for a sugar baby or someone who is lazy and uncultured.
I'm in the US, Carolinas region. Take care
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2020.10.15 06:49 Idontlikecovid Most successful/popular kpop groups of all time

Due to me being very bored in quarantine I have decided to write a list of the most popular kpop groups in my opinion, I was a big fan in 2009 to around 2016 then revisited K-pop cause quarantine and wanting some nostalgia. So, I guess I’m a gen 2 or early gen 3 fan. (My knowledge on kpop has got worst recently so… yeah)
Some honourable mentions in no order include:
1st Gen:
COOL (10th bestselling groups all time and the most popular co-ed group)
Shinhwa (Oldest Kpop group of all time)
S.E.S (Pioneered girl groups)
Fin.Kl (Pioneered girl groups)
Turbo (One of the bestselling kpop groups and duo)
Sechkies (They had a big enough fanbase to fight with H.O.T)
2nd Gen:
Kara (Won a lot of awards RIP Goo Hara)
Sistar (Won as many music show awards as 2NE1 I think)
CN Blue (They were the Nation’s band I think)
Beast/Highlight (12th most music show wins ever)
T-ara (The queens in china)
2pm (They were the first kpop group I listened to and their really underrated both in popularity and how good they were. They have one of the biggest fanclubs in China and one of the most sales in Japan as well as reaching third place on the billboard albums in the USA. They also kept JYP from bankruptcy along with Suzy, without them twice and got7 would not have debuted)
3rd Gen:
Got7 (Some people call them a flop but that’s stupid, their one of the biggest groups in this generation)
Seventeen (Pledis biggest group and they won a daesang among a bunch of awards/ album sales are crazy as well)
NCT (Sm biggest boy group from 3rd gen (beside EXO of course)
Mamamoo (One of the biggest girl groups in recent years)
Gfriend (Carried their label into recognition and have the 8th most music show wins)
Wanna One (Even though they only had around 2 years they were so successful and what had the most impressive achievements in such a short time)
Apink (Brought their label from obscurity and is one of the oldest girl groups that are still regularly active)
(Bold means the groups closest to making the list)
Now onto the top 15:
15: Wonder Girls
While they may not have had the longevity of the other groups and their accolades may not be at the level of other groups their three hit songs, Nobody, Tell Me and So Hot, were extremely popular and they were the first kpop group to perform and penetrate in the US market. They also were the only group that could match with Girls Generation in their prime and has 8 daesangs the third most of any girl group (though some sites say 2). They are 15th, however, as they basically started declining in popularity since they debuted
14: Red Velvet
One of the big three girl groups of the 3rd generation they have the 7th most music show wins and have tons of awards including 4 daesangs which is the fifth most among girl groups. While they may be past their prime in terms of popularity the accolades and sales figures, they have gathered put them on the list.
13: Shinee
They have the fourth highest album sales of any boy group and have won tons of awards and daesangs. They were one of the groups that really elevated kpop and even though Super Junior and SNSD were always more popular they are the prince of kpop.
12: g.o.d
The group that was able to establish Jyp entertainment they were the group that dominated the first generation of kpop, they are the 8th highest selling group and has the 14th most music show wins which is impressive as a lot of the music shows did not exist back then. They are one of the legends of the industry and were the first group to have the title of “Nations group”
  1. H.O.T
The 5th highest selling kpop group and they are one of the legends, despite only being around for four years (1997-2001) they were the group that established Sm entertainment and were the most popular group of their generation. They would have been higher had they had foreign influence, the same can be said for g.o.d. They are also the first idol group and are one of the most influential groups of this genre.
10: 2NE1
I really wanted to put 2NE1 higher, event though they had around 5 years (Their last few years were full of hiatus and then they disbanded) they have the most physical sales of any girl group and they have the fourth most daesangs ever for a girl group with 4. They are legends in MAMA being the first artist to win all three grand awards and has the most daesangs in MAMA history. Their disbandment left a whole in the industry and if they had longer, they would be higher but they do not have as many music show wins or awards compared to others higher. Their disbandment is by far still the saddest for me and made me disappointed in YG.
9: Seo Taiji and the boys
Seo Taiji and the boys were the group that created this genre and are the most influential and “legendary” group of all time behind maybe Big Bang, they are the fourth bestselling groups of all time and are the only group beside BTS to have 6 albums with over a million sales, considering they did not have social media or foreign viewership I feel their accomplishments are the most impressive. They don’t have many awards or music show wins as most awards shows did not even exist back then but those that did exist usually went to them.
The original kings of physical sales they were the group that really established Kpop in Japan which is its second biggest market besides, of course, Korea. They are the group that established the 2nd gen though they are technically part of the 1st gen. There’s not much to say, they sold a lot and was dominant in Japan and Asia as a whole and still has some of the most physical sales and awards despite debuting before many awards and music shows were in existents.
7: Super Junior
The king of Hallyu, while in Korea their popularity and reputation may not be as good, they were easily the Kings of the 1st Hallyu wave. In terms of music show wins they don’t have a lot, but they have the second most awards behind only bts and have won 7 daesangs the 8th most ever. Suju mainly got put higher then TVXQ due to their popularity all around Asia (Suju was more recognizable then Big Bang at one point) and Super Junior was also the first group to perform in South America and appear on the Latino billboard charts. I think they were the first to reach one hundred concert tours, but I don’t know. Super Junior recently won a Bonsang at the Seoul Music awards, 15 years after their debut and they are still going strong something that can’t be said for other groups that won more music shows. They revolutionised the amount of group members and were the pioneers for sub-units. I think some people disrespect them to much, their popularity in their prime (2009-2011) was more. (Melon awards had a fanwar thing between them and they won)
6: Blackpink
I decided to move them up to 6th, I understand I was a bit bias and did not give them the credit they deserve. Getting multiple videos with 1 billion views and reaching first on the billboard chart is very hard to do. However, I still can't put them above Twice or SNSD, I already talked about why I don't believe youtube views are not a good indication of popularity but in literally every other thing they lose in. They have performed in coachella as well so that is a testimony to their popularity, and they are fairly popular in China. The original version contained a lot of bias mainly because I liked Twice more and I originall stopped listening to K-pop before they even debuted, and all my google searches did not put them very high on many lists. (In awards and sales)
5/4: Twice and SNSD/Girls Generation
Twice has achieved a lot in such as short time, they shattered all of SNSD’s records and while I do find they are a bit overrated you can’t ignore their achievements. They are also the first kpop group to do a Japan dome tour which help signify how big they are in Japan, they also are probably the fourth or third most recognized group among western fans behind BTS and Blackpink and maybe EXO. Their the queens of digital sales and have the third most daesangs (most among girl groups) and the second most music show wins behind EXO (most among girl groups) Despite that I think people still forget just how big SNSD was at their peak, they are second in every category for girl groups besides overall awards where they have the most among girl groups, they were also the most awarded group ever if you take everything into account also being fourth in daesangs (second for girl groups) Girls Generation is also by far the biggest group in Korea, they were voted the number one girl group with Gee being the number one girl group song (and is the first video to reach 100 million without streaming), they were also voted as the only idol group (boy and girl group) that Koreans want to represent their nation and even politicians rank them as the number one girl group. Into the new world is also used in LGBTQI marches and their music caused riots in North Korea. One thing also is how both groups started, SNSD came in a time where girl groups were thought to never sell as well as boy groups, but they changed that perception by being the number one group in Korea. And everyone knows the 2008 Black Sea, they started of being hated because of their close friendship with Suju and TVXQ making the two biggest fan bases at the time hate them (ELFs and Cassiopeia) making their break into the main stream even more impressive. Not to undermine Twice and Blackpink but they got lucky, 2016 was the year both groups broke out and it so happens that SNSD did not have a comeback that year and 2NE1 disbanded leaving two gaping holes that was able to be filled by Twice and Blackpink, all the girl groups that debuted between 2008-2014 never got a chance. Had SNSD still been around Twice would not have had a chance, SNSD’s song in 2016 was Lion Heart which got 14 music show wins, they were still going strong and had SM not broke the momentum they would still be going strong. Also, on wiki they say they are the only girl group from south Korea with a total of 20 million record sales, not only that but they one of the highest grossing girl groups ever, like including American groups. While Twice may have taken a lot of their records, SNSD has a lot of records where they were the first to do certain things, due to how iconic and difficult their rise to stardom was I have to put SNSD at number 4 and Twice at number 5 for now, SNSD also saved the economy in Korea during the late 2000’s showing how much they did for the country. Though within a year or two when they overtake SNSD in awards then maybe they will rank higher.
Also found it cute that Suju and Twice are next to each other on the ranks and two of them are dating. If you don’t like Heechul and Momo then good for you but it’s not your relationship, and if you are worried, Heechul is the safest male idol to be around and Momo has 8 other people in Twice plus JYP defending her so she does not need our input.
3: Big Bang
The kings of Kpop, the nation’s Boy group is by far the most popular 2nd gen group. When I was doing the google searches, I was a bit surprised by how low their sales were, but the amount of music show wins and awards they were able to earn and how long they were able to made them rank this high. They were still winning daesangs in 2016 and if they had not gone to the army they might be even challenging BTS in the awards race, while Big Bang has already been overtaken by EXO and BTS their influence on the genre, in particular G-dragon, and how they were the biggest boy group for about a decade shows just how big they were for the genre. And also they have the most songs to reach the charts in less than an hour.
2: EXO
EXO gets kind of disrespected by ARMYS for just how big they are, they were the kings of physical sales and still are, they have the most music show wins by a long margin as well as the highest score. They have the second most daesangs and the third most awards behind BTS and Super Junior. Their popularity overseas, especially China, as well as domestically is insane and had it not been for BTS going to the west I would have put them number one. I considered putting Big Bang over EXO because they did go head to head in their prime at the 2015 MAMA awards and 2015 melon awards and Big Bang came away with 4 daesangs whereas EXO only came out of 2 and this was when Big Bang was almost ten years old. But EXO achieved a lot since then and deserve recognition.
1: BTS
Were you expecting anyone else? BTS is undeniably the biggest Kpop group whether it be in the west or in asia they have a crazy amount of daesangs, sales, music show wins and awards, they also caused a huge jump of the Korean economy in recently. While Blinks will try to make a case due to youtube views BTS are a solid number two and its by a tiny margin. (I edited out the rant because it's got nothing to do with this) There’s not much to say, they are number one. They also were able to reach number one on the billboard and won a billboard award, they have also been invited to perform in places like the Grammys and Madison square garden.
Sm: 11
JYP: 4YG: 3
Bighit: 3 (Seventeen and Gfriend)
DSP Media: 3
Banana Culture: 1
Stone Music: 1
RBW: 1
Play M: 1
FNC: 1
Starship: 1
Cube: 1
Ono entertainment: 1
GM agency: 1
Groups that will rule the 4th gen are G(i)-dle, Stray Kids, Itzy, Iz*one, Treasure and TxT.
The only two I question the placing of are Blackpink and 2NE1 but Blackpink is not successful enough domestically (and outside of America or the UK really) and 2NE1 does not have enough accolades, though they could have been higher had YG not messed up and disbanded so quickly.
Out of these my favourite is either Old bts (DNA and before) or Big Bang and maybe SNSD (They are actually really talented, don’t know why people think otherwise)
Most overrated are new BTS (their music just does not have the same feel as it did in the past) and Blackpink (everything is good but overly repetitive and their lyrics are horrid) or Sistar (they were never that good in my opinion)
Most underrated are all the 1st gen groups (they were so talented) and Mamamoo (Honestly the most impressive vocals of this generation) and 2pm because I’m biased.
Individual artist worth of mentions is:IU (Countless awards and music show wins)
Psy (Was the most viewed video in youtube without thousands of people streaming it)
Boa (Established Kpop in Japan and is the Queen of Kpop, saved SM)
Choi Yong Pil (One of the earliest kpop stars and swept the daesangs of the major broadcasting channels, a living legend for the genre)
Rain (Has 117 individual awards)
Group members who became solo idols:
G-dragon of Big Bang (Michael Jackson of Kpop, the most influential induvial beside Seo Taiji himself and only solo artist to win artist of the year in melon)
Lee Hyo Ri of Fin.Kl (Beyonce of Kpop, early 2000’s where her era)
Kim Jong Kook of Turbo (Only person beside Choi Yong Pil to sweep the daesangs of the major broadcast stations)
Taemin (One of the most talented idols in the industry and has achieved a lot)
That was long lmao, hope you read that, but I did this out of boredom so it fine if you didn’t 😊. Even if your favourite group did not make it you should be happy you even know about them, there are so many groups especially nowadays where like 20 to 30 groups are debuting and the business is getting more cutthroat (though less groups are getting to shine due to the immense popularity of the ones on top) Also awards and music show wins are quite hard to use to rank stuff as a lot of awards and awards shows did not exist for the 1st and most of the 2nd gen and social media plays a big part in the popularity spike to make something feel more popular.
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2020.10.10 04:18 Draquia Fic Review: The Man Who Lived by SebastianL. A slice-of-life post-war fic in which Draco Malfoy has traded Wizarding England for Muggle New York City.

This is a very popular and also very controversial fic.
Firstly it is heavy. 250k words heavy in volume, and even heavier in content. The fic’s rating is Explicit, but not really for sexual content (although there is some of that as well). I would advise not reading this fic if you are triggered by such subjects as suicide, school shooters or police brutality – especially in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, none of that breaks the rules of the subreddit, so here is a link to the story if you wish to read it.
Secondly it doesn’t read like a lot of fanfiction does. It takes place entirely outside England and most of the supporting cast are muggle OCs. It is written as a very realistic look at life and doesn’t hold back on utilising a lot of hot political themes around social justice, not to mention the themes I mentioned above.
It was published in early 2017 between January and February, and was written in advance from October the year before. I know I say this a lot about the fics I’m recommended, but good grief I do not know what this author was taking to be able to pump out that many words (let alone good ones) in such a short space of time.


12 years after the war, a heavily tattooed Draco Malfoy has built a life for himself in Muggle New York City as a youth worker. He is a happy and well-adjusted gay man, and almost entirely estranged from the magical world until an accidental wish throws the real Harry Potter into his dreams. The two cannot be free of each other during their sleeping hours until the former enemies can learn to see each other as they truly are.


Look, I’d be raising my eyebrows at a premise like that too. It’s so left field it’s practically a different ballpark. I get it. It’s a story you have to really get into before you can judge it, which is fitting because that’s also kind of the central theme of the story.
The establishing chapter shows us a day in the life of Draco Malfoy, and it feels absolutely NOTHING like canon. Draco works days as a receptionist at a tattoo parlour and evenings at an outreach center for underprivileged youth, who are largely African American and Latino. He carries a wand with him, but barely uses magic at all anymore. All of his friendships are with muggles, whom he refers to as regulars, and he seems to live a very meaningful and fulfilling life. His one drawback is his refusal to date, because he doesn’t want a wizard boyfriend and would have to lie to a muggle one due to the Statute of Secrecy, so he simply refrains from getting into relationships.
The day in Draco’s life we come upon is not a good day. His coffee is spilled, his wallet stolen, and he is asked to add a new boy into his group; Evan, who has been picked up by his mother and his school for writing a manifesto detailing his plans to shoot up the school and kill himself. At the end of this day Draco comes home and a crazy old woman outside his apartment tells him to make a wish. He brushes her off, but back in his apartment after a few drinks and with only himself to hear, he wishes for his enemies to see him as he truly is – amongst other things that I won’t repeat here.
Famous last words of course, and in his dream he finds himself in a white room with Harry Potter, the latter of whom believes he has died again and is furious that it is Draco he is meeting instead of someone he actually cares about. Draco puts two and two together from his encounter with the old woman and realises she must have been a witch or at least some kind of magical being.
From here, the story sprinkles itself along in a non-linear timeline. Sometimes we follow Draco’s present attempts to help out his boys, spend time with his friends and celebrate his 30th birthday. At others we see him try and explain himself to Harry in a way that might make Harry see eye to eye with him, although Harry is having none of it. At still other times, we start having flash backs to the time in between, to show us the trajectory Draco took from the person he was at the end of Deathly Hallows to the man he has become.
Structurally it’s a really sound plot, and this is a reflection of the author having written the entire story before publishing it online. Every chapter has a purpose, and the pacing is neither rushed nor dawdling. It also packs a really effective emotional punch because it seems to come from such an authentic place.


SebastianL’s writing quality is exceptional. Although it has a tendency to strip away the glamour that literature can give to a scene or a life, it is highly immersive and believable. Many readers have remarked on this, but the author’s ability to write OCs and bring them to life within a paragraph is unparalleled in any fanfiction I have read. This is fortunate, because there is a plethora of OCs who now make up Draco’s social life, so if they hadn’t felt as much like real people as they do then the fanfic would have suffered tremendously.
Another strength which really stood out to me was the author’s ability to write authentic-sounding dialogue, which also contributed to the fantastic characterisation. I was pretty sceptical in the first chapter because Draco was sounding very Americanised and it was pulling me out of the story. However, when you read the first scene in which Draco interacts with his mother, his entire manner of speaking changes. You can practically hear the formal British accent, and his speech patterns are suddenly spot on for canon Draco. It isn’t something the author ever draws attention to, which just seems to add to the subtle genius of it – Draco has been living in New York for 8 years, and he has developed adaptational speech patterns which revert when he interacts with people from his past.
The non-linear structure of the story telling also really works for me, especially with the type of story it is. Bit by bit we peel back the layers of what happened to Draco and Harry the past 12 years. How one grew from his suffering and the other gave in to it, and I feel like the emotional beats of the story are more effectively told with the jumps. I’ve seen this type of structure done before in a way that was confusing because it wasn’t always clear which timeline I was reading, but in Man Who Lived there is never a question because of the way it handles tense.
Whilst all the flashbacks are told in past tense, the present timeline of the story is told in present tense, and it is a first-person narrative from Draco’s POV. I’ve talked before in my harem deep dive review about how a first-person narrative goes better with present tense because it feels like an intimate look at life out of someone’s eyes, and I think that holds true here. Present tense can be jarring to read and adjust to, but for myself I completely ceased to notice it after the first chapter. The water is fine, just try to jump in for a bit and see how you feel.

Draco Malfoy and the benefits of self-insert characters

Something which took me by surprise when I was reading this story was that Draco Malfoy is not only the main character, but also an obvious author stand-in. I’ve seen Draco used as a proxy for an author’s sense of humour and critiques about the Harry Potter series before, and I’ve seen author stand-in Harry Potter more times than I can count, but I’ve never seen someone so completely put themselves into Draco’s shoes. It seemed like an odd choice. And the more I read about the author from his comments, the more I came to understand how thoroughly his experiences shaped the plot of this fanfiction.
…yeah, there is a lot of me in this version of Draco... we share a high level of snark and a sense of outrage at any perceived injustice. We also have rocky relationships with our parents over being queer in common, so it's not like I have to dig deep when I write about being estranged from a parent. I suppose Draco is like a thin, cis, magical version of me in some ways.
The author is a trans, queer man, and this is the first Drarry fanfiction I’ve read from the perspective of a queer man rather than a cis, straight woman (that I know of). There are some obvious differences in how it reads, such as it coming across as a somewhat more authentic, even gritty reading of a queer experience, and lacking the undertones of the fetishization of gay men often seen in slash fanfiction.
As the quote says, there are a lot of themes in the story about overcoming the circumstances you were born into by adopting chosen family. Draco is very close to the friends who took him in when he first came to America, is not on speaking terms with his father and has a very strained relationship with his mother. The author recounts having at one time been made homeless after he came out to his conservative family, and some of his early experiences of being accepted into the LGBT+ community and estranged from his blood relatives are echoed through Draco’s flashbacks.
On top of that, “Draco’s boys”, whom he supports at the youth center are also echoes of the author in other ways.
I do have some experience with kids like this: I was one. I was one of those kids in the outreach programs, poor as hell, not expected to graduate, and somehow grew up to be a (relatively) well adjusted adult, thanks to God knows how many amazing mentors I had along the way.
I’d say that more than any slash fanfiction I’ve ever read, The Man Who Lived is a great exercise in empathy for a perspective you might not often read about. For that alone I would recommend it widely.

Draco Malfoy and the drawbacks of self-insert characters

That said, I am not without criticisms for this story. Whilst Draco’s change from canon is handled extremely well (if you read the entire fic through), I can also see why some people get put off by this fic. Obviously it’s a good thing that Draco managed to be reprogramed away from pureblood mania, but in his rejection of Voldemort’s ideals he has also rejected magic and magical society more or less altogether. As stated earlier he barely uses his wand, only ventures into wizarding New York when he has to, and purposefully makes no friendships with any other witches or wizards. He has even vowed never to return to England or propagate the Malfoy line by having children.
I could feel myself becoming defensive in some scenes when Draco criticised magical society, because he seemed to be dismissive of such a broad amount of content of the Harry Potter books that it just comes across as the whole source material being held in contempt. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around someone putting so much effort into writing fanfiction for a work they don’t seem to like that much. Not to mention of course, that the magic of Harry Potter is one of the main reasons I love the series so much.
Then there’s the portrayal of Draco as opposed to other canon characters. I am pretty open to meta-analysis of the faults of beloved characters and even enjoy a fic which properly calls out the way Harry can be a jerk sometimes, but I’ve seen it done better than it was here. While Harry sputters at Draco’s take downs of Dumbledore and Hagrid and rages at having to be stuck with Draco in some pretty immature ways, it feels a bit like Harry is being straw-manned, and it’s kind of depressing seeing him portrayed as so bitter and stunted. Draco raises some good points, but Harry’s retorts were weak and often frustratingly left good rebuttals unsaid. Characters as author-mouthpieces frequently fall into this trap of getting to be righteous all the time and schooling everybody else about what they’ve done wrong. Draco thankfully isn’t portrayed as universally right all the time, but he clearly has the upper hand in all of his conversations about the events of the books.
It’s odd, because whilst the purpose of Harry and Draco’s conversations are to make Harry understand that Draco is a changed man, there’s this pervasive feeling that Draco is also trying to rewrite his childhood to make himself look like the victim. There are 3 moments Draco recounts which took me out of the story because they felt like overly convenient retcons.
The first one is that Dobby apparently outed a young gay Draco to his father on purpose, and so Draco has righteously hated him ever since. Dobby being petty in this way seems pretty farfetched already, but let’s also keep in mind that Dobby was a literal slave in Draco’s household, who was subject to frequent physical abuse from Draco and his parents. Even in the present timeline, Draco doesn’t seem to have any self-awareness about this, and I can only assume it was retconned in to make Draco seem like less of a turd-child.
The second is that Snape and Draco became friends long before Draco went to Hogwarts (fine, sure) and that Snape told a pre-Hogwarts Draco about his feelings for Lily (absolutely heckin’ no). The only thing keeping Snape alive for a long time was the fact that his superior legilimency kept his secret from Voldemort – there’s no way he was going to divulge it to a kid, no matter how much he liked Draco.
The third and final one was the train scene in PS. Harry recounts Draco insulting Ron’s family by calling them poor, and cementing Harry’s dislike of Draco. Draco goes into explaining mode that Ron had laughed at Draco’s name first, which because of pureblood traditions about your mother choosing your name was tantamount to saying ‘f*ck your mother’. I feel like you can write this scene in Draco’s shoes, acknowledging that Draco was a d*ckbag whilst also seeing how he was eleven and lashing out about someone laughing at his name without needing to retcon in pureblood rules. Since Draco is so good at taking Harry to task for being a jerk, I feel like he should be able to own it when he is too.

Other hot button topics

It is such a tightrope walk to try to write about systemic issues for people of colour in America, especially when the main character interacting with them is about as privileged as it comes. When I first read about Draco’s job, my cringe-o-meter shot up. I was sure the handling of this was going to be horrendously offensive and involve a lot of white saviour crap. Thankfully, this was not the case.
Once or twice commenters would pull the author up for something he hadn’t handled so well, and to his credit he accepted their criticism gracefully and promised to do better in future. I don’t think I’m in a qualified position to say whether the topics and characters were holistically handled well, but I can certainly see that a good attempt was made to handle them with compassion.
The author aims to create a bridge of understanding by having Draco portray himself as someone who was part of a cult and made horrible and destructive decisions as a teenager. From this perspective he can do his best to support his boys from becoming only a product of their environment like he used to be. Mind you, I’m still not really sold on making the wannabe school shooter into a sympathetic character, but at least the fic doesn’t attempt to justify his intentions at all.


This is a fanfiction unlike most you will read. It is a solidly constructed and realistic story, which for all its criticisms of the Harry Potter books is deeply heartfelt and doesn’t pull its emotional punches. I had some trouble getting into it to begin with, but once I was invested it was hard to stop reading, and despite its flaws I would highly recommend it.
The Man Who Lived gets an 8/10 from me.
Next on the reading list: G is for Gabrielle
A reminder that if you enjoyed this review I post them all on my very basic blog site, so you can go there if you're interested in reading my long-form reviews on other fics.
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2020.10.08 20:21 ThyTwank Latino Cultures

I just wanted to throw some ideas out for Latino cultures; I think the initial release would only have Mexico, Argentina and Brazil on it ; maybe Gran Colombia as a wildcard and for its popular demand on similar games; so I wanted to show some ideas for other Latino cultures that could be added. (I still made my predictions of how Mexico, Argentina and Brasil would work)
Industrial Era:
Culture: Gran Colombia
E.U: Llanero: Coming from the Llanos region of the Orinoco; Llaneros were outlaws that roam the moorlands of what its today Colombia and Venezuela
E.Q: Hacienda: Inland estates build by the Spanish that worked as self-sufficient farms and factories, Haciendas were built on most Latino American countries and after independence of many countries, hacienda were still used.
Type: Expansionist
Culture: Rio De la Plata: I add them for two reasons; 1) they are what Gran Colombia is for Colombia, Venezuela, and the other Countries that were part of gran Colombia, but to the Southern Cone countries, making them relevant for the Patria Grande ideology. 2) as a Latino who lives in South America, Argentina is usually look as one of the most advances countries of South America both in education and culture, so I think they fit better as Contemporary culture.
E.U: Gaucho: A term to refer people living on the moorlands of the southern cone, combining the horse riding brought by the Spanish with the boleadoras of the indigenous people of the Patagonia region; Gauchos were skilled skill as rangers.
Note: Gauchos cannot be the Argentinian E.U if they are cotemporary.
E.Q: Estancia: On the Southern Cone, Estancias were rural states used for animal husbandry, specially cattle and sheep; but it was also use as stable for horses
Type: Militaristic
Culture: Paraguay
E.U: Aca Caraya: Calvary used on the Triple Alliance war, used as escort for Francisco Solano, they prove to be loyal and effective while fighting alongside their president; the Aca Carava is guarani for “Shinning Helmet”
E.Q: Guarani Jesuit Reduction (Misiones Jesuitas Guarani): Build by the Spanish for conversion of Guarani people to Christianism, this massive mision also was used as a small settlement where labor was used for food surplus; around 7 of this type of misiones were constructed on Paraguay; After the expulsion of the Spanish, this site became towns for the mestizo population.
Type: Aesthete
Culture: Bolivia
E.U: Colorado: A military corps used during the Independence of Upper Peru, later still used by Bolivia on multiple wars against neighboring countries, resisting against their expansion; starting as guerrilla and ending up as personal guards for the Bolivian president.
E.Q: El Tío: During colonial times, the mines of Potosi were one of the biggest sources of silver for the Spanish, exploiting the indigenous people to work on this dangerous mines, the Spanish implanted multiple statues of demon-like figures to scare the recently converted indigenous people into working hard in the mines; after the independence of Bolivia, Potosi remain an important mine for the country, and the demon statues of the mine had been adopted by the population and the miners as a deity of mines that had to be respected, the now named El Tío (the uncle) became an deity born from the syncretism of indigenous and catholic beliefs; for miners, El Tío statues are a sacred place, where they usually leave booze and cocas leaves to appease the god ; during catholic festivities, a llama is sacrifices at the entrance of the mines to appease El Tío, this practices still hold up to this day.
Type: Agrarian
Culture: Chile
E.U: Primera Escuadra Nacional: The first Naval squadron used by the Chileans during their independence; this vessel dominated naval battles against the Spanish and were later used on other countries like Peru for their independences.
E.Q: Chilotan Architecture: An Architectural style and school that originated on the Chiloé Archipelago; characterized by the use of wood as their main material, born from the syncretism of Spanish and Native architecture, this style made a multiple Wooden Churches and stilted houses on the coast of the archipelago; protected by the UNESCO as a heritage site.
Type: Builder
Culture: Perú
E.U: Rabona: Woman who helped and accompanied the Peruvian and Bolivian infantry on campaigns, appearing since independence wars, this woman served as logistic unit during civil wars, attending the male infantry, but still Rabona were armed and fought themselves during battle.
Rabonas were usually of mestizo origins and fought alongside their husbands.
E.Q: Andean Baroque Church: An Mestizo Architectural style originated on the Andean regions of Peru and Bolivia, inspired by Baroque Churches; this churches were adapted to their highland Andean locations, still different from its European origin, indigenous motifs like images of the sun, the moon and native flora and fauna of the area decorated the church.
Type: Aesthete
Cotemporary Era
Culture: Argentina
E.U: Lipán M3: An unmanned aerial vehicle created by the Argentinian military since the 1996; these were the first of its kinds on South America after their implementation on 2008; been the first aerial combat intelligence aircraft produce by Argentina.
E.Q: Salón de Tango: Born at Rio De la Plata from the mix of African. Indigenous and European dances, Tango has become cultural phenomenon that has characterized Argentinian culture on modern and cotemporary times; becoming an UNESCO Cultural Heritage piece, making Tango and the place where its both learned and shown, a part of Argentinian identity.
Type: Scientific o Aesthete
Culture: México
E.U: Adelitas: During the Mexican revolution, Adelitas join the battlefield of the revolution, working as both nurses and infantry; notable Adelitas like Petra Herrera and Maria Quinteras de Mera fought for fiercely for their causes.
E.Q: Cantina: On the rural areas of Mexico, cantina became a usual place for the working class and campesino men to frequently eat and drink, during revolution times, these places became important for the revolutionary working class, where they talked about their disdain towards the government and the treatment they got from their hard work.
Type: Militaristic
Culture: Colombia
E.U: Fierros: A word used on the countryside to refer firearms; the Colombian guerrillas are among the longest lasting one of the Cotemporary world, starting from Campesino origins who fought against the latifundio system of ownership; forming armed groups to protect themselves for their ideology; after the historic day of El Bogotazo, the period known as La Violencia started on Colombia; where all of the armed campesino groups escaped to the mountains and formed guerrillas like the FARC; with the decades of guerrilla warfare and the introduction of narcotraffic, a lot of guerrillas forgot their initial causes, turning into corrupt groups.
The term Fierro was used by Colombian writer Alfredo Molano on his book “Aqui les dejo esos Fierros”a book that talks about the current problematic of social reintegration of ex-guerrilleros to society. (Note: as a Colombian, the term Guerrilla has a lot of weight to it, but it would be dishonest to give a blind eye to Guerrillas, as they had shaped current day Colombia.
E.Q: Eje Cafetero: Known by the UNESCO as the Colombian Coffee Growing Axis, is listed as a cultural and heritage site of agrarian landscape; coffee has become and emblematic product of Colombia and major part of its exportation, the Eje Cafetero shows the adaptation of coffee plantation of Andean terrain, beside show great value in quality of harvest and shorter harvesting periods.
Type: Agrarian
Culture: Venezuela
E.U: Tanques Tortuga: This “Tanks” were produced in 1934; this weren’t actually tanks, but an armored car with a bizarre and bulky design; presented with another group of antiair armored cars; this cars were paraded in 1934.
For its bizarre and non-ergonomic design, this car did not see much light on the battlefield, only in 1945 there are written accounts of their uses in military combat, but their true use was as fear tactics towards Colombian military forces, who treated after they victory against Peru.
E.Q: La Petrolia : Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and the exportation of this product help the country economy; La Petrolia is an historic and recreational complex, recognized as the first oil well area of Venezuela, dating from 1882, La Petrolia shows a collection of old oil wells and industrial zone where the product was storage at; been an educational place to see where the industry started.
Type: Merchant
Culture: Panamá
E.U: NeoPanamax: Panamax is a term to describe cargo ships that follow the strict requirements of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP); this ships have special requirements on Tonnage, Lengths and many other aspects; a New Panamax or NeoPanamax is a new and more contemporary kind of ship installed by the ACP after the “Panama Canal Expasion Project” proposed on 2006; the new models of NeoPanamax were first used at 2016, been a far superior version of the Panamax.
E.Q: ACP Administration: After the new constitution of Panama and the Torrijos-Carter treaties signed at 1977, Panama was able to gain full control of the Panama Canal from the US, starting in 1999, with full control the canal, it became part of the patrimony of the country and the ACP (Autoridad del Canal de Panama) was installed, making the canal more sufficient, safe and finally controlled by Panamanians.
Type: Merchant
Culture: Nicaragua
E.U: Sandinista: The Sandinista Revolution took place from 1979 to 1990, in which Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional put an end to the dictatorship of the Somoza family, acting as guerrilla and inspired by the Cuban revolution, this group took the name from Augusto Cesar Sandino, a revolutionary from 1933 who fought against the US occupation of Nicaragua.
E.Q: Colección Modernista: Modernismo became a literary movement of poetry from 1888 to 1917, consisting of mostly Latino writers from different countries; the most famous and consider father of movement was Ruben Dario, a poet of Nicaraguan origin; Modernism is identified for taking pride of national Latino identities as one of their main focus, ideas of rebellion and erotism.
Ruben Dario and Modernista Poetry became important part of Nicaragua cultural identity.
Type: Aesthete
Culture: Cuba
E.U: Rio Damuji-Class Frigate: Build up from old Spanish fish crawler, these vessels became the biggest of the Cuban Navy.
E.Q: Hospital Panamericano: Before the Revolution, Cuba did had some great hospital and health facility born from Pan-American Generation (1930 – 1945); a generation of architects and engineers whose maybe goals was to improve the infrastructure of their countries and keep a national identity while doing it; Cuba was part of this with the construction of hospital for tuberculosis; a stand out from these hospital is Hospital de la Maternidad Obrera, constructed by architect Emilio de Soto; a hospital that was made with the qualities need to attends the wives of the working class and had some inspiration in Art Deco.
After the revolution ended, the new Cuban government started to missions that would mark Cuba in contemporary, curing both the sick and ending illiteracy; which Cuban people were able to achieve with hard years of work; especially on the medicine advances, Cuba has become one of the top Latin-American country for the study of health sciences, been the ELAM their greatest achievement on medical study.
Type: Scientific
Culture: Brazil
E.U: Pracinha: A military group send by Brazil to assist the allies in battle during WWII; deployed in places like Italy, this unit helped on campaigns and in the taking of Axis prisoners.
E.Q: Sambadrome: The physically place where Brazilian Carnivals, like Rio’s Carnival take place, consisting of the view area for the main parade and a long pathway for the performers to walk through; Sambadrome also is term to identify Samba schools, which usually are the performing troops in carnivals.
Type: Aesthete
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2020.10.01 00:18 tengrrl Job: TT Assistant Professor of English Rhetoric/Composition, U of Nebraska Omaha

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Travis Adams[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 1:27 PM

The Department of English at the University of Nebraska Omaha is now seeking candidates for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of English with a specialty in Rhetoric/Composition beginning August 16, 2021. The teaching workload is 3/3 with an additional 3 hours of reassigned research time. The department seeks candidates with evidence of research activity in the field of Rhetoric and Composition. Teaching assignments will include first-year writing courses, a pedagogy seminar for graduate teaching assistants, a course in composition theory and pedagogy, and courses in rhetoric and/or other undergraduate and graduate courses in a specialty area. This position will ultimately include writing program administration with additional reassigned time. The Department of English offers undergraduate and Master’s degrees in English as well as graduate certificates in TESOL, Technical Communication, and Advanced Writing. The department encourages collaboration with other departments and programs, includingthe Office of Latino/Latin American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Black Studies, Native American Studies, the Center for Human Rights, and the Service Learning Academy.

Successful candidates need a PhD with a specialty in Rhetoric and Composition by August 16, 2021, demonstrated success in teaching undergraduate writing courses, evidence of research activity in the field of Rhetoric and Composition, and demonstrated potential for writing program administration.

Candidates must submit a portfolio that includes a cover letter, a CV, three letters of recommendation, a teaching philosophy, a 1-2 page statement of experience and dedication toward diversity and inclusion, and evidence of successful teaching of writing to the university website: The diversity and inclusion statement should 1) address how the candidate’s teaching philosophy and experience have fostered success with first and second-year college students; and 2) address the candidate’s philosophy on diversity, including but not limited to addressing the needs of students from underrepresented groups. Direct any questions to Search Committee Chair Dr. Travis Adams ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])).

Review of applications will begin November 13, 2020. First round interviews via Zoom will begin in December, with campus visits (likely via Zoom) following in January/February 2021.

Here is a direct link to the full position description via our application portal:


G. Travis Adams
Associate Professor of English & Writing Center Director
University of Nebraska Omaha
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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2020.09.23 08:40 TheOGJammies FEMINIST PORN DOESN’T EXIST and RULE 34 is a LIE. FIGHT ME LibFems and Scrotes!!

We’ve taken a vocal Anti-Porn stance on this sub for which we’re often criticized by LibFems and Scrotes alike. Our detractors claim that porn can be feminist and that there’s porn out there that caters to women too.
So as an experiment, I actively looked around at recommended "feminist" porn sites to see if I had somehow misjudged.
I was hoping, somewhere in the teaming mass of female exploitation, there was some oasis of female catering porn so I could finally learn how porn is supposed to "enhance" my sex life, like all the Sex Pozzy Libfems keep claiming it’s going to but never has.
I started with a list from Glamour mag which detailed 15 porn sites I'm supposed to Enjoy:
15 Porn Sites for Women That You’ll Really, Really Enjoy
THE LIES. I looked through all these porn sites and I didn’t enjoy SHIT.
I honestly can’t tell the difference at all from regular ass porn and so-called “feminist” porn. How do I know it’s feminist? Some of the women don't wax as much?
There is one site that advertises that it's feminist because the women "choose" the porn actors they want to have sex with, but its behind an expensive pay wall. So .... if I want to see women who actually might be enjoying sex with someone they want to fuck, I gotta pay a premium? But they still want me to watch the rest of their free shit now that I know those women don’t really like the dudes they’re being paid to have sex with that much because otherwise they’d charge me to see it? 🤔
What’s especially wild is how they advertise the site with more naked women than men! Why are all the landing pages the same old T&A display and female objectification? This porn is supposed to be for straight women, right?? WHY am I looking at titties and vaginas STILL?!
Clearly the first part of the experiment was a complete failure, so I decided to search by my specific fantasies and see if I could find something that way. I settled on two scenarios to research:
Scene 1: All you can eat Buffet
Two brown skin dudes with goatees and washboard abs eating one pussy from the front to the back. Both straight - I don’t want to see any man on man sex. They can be any kind of medium Brown Skin as in Polynesian, Latino, Black, Italian, etc.
Scene 2: Suitor Fight Club
15 fine ass dudes in tight jeans and no shirt in a warehouse fight until only one is left standing to the amusement of one lucky woman who watches from a throne. She rides the one who wins like a prize horse and the others have to watch in shame and silence knowing they will have to try again next week. Some of them cry from frustration. And not fake tears. I want them to chest heave like an NBA player after a game 7 loss to a buzzer beater shot.
Surely, Rule 34 of the Internet should apply here right? If it exists, there should be porn of it!
First off, what is this kind of sex even called? It’s easy to find two women giving a man a blow job but two men and one woman? SUSPICIOUSLY LACKING IN INVENTORY.
Secondly, what do I even search to find the specific physical qualities I like in men?
Where is the MALE objectification? Why can't I search videos by peen size and shape organized into clickable categories for me?
What about racial categories? What about body type? Hair color? Facial hair preferences? Jawline? Is there some kind of conspiracy against straight women having physical preferences? Do they assume we don’t have any?
So trying to find my specific physical sexual preferences was a near impossible task to begin with, and then trying to narrow that down to a specific type of sex scene made it fully impossible.
So in conclusion, FEMINIST PORN DOES NOT EXIST and RULE 34 is a LIE.
At this point, I'm convinced labeling porn as feminist is a form of indoctrination: it’s like they are trying to make women accustomed and compatible to mainstream porn by tricking us into believing we’re being progressive by watching it.
But truthfully, It’s all irredeemable male pandering male gazey female exploiting unimaginative garbage and we’re missing literally NOTHING by not having it in our relationships.
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2020.09.18 18:56 PhatA18Sepl G-ay Se-x Big Di--ck Video

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2020.09.17 12:31 CaptainGordan Throwback Write-Up #20: NB Ridaz - NB

Artist: NB Ridaz
Album: NB
Label: Upstairs Records
Released: April 4th, 2004
NB Ridaz, formally known as Nastyboy Klick, are a Hip Hop/R&B group out of Phoenix Arizona. Started by MC Magic, the group became popular locally by selling their CDs at swap meets and making personalized songs of their hits for people. They dropped two albums under the Nastyboy Klick moniker, one of which had one of their most successful singles with “Lost In Love”. Their debut also had the hit “Down For Yours” featuring Roger Troutman, who laid down the chorus with his signature talkbox singing. That sound would become a staple in NB Ridaz’s future hits. With the name officially change to NB Ridaz, they dropped Invasion in 2001, with the hit song “Runaway” In 2004 they dropped NB, their most successful album to date, spawning hits like “Notice Me” “So Fly” and “Pretty Girl”. The influence Roger Troutman had instilled on the group’s sound is especially prominent here, with the talkbox chorus on “Wishin on a Star” and “Pretty Girl” This album also served to promote their website, where they sold merchandise and promoted their personalized songs that fans can put requests for. Although the site is no longer active you are able to see remnants of the site if you use the wayback machine.
I wanted to preface by saying that the reason I chose this album was because it was huge among Hispanics/Latinos in the US. and in Latin America, but I feel like they are largely unknown to this forum and non-hispanic hip hop listeners. I realized I lived in a bit of a bubble when I overestimated their general popularity on this sub. Living in a large Mexican community, the album and songs like “So Fly” and “Pretty Girl” were inescapable and most girls I went to middle school with including my sister had a crush on MC Magic. I talked about them once in the DD a while back when someone brought up Soulja Boy’s influence by using the internet to blow up and being the supposed first one to really use the internet, and I mentioned how NB Ridaz were using their website to promote personalized songs before Soulja Boy was active, which was then downvoted and followed by a “Who?” response. Anyways after that and testing the waters by posting “Pretty Girl” (which was downvoted), I became aware of that bubble and how the album is not known to the general hip hop audience. To be fair, even when the album was in heavy rotation during release, I noticed it was more popular among girls than dudes, and this sub/website isn’t exactly known for their demographics in the women department.
One thing about this album is that almost every single song has to do with love or intimacy, whether that be the pursuit and wooing of a new partner, cultivating and strengthening of relationships, or lamenting of past relations, probably why it was more popular with girls than dude.
The album kicks off with a forgettable intro followed by U Got Me Hot, which is just a fun song about meeting women at the club and a good track to kick off the album.
Now she was rockin hot jeans
Low-cut baby tee
Hotter than the Fourth of July in A Z
I mean I'm trippin, I couldn't even think
Booty so thick she can hold two drinks
Next is Pretty Girl. Though it wasn’t the leading single on the album, it is probably the most popular song from this album after Notice Me. With a smooth beat reminiscent of 90’s G-Funk, and a chorus and verses backed up by the talkbox singing that they picked up from Roger Troutman, this song has everything that makes it both timeless and a callback to the group’s roots. My favorite part has to be MC Magic’s verse, as he blesses us by alternating his rhymes between English and Spanish seamlessly.
Si tu supieras lo que siento
Cada vez
Que me pongo a pensar en todos los momentos
All the good times we've had, me and you, you and I
Hot summer nights, making love in July
The only girl that didn't give it on the first night
Una mujer incomparable, Imma love her life
After Pretty Girl and, the album transitions to its raunchier side with the lead single So Fly. One small detail I always liked about this song is that each member comes in with a short intro setup before their verse starts, with Zig Zag and MC Magic singing their first lines before rapping, and the DJ Scratching on the beginning of Dos’s verse, I thought it was a pretty neat touch. Zig Zag’s verse is iconic too and etched in my childhood since my sister had this song on loop on her boombox.
I know, I been on the road and away from home
But I been fiendin' for you
Dreaming of you
And what I'm gonna do when I have you alone
You heard the message
On your cellphone, me sayin' "Daddy's home"
I'm about to put it down, got you runnin' around
Half-naked around the house
And this isn't just fast sex
We makin' love until we both climax
Next up Tu Eres, a love ballad sung entirely in Spanish. The lines are a bit cheesy, but since it’s a love ballad it’s expected. If you get serious with a Latina who’s in her late 20’s/early 30’s, you’ll get bonus points if you play this for her.
Despertando una manana pensando en ti
Tus brazos y besos los quiero sentir
Yo te quiero y te amo que haria sin ti?
Un angel que Dios me enviado a mi
On Wishin’, the song revolves around getting hurt by being broken up with by an ex, but still wanting them back. Though it sounds great rapping and beat-wise, and the chorus is nice as hell, it’s my least favorite song on the album on subject matter alone. After that the album gets more upbeat on Playaz. Dope hook, classic beat, and great verses all around where NB Ridaz affiliates 'The Hav Nots' lay down some good verses.
The album then does a 180 with 4-Ever, a song about committing to be with your partner forever. The chorus features singer Angelina combined with the talkbox singing by the NB Ridaz. Though this is one of multiple tracks on the album that feature the talkbox singing chorus, and not even the only one that also features Angelina on the chorus, they still manage to get creative with it. Next up is Notice Me, which was probably the song that got the most radio play in my area and in general. While being the second song that has both Angelina and the talkbox singing chorus, it still manages to sound fresh and change from a theme of commitment to one of simping.
Until I Die is probably my favorite beat on the album, even with dope 90’s West Coast style beats of “Pretty Girl” and “Playaz”. Hearing this makes me wish NB Ridaz experimented more with guitars on their instrumentals. This song is different from the other love songs on the album in that it focuses on growth in partnership, from struggles to sacrifices couples would do for each other. Featured artist and long-time collaborator Big Gemini has a great verse on this as well
I used to say once you're born you're just waiting to die
And every day in between is just a waste of some time
But in time I was convinced that I was far from the truth
Believe it or not I found truth the night I met you
So just know that if there's life after death I'm a wait for you there
To love you forever for real
Sunshine features the same singer (Mary) who did the chorus on U Got Me Hot, and she easily steals the show on this. This song always reminded of a 90’s R&B ballad, and probably the only song on the album where I think Dos had the best verse. .
Not once not twice but your three times a lady
The comfort of your arms got me feeling like your baby
Ill be there for you lets make love in to memories
Your tender touch and your smile always get the best of me
Never let you go or treat you bad ill give you all i have
I belong to you and only you girl i want you bad
Sunshine is followed by the Lil Ridaz skit, just an obnoxious skit of these two little kids breaking into MC Magic’s studio and rapping. Kinda wishing they cut this because it’s not great. The skit leads us into the next song, Bounce If You Wanna, that uses the same beat as the skit. Something weird I found in making this writeup is that not a single lyric website has this song correctly noted, as every site instead has the lyrics to the Lil Ridaz skit. I wanted to highlight Kid Frost’s verse because he was nice and it was iconic to have the first Mexican-American rapper to blow up on an NB Ridaz track. This doesn’t exist anywhere else so I might have mucked a few words
Collar stay popped like champagne bottles, it’s full throttle
That’s the motto, and I spend dough like I won the lotto
Hit trees like there’s no tomorrow
Still spittin hot shit for you to bump in your barrio
Kid Frost, Two fifths of Hennessey
2002 West, go to push and a half ounce of kush
Went triple x, now there’s plenty of bush
Pornstars and strippers get snatched with one look
It’s the Kiddie crook back with them NB Ridaz
O’s and G’s, flippin pounds of keys
On the regular, there’s no competitor
Take it from the editor, back like the predator
Exterminator, Terminator, Violator, Regulator
And I’m way too smooth than them brand new wall of gators
Kid Frost still a boss and I floss on you haters
Fakes and phonies, and all you perpetrators
Southwest Ridaz is up next, and the album is just the group spitting cold hard bars. MC Magic shines as usual and alternate Spanish and English lines like he did on Pretty Girl, except with more hardcore rapping on this track. San Diego’s Mr. Shadow makes an appearance, who was also popular among latino hip hop listeners in the mid 2000’s, but who catered more to the gangster rap crowd.
MC Magic expands on how the group started in the skit Magic’s Custom CDs, where he recounts how his group were able to establish themselves by making personalized CDs for them and advertises how fans can use the website to request their own custom CDs, and as a bonus he even includes an example of a custom song he made using Lost in Love as a basis. The album’s closing track, Guess Who’s Back was always my guilty pleasure as a kid. Borrowing my sister’s CD of this album every now and then, this is the track I always skipped to since at the time I wasn’t feeling like hearing love or heartbreak songs, so this one holds a special place in my heart. With this and Southwest Ridaz, the group made it known they can drop bars when they wanted to and aren’t just a group that coasts on love ballads.
I didn’t mention the Cho and Lo skits, until now, but they are a series of skits on the album that have a radio duo ragging on each other. I used to like their banter when I was in middle school, but I’ve grown out of it since then
As I mentioned before, upon doing my research for my writeup, I found that I overestimated the group’s popularity and my perception of their popularity was warped because of where I and who I grew up with, being from a city on the west coast where there are more Mexicans than any other race. In spite of their popularity among Latinos with songs that have +10 million views on youtube, they never had an album chart on the Billboard 200, and even their most famous songs only peaked close to the bottom of the Billboard 100 charts. In spite of their lack of reach outside the Latino community, this album was huge for those of us who did grow up listening to it.
For non-Latinos, did you listen to or come across this album while growing up?
In light of NB RIdaz's use of the internet to push their albums as did other artists, do you feel that their practices are overlooked when discussing the history of artists using the internet to sell?
What is your favorite hip hop album by a Latino-American?
Favorite song on NB
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2020.09.09 14:57 gorro1994 The “only one race for one race” dating apps are super racist.

Keep getting ads for Latino only and Black only dating. What? Is this the 50’s? Did we some how go back to pro-eugenics London?
Imagine a Whites only dating site. Absurd
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2020.09.08 04:37 JustMeInBigD Things to Do - September - Virtual and Distanced Outdoor Events

Social distancing is probably here for a very long time, but yeah,we're getting bored and also want to support our community businesses, performers, etc. Events listed here are either virtual or non-crowded and/or outdoor events where it's easy to keep a safe distance. Feel free to post similar events in the comments.
Things to Do In September
Online & Outdoor, and Limited Capacity Events

Top Events

Dallas Stars are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
DFW Restaurant Week, Takeout Style, through Sept. 27 at select restaurants
North Texas Giving Day is Sept 17. Early giving is open now.
Autumn at the Arboretum runs from Sept. 19 through Nov. 1.
State Fair of Texas - Big Tex Fair Food Drive-Thru - select dates Sept 25 through Oct. 18

Ongoing Events

Texas Rangers Baseball
The Fight for Civil Rights in the South Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum Virtual Tour Free Online tour consists of two prestigious photography exhibitions covering the African American struggle for civil rights and social equality in the 1960s. Through Jan 21
Thrift Studio Pop Up Shop Dwell with Dignity Limited Capacity - masks and gloves required Free, goods for sale Monday through Saturday 10am-5pm through Sept 26

8 - Tuesday

Winspear Opera House Jenna Bush Hager “Everything Beautiful in Its Time” Book Tour Virtual Event 7 p.m. $42
Deep Ellum Art Co D'Angelo Tribute Live Stream featuring Sput Searight & More Virtual Event on Youtube 8 p.m. Free

9 - Wednesday

Dallas Wings vs.Seattle Storm Television Broadcast 9 p.m.

10 - Thursday

The Big Fake {Micro} Wedding Dallas Bridal Show Digital Session (Streaming) 5 p.m. $10
Looks like the in-person event is still on at Tyler Place, but there’s a separate digital version too.


→9/11 - 9/13 Dallas Chocolate Festival (Virtual) $5 Chocolatiers and chefs bring you →streamed guided tastings, factory tours, video chats all weekend.

11 - Friday

Texas Theatre Sunset Drive-In Chadwick Boseman in 42 Doors 7:30 p.m., Show 8:30 p.m. $19.75 per car “42 : The True Story of An American Legend” tells the story of Reggie Jackson, the first African American to play Major League Baseball. Partial Box Office proceeds for this screening will go directly to the Methodist Foundation on behalf of the Cancer Center at Methodist Dallas that specializes in colon cancer.

12 - Saturday

American Heart Association Dallas Heart Walk Virtual Events from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., “Live” event on WFAA-ABC Channel 8 at 9:30am Free Donations and fundraising encouraged.

13 - Sunday

Front Yard Concerts #22 (Facebook link) Jai’sun Williams Outdoors 7 p.m. Free, contributions requested. Use Facebook Messenger to contact the linked page for the address.
Lovers Lane United Methodist Church "LIVE Concert of Collaboration" Streamed Live Event p.m. Free Music of faith performed by Sheryl Sebo on the newly restored Aeolian-Skinner chancel pipe organ and Jimmy Emery on the Baldwin concert grand piano.

14 - Monday

Refugee Services of Texas Salaam Supper Virtual 5:30 p.m. Free
Virtual cooking demo (ingredients list available in advance) plus learn about refugees and asylees, and raise awareness for the clients we serve at Refugee Services of Texas

15 - Tuesday

SMU DCII Allman Family Lecture “Why They Marched” Author Susan Ware Free, RSVP requested

16 - Wednesday

The Ticket “Intentional Grounding” Radio Show/Live Stream 7 p.m.

17 - Thursday

Reminder: Today is North Texas Giving Day.
Interabang Books “Cassandra Speaks” Author Elizabeth Lesser in Conversation with Robyn Moreno Facebook Live 6 p.m.
Levitt Pavilion Radney Foster Facebook Live 7 p.m. Free Donations to the Levitt Pavilion for North Texas Giving Day are requested and will qualify for matching gifts. The Levitt Living Room Series also includes additional dates and performers.

18 - Friday

The Drive-in at The Central Princess Bride 8 p.m. $28 - $35 per car. Food available from Tutta’s Pizza via online ordering. More dates and movies scheduled at Rooftop Cinema Club.

19 - Saturday

Advanced Cocktails Gin Cocktails - Botanical & Savory Hands-on Virtual Mixology Class 2 p.m. $99, includes tools and ingredients (pick up at The Standard pour or order for shipment.)
DeSoto Parks and Recreation Latino Heritage Virtual Concert with Havana NRG Online Event 7 p.m. Free

20 - Sunday

Dallas by Chocolate Road Rally & Scavenger Hunt with Desserts 1 p.m. $39 per person
A clever pivot from the company that brought you fun Dallas food (and Christmas lights) bus tours. Tickets required in advance. Additional dates on weekends in September and October.

21 - Monday

Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt Adventures Dallas Virtual Game Night: Trivia, Charades, and Drawing 7 p.m. Free. Many additional dates and events.

22 - Tuesday

Dallas Veteran Resource CenteGarland Behavioral Hospital The "S" Word Conversations Live Virtual Seminar Noon – 3:30 p.m. Free An innovative experience to raise awareness about suicide prevention through the use of clips from the documentary and open discussion.
Open to the public. 3.5 Credit Hours for Social Workers and Counselors Licensed in the State of Texas.
Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture Toni Morrison: a Tribute and Celebration Online Event 6:30 p.m. Suggested donation $25

23 - Wednesday

Mike Willliams Magic SNEAKY - A Live Interactive Virtual Magic Experience $25

24 - Thursday

Dallas Open Mic Monthly Online Open Mic Virtual 8 p.m. Free. Sponsorships and donations accepted. RSVP Requested. A monthly virtual event series (every 4th Thursday of the month) for artists, producers, poets & comedians to showcase their talents.

25 - Friday

Arts Mission Oak Cliff Tether Live Dance Performance to Watch from Your Car 6:30 p.m. $15-30. Additional dates and times between September 24-26 & October 1-3.
Virtual Theatre Opening
→9/25 - 10/ 2 Uptown Players Pageant (Off Broadway Play) $20 - $30 Virtual Theater →Production. If you like RuPaul’s Drag Race, you just might love this farce.

26 - Saturday

Jasper's Uptown Backyard Cinema Nights: Dirty Dancing Outdoor Dinner + Movie Experience 7:45 p.m. $10 . Movie nights Thursdays and Saturdays throughout September.

27 - Sunday

Oak HIghlands Brewery Fair Food Sunday (Facebook Link) Outdoor Event noon to 6 p.m. Each week an official State Fair of Texas concessionaire is featured.
Granada Theater Chris Daughtry’s Live From Home Tour Virtual Event 8 p.m. $10 and up This event benefits Granada Theater.

28 - Monday

Water Tower Theatre ONE Addison Concert Video-on-demand event on Vimeo $41 Full run dates Sept 17-30. Free to season subscribers.

29 - Tuesday

Frisco Lakes Concert Broadway Musicals Day A Musical Special with World Piano Man - Martyn Lucas (Facebook Link) Live concert on Youtube Chat starts at 5:30 p.m., music starts at 6 p.m. Free, donations and tips appreciated.

30 - Wednesday

Dallas Songwriters Association Virtual Open Mic Zoom Event and/or Facebook Live Free Ongoing event every Wednesday night.
submitted by JustMeInBigD to Dallas [link] [comments]

2020.09.04 11:42 IdolA4Sepl Gro-up Po-rn by Amat-eur Ph

Gro-up Po-rn by Amat-eur Ph
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2020.08.30 20:22 Kingofearth23 Anonymity by State/Country: Comprehensive Global Guide III

Ever since i started playing regularly, i've researched anonymity in places. Here is what i have for each state plus a bunch of other countries. If anything is outdated or incorrect, please comment.
United States
Alabama: No current lottery. Source:
Alaska: No current lottery/Not Anonymous. "Unlike most other states, Alaska doesn’t have a state-sponsored lottery." Source: Alaska does permit charities to run lotteries, the largest one is Not Anonymous. Source:
Alaska's governor has proposed a bill to create an official Alaska State Lottery. Source:
American Samoa: No current lottery. Source:
Arizona: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for all wins of $100,000 and over. Source:
Arkansas: Not Anonymous/Other entities unclear. "Winner information is subject to disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). A winner who receives a prize or prize payment from the ASL grants the ASL, its agents, officers, employees, and representatives the right to use, publish (in print or by means of the Internet) and reproduce the winner’s name, physical likeness, photograph, portraits, and statements made by the winner, and use audio sound clips and video or film footage of the winner for the purpose of press releases, advertising, and promoting the ASL". Source:
California: Not Anonymous/Only individuals can claim. “ The name and location of the retailer who sold you the winning ticket, the date you won and the amount of your winnings are also matters of public record and are subject to disclosure. You can form a trust prior to claiming your prize, but our regulations do not allow a trust to claim a prize. Understand that your name is still public and reportable”. Source:
Colorado: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. “As part of the Open Records Act, we are required to release to the public your name, hometown, amount you won and the game you played. This information will be posted on and will be furnished to media upon request.” Source: Source:
Connecticut: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via a trust or LLC, "Certain information about our winners is public information: Winner's name and place of residence, date of claim, game played, prize amount won, and the selling retailer's name and location. While most winners claim prizes using their individual names, some winners come forward using other legal entities (i.e., trusts, business partnership) to claim their prizes. In those instances, the Lottery will promote the win using that legal entity's name. For more information about such instances, please consult your personal accountant or legal advisor.” Source:
Delaware: 100% Anonymous if requested by winner. "Many winners have chosen to remain anonymous, as allowed by state law, but their excitement is yours to share!" Source: and
DC: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via a trust or LLC. Anonymous question is not directly answered on lottery website. "In the District of Columbia, specific lottery winner information is public record." However, a Powerball Jackpot win was claimed via a LLC in 2009. Source:
Florida: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via LLC. "Florida Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. Florida law mandates that the Florida Lottery provide the winner's name, city of residence, game won, date won and amount won to any third party who requests the information; however Florida Lottery winners' home addresses and telephone numbers are confidential." Source:
The Florida Lottery allows trusts to claim it, however winner information is still released in compliance with the law. A $15 Million jackpot was claimed by an LLC. Source: Source:
Georgia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for all prizes over $250,000. Source:
Guam: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source:
Hawaii: No current lottery. Source:
Idaho: Not Anonymous."By claiming a winning lottery ticket over $600, winners become subject to Idaho’s Public Records Law. This means your “win” becomes an offcial Idaho public record. Your full name, the town where you live, the game you won, the amount you won (before and after taxes), the name of the retailer where you bought the ticket, and the amount the retailer receives for selling the ticket are all a matter of public record." Can seek anonymity if you have specific security concerns (rarely granted). Source:
Illinois: Not Anonymous/Anonymous if requested by winner for all wins over $250,000 however info will be released to a FOIA request. "However, Murphy also cooperated with the Illinois Press Association in adding an amendment that ensures that Freedom of Information Act, an act designed to keep government agencies transparent by allowing the public to access any public record by request, supersedes the privacy law, according to attorney Don Craven, the press association’s legal counsel." Source:
Indiana: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via LLC or trust. "Indiana law allows lottery jackpot winners to remain anonymous, with the money being claimed by a limited liability company or legal trust." Source:
Iowa: Not Anonymous/Can use a trust to claim but information will be released. "When you win an Iowa Lottery prize of $600 or more, you have to fill out a winner claim form that includes your name, address and Social Security number before you can claim your winnings. Iowa law makes the information on that claim form public, meaning that anyone can request a copy of the form to see who has won the prize. We redact sensitive information, such as your Social Security number, from the form before we release it, but all other details are considered public information under Iowa law (Iowa Code Section 99G.34(5)." Source:
For group play, "Prizes can be paid to players who play as a group. A check can be written to an entity such as a trust or to a single individual." Source:
Kansas: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. "Kansas is one of a handful of states that does not have this requirement. If you win a prize in Kansas, you may request that your identity not be released publicly." Source:
Kentucky: Anonymity appears to be an option. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website. But multiple instances of winners claiming anonymously have been reported in the news. "Kentucky Lottery spokesman Chip Polson said the $1 million Powerball winner claimed the prize on May 15 and the Mega Million winner claimed the prize on May 12. He confirmed that both players wanted their identity to remain a secret." Source:
Louisiana: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. "Under the Lottery's statute, all prize payment records are open records, meaning that the public has a right to request the information. Depending upon the amount won and public or media interest in the win, winners may NOT be able to remain anonymous. The statute also allows the Lottery to use winners' names and city of residence for publicity purposes such as news releases. The Lottery's regular practice is not to use winner information in paid advertising or product promotion without the winner's willingness to participate. Source: Source:
Maine: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. "In the event that Maine does have a Mega Millions winner, he or she can opt to remain anonymous — but Boardman says that’s never happened. “What a winner could do in Maine is they could file their claim in the name of a trust, and the trust becomes the winner. So that’s how a winner could claim their ticket anonymously,” he says." Source:
Maryland*: Not Anonymous by Law, Anonymous in Practice. "However, the legal basis for this anonymity in Maryland is thin. The Maryland Lottery does not advertise that lottery winners may remain anonymous, but it posts articles on its website about winners and notes those winners who have “chosen to remain anonymous:” Source:
*"Please note that this anonymity protection does not apply to second-chance and Points for Drawings contests run through the My Lottery Rewards program. Those contests are run as promotions for the Lottery. As such, they are operated under a different set of rules than our draw games and scratch-off games. The rules of participating in our second-chance and Points for Drawings contests state that winners' identities are published."" Source:
Massachusetts: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust "Lottery regulations state that a claimant's name, city or town, image, amount of prize, claim date and game are public record. Therefore, photographs may be taken and used to publicize winnings." Source:
Michigan: Not Anonymous for Powerball and Mega Millions/100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for all other winners over $10,000. "Winner Anonymity. Michigan law requires written consent before disclosing the identity of the winner of $10,000 or more from the State lottery games Lotto47 and Fantasy 5. You further understand and agree that your identity may be disclosed, and that disclosure may be required, as the winner of any prize from the multi-state games Powerball and Mega Millions." Source:
Minnesota: Not Anonymous. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but lottery blog states "In Minnesota, lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. A winner's name, city, prize amount won and the place that the winning ticket was sold is public data and will be released to media and posted on our website." Source:
Mississippi: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. "In accordance with the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law, the Mississippi Lottery will not disclose the identity of the person holding a winning lottery ticket without that person's written permission." Source:
Missouri: Not Anonymous. "At the Lottery Headquarters, a member of the Lottery's communications staff will ask you questions about your win, such as how many tickets you bought, when you found out that you won and what you plan to do with your prize money. This information will be used for a news release. You will also be asked, but are not required, to participate in a news conference, most likely at the store where you purchased your winning ticket." Source:
A Missouri State Legislator has submitted a bill to the State House to give lottery winners anonymity. Source:
Montana: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. "In Montana, by law, certain information about lottery winners is considered public. That information includes: the winner's name, the amount won and the winner's community of residence. Winners may choose to claim as an individual or they may choose to form a trust and claim their prize as a trust. If a trust claims a lottery prize, the name of the trust is considered public information. A trust must have a federal tax identification number in order to claim a Montana Lottery prize." Source:
Nebraska: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via LLC. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but a winner created a legal entity to claim anonymously in 2014. "Nebraska Lottery spokesman Neil Watson said with the help of a Kearney lawyer, the winner or winners have created a legal entity called Carpe Diem LLC." Source:
A Nebraska State Legislator has now filed a bill to give 100% Anonymity to all winners over $300,000 who request it. Source:
Nevada: No current lottery. Source:
New Hampshire: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via a trust. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but a winner successfully sued the lottery and won the right to remain anonymous in 2018. Source:
New Jersey: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
New Mexico: Not Anonymous. “Winners of $10,000 or more will have name, city, game played, and prize amount and photo on website.” Can seek anonymity if you have specific security concerns (rarely granted). Source:
New York: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via a LLC. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but per Gov. Cuomo: "For the past 40 years, individuals wishing to keep their name and information out of the public view have created LLCs to collect their winnings for them." Source:
North Carolina: Not Anonymous. "North Carolina law allows lottery winners' identity to remain confidential only if they have an active protective order against someone or participate in the state's "Address Confidentiality Program" for victims of domestic violence, sexual offense, stalking or human trafficking." Source:
North Dakota: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Northern Mariana Islands: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Ohio: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but appears to have an anonymous option. "The procedure from there was a little cumbersome. I needed to create two separate trusts. One trust was to appoint me, as the trustee on behalf of the winner, to contact the Lottery Commission and accept the Lottery winnings. The secondary trust was set up for me as trustee of the first trust, to transfer the proceeds to the second trust with the winner as the beneficiary. This enabled me to present the ticket, accept the proceeds, and transfer it to the winner with no public record or disclosure." Source:
Oklahoma: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust or LLC. In accordance with the Oklahoma Open Records Act and the Oklahoma Education Lottery Act, the name of any individual, corporation, partnership, unincorporated association, limited liability company, or other legal entity, and their city of residence will be made public. Source: Source:
Oregon: Not Anonymous. "No. Certain information about Lottery prizes is public record, including the name of the winner, amount of the prize, date of the drawing, name of the game played and city in which the winning ticket was purchased. Oregon citizens have a right to know that Lottery prizes are indeed being awarded to real persons. " Source: Can seek anonymity if you have specific security concerns (rarely granted). Source:
Pennsylvania: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. Source:
Puerto Rico: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Rhode Island: Not Anonymous/Anonymous if requested but all info is subject to FOIA. "While the Lottery will do everything possible to keep a winner's information private if requested by the winner, in Rhode Island and most other states, this information falls under the Freedom of Information Act, and a winner's name and city or town of residency must be released upon request." Source:
South Carolina: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but appears to have an anonymous option based on prior winners. Source:
South Dakota: Not Anonymous for draw games and online games/100% Anonymous for Scratchoffs if requested by the winner. "You can remain anonymous on any amount won from a scratch ticket game. Jackpots for online games are required to be public knowledge. Play It Again winners are also public knowledge." Source:
Tennessee: Not Anonymous/Can use a trust but info subject to open records act. Anonymity is explicitly noted as not being allowed on the official lottery website. Source:
However if it is claimed via a trust then the lottery will not give out your information unless requested to do so. "The TN lottery says: "When claiming a Lottery prize through a Trust, the TN Lottery would need identity documentation for the grantor and all ultimate beneficiaries. Once we are in possession of these documents and information, records are generated. If a formal request is made by a citizen of Tennessee, the Trust beneficiary's name, city and state must be made available under the Tennessee Open Records Act." Source:
Texas: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for $1 million or more IF the winner claims it as an individual AND chooses the Cash option. Not Anonymous if claimed by a trust or LLC or if the winner chooses the Annuity option. Source:
Utah: No current lottery. Source:
Vermont: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. “The name, town and prize amount on your Claim Form is public information. If you put your name on the Claim Form, your name becomes public information. If you claim your prize in a trust, the name of the trust is placed on the Claim Form, and the name of the trust is public information.” Source:
Virginia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for prizes over $10 million. "A new law passed by the Virginia General Assembly and signed by the Governor prohibits the Virginia Lottery from disclosing information about big jackpot winners." "When the bill goes into effect this summer, the Virginia Lottery will not be allowed to release certain information about winners whose prize exceeds $10 million, unless the winner wants to be known." Source:
US Virgin Islands: Anonymity appears to be an option. A $2 Million Powerball winner was allowed to remain anonymous. Source:
Washington: Not Anonymous/Can use a trust but info subject to open records act. "As a public agency, all documents held by Washington's Lottery are subject to the Public Records Act. Lottery prizes may be claimed in the name of a legally formed entity, such as a trust. However, in the event of a public records request, the documents forming the artificial entity may be released, thereby revealing the individual names of winners."
West Virginia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for prizes over $1 million and 5% of winnings remittance. "Effective January 1, 2019, House Bill 2982 allows winners of State Lottery draw games to remain anonymous in regards to his or her name, personal contact information, and likeness; providing that the prize exceeds one million dollars and the individual who elects to remain anonymous remits five percent of his or her winnings to the State Lottery Fund." Source:
Wisconsin: Not Anonymous/Cannot be claimed by other entities. "Pursuant to Wisconsin’s Open Records law (Wis. Stats. Secs. 19.31–19.39), the Lottery is required to disclose a winner’s name, likeness and place of residence. If you win and claim a prize, the Lottery may use your name, likeness and place of residence for any purpose without compensation to you.
Upon claiming your prize, you waive any claims against the Lottery and its representatives for any and all liability which may result from the disclosure or use of such information." "The original winning ticket must be signed by a single human being. For-profit and non-profit entities, trusts, and other non-human beings are not eligible to play or claim a prize." Source:
Wyoming: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. "We will honor requests for anonymity from winners. However, we certainly hope winners will allow us to share their names and good news with other players." Source:
Other countries
Australia: 100% Anonymous if requested by winner. "The great thing about playing lotto in Australia is that winners can choose to remain anonymous and keep their privacy, unlike in the United States where winners don't have such a choice, and are often thrown into a media circus." Source:
Bahamas: No current lottery. Source:
Barbados: Not Anonymous. "No. Barbados Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. The Barbados Lottery mandates the winner’s name, address, game won, date won and amount won be provided; however Barbados Lottery winners' home addresses and telephone numbers are confidential." Source:
Brazil: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Canada: Not Anonymous. Every provincial lottery corporation in Canada requires winners to participate in a publicity photo shoot showing their face, their name and their municipality. Can seek anonymity if you have specific security concerns (rarely granted). Source:
Carribbean Lottery Countries (Antigua/Barbuda, Anguilla, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Maarten/Saba/St. Eustatius, and Turks/Caicos): Not Anonymous. "No. Caribbean Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. The Caribbean Lottery mandates the winner’s name, address, game won, date won and amount won be provided; however Caribbean Lottery winners' home addresses and telephone numbers are confidential." Source:
China: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Must appear in a press conference and photo but allowed to wear disguise. Source:
Cuba: No current lottery. Source:
EuroMillions Countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and UK*): 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
*United Kingdom: Excludes
*Caymen Islands, and Falkland Islands: No current lottery. Source: Source:
*Anguilla, and Turks & Caicos: Not Anonymous. Source:
EuroJackpot Countries (Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands*, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden): 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
*Netherlands: Excludes
*St. Maarten, Saba, and St. Eustatius: Not Anonymous. Source:
Fiji: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Georgia (Kartvelia): Anonymity appears to be an option. "2.9.1. Prizes and Winners. Each Bidder shall provide details winners who waive their right to privacy will be treated;" Source:
Guyana: Not Anonymous. Source:
India*: Not Anonymous. Source:
*: Only available in the states of Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland and Mizoram. Source:
Indonesia: No current lottery. Source:
Israel: Not Anonymous by Law, Anonymous in Practice. “[A]lthough we have this right, we have never exercised it because we understood the difficulties the winners could encounter in the period after their win. We provide details about the winner, but in a manner that doesn’t disclose their identity,” Dolin Melnik, then-spokesperson for Israel’s Mifal Hapayis lottery told Haaretz in 2009." Source:
Jamaica: Not Anonymous. First initial and last name of winner was released but winner was allowed to wear a mask for photo. Source:
Japan: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Kenya: Not Anonymous. "9.1 When You claim or are paid a prize, You will automatically be deemed to grant to O8 LOTTO an irrevocable right to publish, through all types of media broadcasting, including the internet, for the purposes of promoting the win, Your full name (as well as Your nick name), hometown, photograph and video materials without any claim for broadcasting, printing or other rights" Source:
Malaysia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Nagorno-Karabakh: Not Anonymous. Source:
New Zealand: 100% Anonymous if requested by winner. Source:
North Korea: Not Anonymous. Source:
Northern Cyprus: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source:
Oman: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Philippines: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Romania: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source:
Russia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Samoa: Not Anonymous. Source:
Saudi Arabia: No current lottery. Source:
Singapore: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source:
Solomon Islands: No current lottery. Source:
South Africa: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
South Korea: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Sri Lanka: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source:
Taiwan: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source:
Trinidad and Tobago: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source:
Tuvalu: No current lottery. Source:
United Arab Emirates: Not Anonymous. Source:
Vatican City: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source:
Vietnam: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source:
Windward Lottery Countries (Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines): Not Anonymous. "Prize winners asked to do so by Winlot must give their name and address, and satisfactory establish their identity. All winners of the Jackpot (Match 6) prize will be photographed. Note that Winlot and CBN reserve the right to publish the names, addresses and photographs of all the winners." Source:
submitted by Kingofearth23 to LotteryLaws [link] [comments]

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Mat-ure G-ay for Da-ting Hel-p
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Indore Gay Dating Sites Indus Gay Dating Inexperienced With Dating Gay Men Inexperienced With Dating Gay Men Site Inner Circle Dating App Gay Insecurity Gay Dating Interacial Gay Dating Site Intergeneratinal Gay Dating and Interracial Internarional Gay Dating Site International Dating Apps Gay International Dating Site Gay International Dating Sites for Gay International Gay Dating Agency International Gay Dating Service International Gay Men Dating App International Gay Online Dating Websites Internet Dating Rules Gay Couples Interracial Dating App Gay Interracial Dating Gay Community Interracial Dating in Gay Community Interracial Gay Bdsm Dating Interracial Gay Couple Dating Interracial Gay Dating Acceptance Interracial Gay Dating Experiences Interracial Gay Dating Los Angeles Interracial Gay Dating New York Times Interracial Gay Dating Sits Interracial Gay Dating Websites Interracial Gay Guys Dating Intitiating Contact Gay Dating Ipad Apps for Gay Dating Ipad Apps for Gay Dating India Iphone App for Gay Dating Iphone Dating Apps Gay Iphone Gay Apps Dating Iphone Gay Dating Sim Ipoh Gay Dating Ipswich Gay Dating Iraq Gay Dating Ireland Gay Dating Sites Irish Gay Online Dating Irish Gay Single Men Dating Is a Boy Dating a Girl Gay Is a Girl Dating a Guy Gay Is a Heterosexual Male Dating a Trans Man Gay Is a Heterosexual Male Dating a Transmale Gay Is a Man Gay for Dating Transgender Is a Women Dating a Guy Concedered Gay Is a Women Dating a Guy Gay Is Being Dating a Trans Guy Gay Is Bumble a Dating Site for Gay Guys Is Chappy Gay Dating Active Reddit Is Dating a Boy Like Dating a Girl Gay Is Dating a Girl With a Dick Gay Is Dating a Tomboy Gay Is Dating a Tranny Gay Is Dating a Trans Make Me Gay Is Dating a Trans Woman Gay Is Dating App Hinge Gay Is Dating Fat Gays Fun Is Dating Trans Girl Gay Is Dating Trans Women Gay Is Ding Dong Gay With Julian Dating Is Dingdong Gay With Julian Dating Is Dream Daddy a Dad Dating Simulator Gay Is Eden Gay on Celebs Go Dating Is Gay Dating More Casual Is Gay Dating Ok Is Gay Online Dating Safe Is a Dating Site Is H Connect a Gay Dating App Is He Into Me Gay Dating Is Hillary Gay and Dating Weiner Is is Barry Jenkins Dating Gay Is It Gay if You Are Dating a Transgender Is It Gay to Be Dating a Transman Is It Okay to Say Hey on Tinder Gay Dating Is Kendall Jenner Gay Who is She Dating Is Kik a Gay Dating App Is Someone Gay Dating Transgenders Is Surge Popular in Hawaii Gay Dating Is Taimi Used in Houston Gay Dating Pp Is the Guy You Are Dating Gay Is the Guy You're Dating Gay Is the Man I Am Dating Gay Is the Man I'm Dating Gay Is There a Gay Dating Show Is There an Anti-gay Trump Dating Website Is There Any Free Gay Dating Sites Is There Any Free Gay Dating Websites Is Tinder Dating Site Gay Is Tonder Good for Gay Dating Is Zoosk a Good Dating Site for Gay Men Isle of Wight Gay Dating Israel Dating Site Gay Israel Gay Dating Sites Israeli Gay Dating Sites Istanbul Gay Dating Site It is the Most Popular Dating App for Gay Men Italian Gay Dating Website Itch Io Dating Sims Gay Ithaca Free Gay Dating Ithaca Gay Dating Ivy League Gay Dating Jack Dating Site for Gay Men Jack'd - Gay Chat & Dating Apple Jacked Gay Dating Service Jacked Naked Gay Dating Service Jaipur Gay Dating Site Jake Maccoby Gay Dating Jamaican Gay Dating Website James Sims Gay Dating Sites Jamnagar Gay Dating Jamshedpur Gay Dating Japan Gay Dating Sites Japan Gay Dating Website Japan Gay Online Dating Japanese Gay Dating Game Japanese Gay Dating Sims Japanese Gay Dating Website for Professionals Japanese Gay Dating Website New Zealand Japanese Gay Dating Websites Japanese Gay Dating Websites England Japanese Gay Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Japanese Gay Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Uk Japanese Gay Dating Websites in Kolkata Japanese Gay Dating Websites in Mumbai Japanese Gay Dating Websites in Usa Japanese Gay Dating Websites Ireland Japanese Gay Dating Websites New Zealand Japanese Gay Dating Websites Northern Ireland Japanese Gay Dating Websites Scotland Japanese Gay Online Dating Jared We've Been Dating Vine Those Pens Are Gay Jdate Gay Dating Jeb Gay Dating Sim Jebediah Gay Dating Sim Jebediah Ian Gay Dating Sim Jeffrey S Leifheit Chicago Illinois Gay Dating Jemar Michael Gay Dating App Jess Iamback on Gay Dating Sites Jewish Gay Dating London Jewish Gay Dating Uk Jewish Gay Nj Dating Jewish Gay Nj Dating Personals Jewish Gays You Will Be Dating in Ny Jhansi Gay Dating Jharkhand Gay Dating Jhb Gay Dating Site Jizz Orgy the Gay Dating Game Joe 18 Dating Minneapolis Mn Gay Joe 18 Gay Dating Minneapolis Mn Joe Gay Dating Minneapolis Mn Joe Los Angeles Gay Dating Joe Lozano L Gay Dating Joe Lozano Los Angeles Gay Dating Joe M Lozano Los Angeles Gay Dating Joe Memmel Married Dating Gay Johannesburg Gay Dating Sites Johannesburg Gay Online Dating Join a Gay Dating Site Jokes About Gay Dating Dating Site Dating Site Profile Joomla Gay Dating Templates Joseph Gordon Levitt Dating Gay Josh Harris Christian Dating Guy is Gay Josh Harris Christian Dating is Gay Joysticks Orlando Gay Dating Game Juju Smith Schuster Dating Gay Jussie Smollett on Gay Dating Sites Kakinada Gay Dating Kalamazoo Gay Dating Kalyan Gay Dating Kanpur Gay Dating Kanpur Gay Dating Site Kansas City Gay Dating Sites Kansas City Gay Dating Websites Karimnagar Gay Dating Karma Gay Dating Karma Gay Dating App Karma Gay Dating Apps Kathmandu Gay Dating Katie Holmes Dating Gay Guy Kazakhstan Gay Dating Kc Gay Dating Keith From the Gay Dating Show From the 2006 Keith Martinez Shreveport Louisiana Gay Dating Sites Kerry Gay Dating Key West Gay Dating Kickstarter Gay Dating Sim Kickstarter Gay Magic Dating Sim Kilkenny Gay Dating Kingston Ontario Gay Dating Kink Gay Dating App Kink Gay Dating Site Kinkiest Gay App Dating Site Kinky Gay Dating Hookup Site Kinky Gay Dating San Diego Kisumu Gay Dating Kisumu Gay Dating Site Kitchener Gay Dating Knoxville Gay Dating Kolhapur Gay Dating Kolhapur Gay Dating Site Kolkata Free Gay Dating Site Kolkata Gay Dating Sites Kollam Gay Dating Korean Gay Online Dating Kosovo Gay Dating Kota Gay Dating Site Kozhikode Gay Dating Kpop Gay Memebers Dating Krishnagiri Gay Dating Kumasi Gay Dating Kumasi Gay Dating Site Kurla Gay Dating Topix Kurnool Gay Dating Site Kuwait Gay Dating Sites Kwazulu Natal Gay Dating Site Kyle Gay Dating Lowell Massachusetts Kynan 44 Years Old Gay Dating Kzn Gay Dating Site Lake City Black Gay Dating Site Lake Havasu Gays Dating Lake Tahoe Gay Dating Lao Gay Dating Large Black Cocks Gay Hookup Dating Sites Largest Free Gay Dating Site Largest Gay Dating Apps Largest Gay Dating Website Las Cruces Gay Dating Las Cruces Gay Dating Sites Las Vegas Free Gay Dating Las Vegas Gay Dating Apps Las Vegas Gay Dating Sites Las Vegas Speed Dating Gay Latin Chub Gay Dating Latino Gay Dating White Latvia Gay Dating Lausanne Gay Dating Lavender Gay Dating Site Lds Dating Website Forced to Allow Gay Lesbian Lebanese Gay Dating Site Lebian and Gay Men Dating Lee County Virginia Gay Dating Leeds Gay Dating Site Leeds Gay Speed Dating Legit Dating Sites for Gay Men Legit Gay Dating Websites Lesbian Speed Dating Skit Big Gay Sketch Show Dating Review Lesotho Gay Dating Lesotho Gay Dating Site Lethbridge Gay Dating Lgbt Gay Dating Sites Like Gay Sec but Not Dating Men Lincoln Ne Gay Dating Lisbon Gay Dating List All Gay Dating Sites List Gay Dating Sites List Gay Dating Websites List of 2001s Gay Dating Sites List of Best Gay Dating Sites List of Best Gay Dating Websites List of Chubby Dating Sites Gay List of Every Gay Dating App or Site List of Gay Chubby Dating Sites List of Gay Chubs Dating Sites List of Gay Dating List of Gay Dating Apps by Popularity List of Gay Dating Sims List of Gay Dating Site in India List of Gay Dating Sites Wiki List of Gay Online Dating List of Popular Gay Dating Apps List of Popular Gay Dating Sites List of Top Gay Dating Apps List of Top Gay Dating Sites Little Person Gay Dating Site Live Romeo Gay Dating Liverpool Gay Speed Dating Lko Gay Dating Local Dudes Gay Dating Local Gay Dating Augusta Maine Local Gay Dating for Free Local Gay Dating Service for Fort Worth Dallas Local Gay Dating Sites Chesterfield Local Gay Dating Without Sign Up Local Gay Online Dating Phone Number Local Hiv Non-detectable Gay Mens Dating Group Locanto Cape Town Gay Dating London Dating Sites Gay London Gay Dating Agency London Gay Dating Websites London Gay Online Dating London Gay Professional Speed Dating London Gay Speed Dating Soho London Speed Dating Gay Long Beach Gay Dating Long Distance Dating Gays Long Gay Dating Games Long Hair Gay Dating Long Term Gay Dating Site Long Term Relationship Gay Dating Longueuil Gay Dating Looking for Cholo Bf Gay Dating Looking for Cholo Bf Gay Dating App Phoenix Looking for Cholo Bf Gay Dating Phoenix Looking for Social Dating Sight for Gay Seniors Los Angeles Gay Online Dating Louis Hofmann Dating Gay Louisville Gay Dating Love is Blind Gay Dating Show Episode 2 Lowestoft Gay Dating Ltr Gay Dating Ltr Gay Dating App Lucas Nother Gay Dating Show Lucknow Gay Dating Site Ludhiana Gay Dating Ludhiana Gay Dating Site Macedonia Gay Dating Maco Gay Dating Sites Made in Chelsea Gay Dating App Madison Gay Dating Madison Gay Speed Dating Makati Gay Dating Make Gay Dating Account to Boost Confidence Malawi Gay Dating Malawi Gay Dating Sites Malawian Gay Dating Site Malaysia Free Gay Dating Site Malaysia Gay Dating Sites Malaysia Gay Dating Website Malaysia Gay Online Dating Malaysian Gay Dating Site Male Bi Gay Dating Site Male Escort Dating Gay Service Male Gay Asian Dating Chinatown Nyc Male Gay Asian Dating Nyc Male Gay Dating and Chatting Websites Without Registration in Pune Male Gay Dating Site for Portland Oregon Male Gay Sexsadist Dating Other Guys Male Gay Teens Dating Male Squirt Bi Gay Dating Site Maleforce Gay Chat & Dating Malta Gay Dating Sites Maltese Gay Dating Mamba Gay Dating Site Manchester Gay Speed Dating Mangalore Gay Dating Mangalore Gay Dating Site Manhattan Gay Dating Manhunt Gay Chat Dating Manhunt Gay Dating Live Manhunt Gay Dating Mobile Login Manhunt Gay Dating Reviews Manhunt Gay Dating Sites Manhunt Gay Mobile Dating Manhunt Mobile Gay Dating Manhunt Online Gay Dating Manjam Eu Social Network Gay Dating Manly Gay Dating Manscape Gay Dating Marcia Gay Harden Dating Who Marge Speed Dating I Think Hes a Male Gay Marine Dating Gay Mark Perry Gay Dating Scam Marriage Gay Dating Sites Married Men Gay Dating Marvin Gaye Dating Child Masc Discreet Gay Dating Mass Gay Dating Gay Dating Pittsburgh Pa Gay Dating Site Matchup Gay Dating Site Mate 4 for Gay Dating Matteo
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2020.08.29 18:16 IdolA29Augl G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting

G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting
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Gay Dating Websites Manchester Gay Dating Websites Manhunt Gay Dating Websites Melbourne Gay Dating Websites Moniters Jobs Gay Dating Websites Montreal Gay Dating Websites Netherlands Gay Dating Websites Newcastle Gay Dating Websites No Sign Up Gay Dating Websites Northern Ireland Gay Dating Websites Nz Gay Dating Websites Ottawa Gay Dating Websites Perth Gay Dating Websites Romania Gay Dating Websites Saudi Arabia Gay Dating Websites Seattle Gay Dating Websites Southeast Asia Gay Dating Websites Spain Gay Dating Websites Sweden Gay Dating Websites Switzerland Gay Dating Websites Thailand Gay Dating Websites Top Gay Dating Websites Toronto Gay Dating Websites Us Gay Dating Websites Utah Gay Dating Websites Vancouver Gay Dating Websites You Dont Have to Pay Gay Dating Webtsidtes Gay Dating Wenatchee Gay Dating Wesite Based on Income Gay Dating Wesite Paid or Gay Dating West Hollywood Gay Dating West London Gay Dating Western Australia Gay Dating Weston Super Mare Gay Dating Wexford Gay Dating What Am I Doing Wrong Gay Dating What Does Get a Drink Mean Gay Dating What to Talk About Gay Dating What's an Otter Gay Dating Wheaton Gay Dating Wheaton Il Gay Dating Wheaton No Sign Up Gay Dating When to Say I Love You Gay Dating When You Re Not Out Gay Dating Where Gay Dating While Black Gay Dating While in the Closet Gay Dating While Living at Home Gay Dating While Living at Home Reddit Gay Dating While Married Gay Dating Whitby Gay Dating Whitecmountian Men Gay Dating Who Pays for Dinner Gay Dating Who Pays Tge Bill Gay Dating Who Pays the Bill Gay Dating Who Should Pay Gay Dating Who Should Text First Gay Dating Who Texts First Gay Dating Wichita Gay Dating Wichita Ks Gay Dating Wikihow Gay Dating Williamsport Pa Gay Dating Wisconsin Gay Dating With Acne Gay Dating With Erectile Dysfunction Gay Dating With Free Search Gay Dating With Hiv Gay Dating With Ltr in Mind Gay Dating With No Assholes Gay Dating Without Hookups Gay Dating Without Internet Gay Dating Without Phone Apps Gay Dating Without Registering Gay Dating Woes Gay Dating Woking Gay Dating Wollongong Gay Dating Worcester Uk Gay Dating Workington Gay Dating Worksop Gay Dating World of Warcraft Gay Dating World Wide Gay Dating Worthing Gay Dating Wpp Gay Dating Wrexham Gay Dating Wuhan Gay Dating Wv Gay Dating Yahoo Answers Gay Dating Yangon Gay Dating Yeovil Gay Dating Yerevan Gay Dating York Uk Gay Dating Yorkshire Gay Dating Younger Guys Gay Dating Younger Men Gay Dating Younger Older Gay Dating Your Guide to Finding Love Jaye Sassieni Gay Dating Zagreb Gay Dating Zanesvilleohio Gay Dating Zoosk or Match Gay Deacon Dating Site Gay Denver Dating Gay Derry Dating Gay Desi Dating in Us Gay Designer Dating Striaght Boyfriend Gay Diabetic Dating Gay Dinner Dating London Gay Disabled Dating Canada Gay Disabled Dating Sites Gay Disabled Dating Spaces Gay Disabled Dating Uk Gay Discreet Dating Where to Meet Forum Gay Dominant Dating Gay Dominican Dating Sites Free Gay Down Low Dating Sites Gay Drug Friendly Dating Sight Gay Durban Dating Site Gay Durham Dating Gay Dutch Dating Site Gay Dwarf Dating Site Gay Dwarf Dating Sites Gay Effeminate Dating Sites Gay Elder Dating Long Island Gay Elder Singles Dating Gay Electronic Music Dating Gay Emo Guy Dating Gay Engineer Dating App Gay Engineer Dating Site Gay Episcopalian Dating Gay Episode of Dating Around Gay Ethiopia Dating Gay European Dating Site Gay Excuse Dating Gay Executives Dating Gay Exhibionist Dating Gay Experiences With Online Dating Gay Face Dating Gay Fag Dating Site Gay Famers Dating Sites Gay Fantasy Dating Sims Gay Farm Boys Dating Site Gay Farmer Dating Sites Gay Farmers Dating Uk Gay Farmers Dating Website Gay Farmers Uk Dating Gay Fast Dating Gay Feet Dating App Gay Female Dating a Man Gay Female Status Dating Websites Gay Fish Dating Review Gay Fish Dating Uk Gay Fist Fuck Dating Site Gay Fisting Dating Site Gay Fitness Dating App Gay Flight Attendant Dating Gay Football Player Dating Around Gay Football Player Dating Around Netflix Gay Forces Dating Gay Fort Wayne Dating Gay Forum White Dating Asian Gay Free Dating and Sexting Gay Free Dating Boston Gay Free Dating Site in Usa No Payment Gay Free Dating Site's Gay Free Dating With Million of Members Gay Free Dating With Million of Members 2019 Gay Free Iphone Dating App Gay Free Online Dating Site Gay Freshman Dating Senior Gay Friendly Dating Site Gay Friendly Online Dating Gay Friendly Online Dating Sites Gay Friends With Benefits Dating Gay Frottage Dating Gay Frottage Dating Sites Gay Ftm Dating Tips Gay Fuck Buddy Dating Gay Furry Dating Apps Gay Furry Dating Discord Gay Furry Dating Ga Es Gay Furry Dating Gameshttps Gay Furry Dating Sim Porn Gay Furry Dating Sim Steam Gay Furry Dating Simulator Gay Furry Dating Simulator Games Gay Furry Dating Simulator Games With Nsfw Gay Furry Dating Site Game 18+ Gay Furry Dating Sites Gay Furry or Furries Dating Gay Furry Rhino Dating Gay Gamer Dating Website Gay Gamer Online Dating Gay Gamers Dating Site Gay Games Dating Sim Gay Geek Dating Service Gay Geek Dating Sites Gay Geek Dating Uk Gay Geek Dating Website Gay Geeks Dating App Gay Geeks Dating Site Gay Ginger Dating Sites Gay Girl Dating a Straight Girl Gay Girl Dating Llc Gay Girl Dating Straight Girl Gay Girl Dating Tips Gay Girl Dating Websites Gay Giving Up Dating Gay Go Dating Login Gay Gold Digger Dating Site Gay Gold Diggers Dating Gay Greek Guy Dating Gay Guide to Dating Gay Guide to Dating Clothing Gay Guy Asd Dating Gay Guy Dating a Bi Guy Gay Guy Dating a Bisexual Gay Guy Dating a Lesbian Gay Guy Dating Girl Gay Guy Dating Guide Gay Guy Dating Older Guy Gay Guy Dating Rules Gay Guy Dating Show Gay Guy Dating Trans Girl Gay Guy Dating Website Gay Guy From Modern Family Dating Gay Guy Guide to Dating Gay Guy Off Celebs Go Dating Gay Guy Online Dating Gay Guy Starts Dating the Devil Comic Gay Guy's Guide to Dating Gay Guys Am I Dating a Guy Gay Guys Dating After 50 Gay Guys Dating B7 Gay Guys Dating Bangalore Gay Guys Dating Chat Gay Guys Dating on British Baking Show Gay Guys Dating Websites Gay Guys Dating Younger Gay Guys Dating Your Girlfriend Video Gay Guys From Dating Around Gay Guys With Long Hair Dating Gay Gypsy Dating Site Gay Gypsy Dating Uk Gay Gzb Dating Gay Hairy Dating Sites Gay Hairy Muscle Dating Gay Hanging Out Vs Dating Gay Hawaiian Dating Gay Hedonism Dating Gay Hentai Dating Sim Gay Hep C Dating Gay High School Dating Gay Hindu Dating Gay Hippie Dating Site Gay Hispanic Dating App Gay Hispanic Dating Sites Gay Hispanic Men Dating Site Gay Hiv and Stds Dating Site Free Gay Hiv Dating Australia Gay Hiv Dating Free Gay Hiv Dating London Gay Hiv Dating Sites From Around the World Gay Hiv Dating Sites Usa Gay Hiv Dating South Africa Gay Hiv Dating Website Gay Hiv Dating Websites Gay Hiv Dating Youtube Gay Hiv Positive Dating Uk Gay Honduras Dating Site Gay Hookup Dating Apps for Under 18 Gay Hookup Dating Salt Lake City Gay Hookup Dating Sites in Los Angeles Gay Hookup Without Dating Apps Gay Horney Sex Dating Online Gay Horoscope Dating Leo and Capricorn Gay Hot R Not Dating Gay Hpv Dating Gay Human Urinal Dating Gay Hunk and Twink Dating Gay Hunk Dating Site Gay Hunt Hookup and Dating Itunes Gay Husband Dating Gay Husband Using Dating Apps Gay Iline Dating Assholes Gay in the Closet Dating Gay Incest Dating Gay Indian Dating Usa Gay Indian Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Gay Indian Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Uk Gay Indie Dating Sim Gay Indie Dating Sim Nsfw Gay Interacial Dating Atlanta Gay Interacial Dating Sites Gay Intergenerational Dating Apps Gay Intergenerational Dating Tips Reddit Gay Internatinal Dating Gay International Dating Website Gay Internet Dating Cape Town Gay Internet Dating in South Africa Gay Internet Dating Scams Gay Internet Dating Tips Gay Internet Dating Uk Gay Interracial Dating Advice Gay Interracial Dating Atlanta Gay Interracial Dating Blog Gay Interracial Dating in Atlanta Gay Interracial Dating in New York Gay Interracial Dating in Usa Gay Interracial Dating Nyc Gay Interracial Dating Problems Gay Interracial Dating Tips Gay Interracual Dating App Gay Introduction Title for Online Dating Gay Inyerracial Dating Gay Iran Iranians Dating Gay Ireland Dating Sites Gay Irish Dating Buy and Sell Gay Islamabad Dating Gay Israle Dating Site Gay Italian American Dating Gay Jack'd Dating Gay Jail Dating Gay Japan Dating Sim Gay Japanese Dating Game Gay Japanese Dating Sim Gay Japanese Dating Uk Gay Japanese Men Dating Gay Jewish Dating London Gay Jewish Dating Los Angeles Gay Jewish Dating Near Me Gay Jewish Dating New York Gay Jewish Dating Nyc Gay Jewish Dating Service Gay Jewish Dating Site Uk Gay Jewish Dating Uk Gay Jewish Guy Dating Gay Jewish Online Dating Gay Jewish Singles Dating Gay Jewish Speed Dating Nyc Gay K9 Dating Gay Kid Dating Sites Gay Kid Dating Website Gay Kink Dating Site Gay Kink Dating Website Gay Korean Boy Dating Gay Korean Dating Apps Gay Korean Dating Florida Gay Lactation Fetish Dating Site Gay Latino Dating Apps for Older Guys Gay Latino Men Dating in Florida Gay Latino Thug Dating Gay Latino Thug Dating Sites Gay Latinos Pics Dating App Gay Lds Men Hanging Out or Dating Gay Leather Dating Site Gay Leather Muscle Dating Gay Leeds Dating Gay Legal Shota Boy Dating Gay Lesbian & Bisexual Singles Dating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Dating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Dating Sites Gay Lesbian Dating Platforms Gay Lesbian Dating Uk Gay Lesbian Sober Dating Gay Lesbian Speed Dating Gay Lesbian Speed Dating Nyc Gay Life Dating Sims Online Free Gay Lisbon Dating Gay Little Person Dating Gay Liverpool Dating Gay Location Based Dating Apps Gay London Dating Site Gay Long Distance Dating Gay Ltr Dating Sites Gay Lutheran Dating Gay Maine Dating Gay Malaysia Dating Site Gay Male Cops Free Dating Sites Gay Male Dating Advice Gay Male Dating Cherry Hill Nj Gay Male Dating Listings Gay Male Dating Listings San Francisco
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2020.08.29 18:05 HaulA29Augl Ne-w G-ay in Da-ting Generous

Ne-w G-ay in Da-ting Generous
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Gay Dating Generous Gay Dating George Western Cape Gay Dating Germany Reddit Gay Dating Getting Back With Ex Gay Dating Getting to Know the Guy Gay Dating Ghaziabad Gay Dating Gibraltar Gay Dating Gif Gay Dating Give Up Gay Dating Glos Gay Dating Glossop Gay Dating Gloucestershire Gay Dating Gold Coast Gay Dating Gps App Gay Dating Gps Apps Gay Dating Grad Student Gay Dating Grande Prairie Alberta Gay Dating Grantham Gay Dating Greenland Gay Dating Greensboro Gay Dating Greensboro Nc Gay Dating Greensburg Pa Gay Dating Grimsby Gay Dating Grinder for Men Gay Dating Grocery Store Gay Dating Group With Ed and Phoenix Gay Dating Group With No Monetary Limitations Gay Dating Guangzhou Gay Dating Guelph Gay Dating Guide Pdf Gay Dating Gwalior Gay Dating Gwent Gay Dating Hackney Gay Dating Halifax Ns Gay Dating Hamilton Nz Gay Dating Hamilton Ontario Gay Dating Hampton Roads Gay Dating Handbook Gay Dating Hangzhou Gay Dating Hard Core Postings New York State Gay Dating Hard Reddit Gay Dating Harrisburg Gay Dating Harrisburg Pa Gay Dating Hartford Gay Dating Hastings Gay Dating Hastings Mn Gay Dating Hastings Ne Gay Dating Hastings Near Gay Dating Hastings New Zealand Gay Dating Hatfield Gay Dating Headlines Gay Dating Hearing Impaired Gay Dating Heathrow Gay Dating Height Difference Gay Dating Hervey Bay Gay Dating Hierarchy Gay Dating High Wycombe Gay Dating Highlands Gay Dating Highschool Gay Dating Hiv Apps Gay Dating Hobart Gay Dating Hook Up Sites Bosotn Ma Gay Dating Hook Up Sites for Seniors Boston Ma Gay Dating Hookup Site App Gay Dating Hookup Sites for Seniors Boston Ma Gay Dating Horoscope Gay Dating Horsham Gay Dating Hotline 0800 Gay Dating Hounslow Gay Dating How Many Dates Before Sex Gay Dating How to Know Guy is Serious Gay Dating How to Know if a Guy Likes You Gay Dating How to Know if Its Serious Gay Dating How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Gay Dating Hua Hin Gay Dating Hubli Gay Dating Huffington Post Gay Dating Huge Dick Gay Dating Huge Dick Blog Gay Dating I Have No Idea How to Gay Dating I Have No Idea How Too Gay Dating I Put My Phone Number Only in Gay Dating Idaho Gay Dating Identical Gay Dating Imphal Gay Dating in a Small Town Gay Dating in Academia Gay Dating in Addis Ababa Gay Dating in Afghanistan Gay Dating in Akron Ohio Gay Dating in Alabama Gay Dating in Alaska Gay Dating in Anchorage Gay Dating in Arizona Gay Dating in Ashford Kent Gay Dating in Asia Gay Dating in Austin Texas Gay Dating in Az Gay Dating in Bareilly Gay Dating in Baroda Gay Dating in Barrow in Furness Gay Dating in Beijing Gay Dating in Belize Gay Dating in Birmingham Uk Gay Dating in Boulder Gay Dating in Brazil Gay Dating in Brussels Gay Dating in Buenos Aires Gay Dating in Cebu Gay Dating in Charleston Sc Gay Dating in Chicago Illinois Gay Dating in Cleveland Gay Dating in Cochin Gay Dating in Colchester Gay Dating in Cork Gay Dating in Dallas Irl Gay Dating in Dallas Looking for Older Gay Dating in Delhi Ncr Gay Dating in Den Usa Gay Dating in Derry Gay Dating in Detroit Gay Dating in Deutschland Gay Dating in Duluth Minnesota Gay Dating in Duluth Mn Gay Dating in Dungarvan Gay Dating in Flagstaff Gay Dating in Fresno Ca Gay Dating in Ghaziabad Gay Dating in Greater Noida Gay Dating in Greensboro Nc Gay Dating in Grimsby Gay Dating in Gurnee Il Gay Dating in Hartford Ct Gay Dating in Hawaii Gay Dating in Houston Texas Gay Dating in Indiana Gay Dating in Indianapolis in Gay Dating in Indore Gay Dating in Iowa Gay Dating in Iraq Gay Dating in Jackson Mi Gay Dating in Jellico Tn Gay Dating in Jerusalem Gay Dating in Julian Ca Gay Dating in Kalyan Gay Dating in Kimberley Gay Dating in Knoxville Tn Gay Dating in Kolhapur City Gay Dating in Kolkata Locanto Gay Dating in Ksa Gay Dating in Kuala Lumpur Gay Dating in Kyoto Gay Dating in Lafayette Indiana Gay Dating in Lafayette La Gay Dating in Laos Gay Dating in Late 40s Gay Dating in Lisbon Gay Dating in Lko Gay Dating in Los Angeles Reddit Gay Dating in Louisville Ky Gay Dating in Lucknow Gay Dating in Malaga Spain Gay Dating in Malawi Gay Dating in Malta Gay Dating in Mechanicsburg Pa Gay Dating in Med School Gay Dating in Medical School Gay Dating in Mexico City Gay Dating in Middlesbrough Gay Dating in Milan Gay Dating in Milwaukee Gay Dating in Mississauga Gay Dating in Mumbai 1 Man Gay Dating in Mumbai Man Gay Dating in Munich Gay Dating in N Stardewvalley Gay Dating in N.j Gay Dating in Nagpur Gay Dating in Nashvile Gay Dating in Nashville Gay Dating in Navi Mumbai Gay Dating in New Delhi Gay Dating in New Hampshire Gay Dating in New Jersey Gay Dating in New Mexico Gay Dating in Newfoundland Gay Dating in Nj Gay Dating in North Charleston Sc Gay Dating in North Wales Gay Dating in Nyc Hard Gay Dating in Nyc Reddit Gay Dating in Nz Gay Dating in Ohio Gay Dating in Oklahoma Gay Dating in Omaha Gay Dating in Pa Gay Dating in Palm Springs Gay Dating in Panama Gay Dating in Pattaya Gay Dating in Pensacola Gay Dating in Person Gay Dating in Philadelphia Movie Gay Dating in Png Gay Dating in Pune Topix Gay Dating in Raipur Chhattisgarh Gay Dating in Rancho Cucamonga Gay Dating in Rhode Island Gay Dating in Richmond Va Gay Dating in Rochester Ny Gay Dating in Rome Gay Dating in Rwanda Gay Dating in Scottish Highlands Gay Dating in Scunthorpe Gay Dating in Seoul Gay Dating in Shanghai Gay Dating in Shillong Gay Dating in South Carolina Gay Dating in South Wales Gay Dating in Springfield Massachusetts Gay Dating in Stevenage Gay Dating in Stratford Upon Avon Gay Dating in Sunderland Gay Dating in Sussex Gay Dating in Tallahassee Gay Dating in Tampa Gay Dating in Tbilisi Gay Dating in Tel Aviv Gay Dating in the 21st Century Gay Dating in the 50s Gay Dating in the Rural South Gay Dating in the Twin Cities Gay Dating in the Usa Gay Dating in Tucson Gay Dating in Tucson Az Gay Dating in Tulsa Gay Dating in United States Gay Dating in Vadodara Gay Dating in Varanasi Gay Dating in Varanasi City Gay Dating in Vermont Gay Dating in Vero Beach Gay Dating in Victorville Ca Gay Dating in Vijayawada Gay Dating in Virginia Beach Gay Dating in West Hollywood Gay Dating in Wheaton Gay Dating in Witchita Falls Texas Gay Dating in York Pa Gay Dating in Your Mid Thirties Gay Dating in Your Thirties Gay Dating India Free Gay Dating India Locanto Gay Dating India Sites Gay Dating India Website Gay Dating Indian Sites Gay Dating Infographic Gay Dating Interaccial Gay Dating Internet Gay Dating Introduction Letter Gay Dating Inverness Gay Dating Iom Gay Dating Ios App Gay Dating Ipad Apps Gay Dating Irl Gay Dating is Depressing Gay Dating is Difficult Gay Dating is Hard and Draining Gay Dating is He Interested Gay Dating is He Into Me Gay Dating is Hopeless Gay Dating is Impossible Reddit Gay Dating is Luck Gay Dating is Not Gay Dating is Not Really Gay Dating is Not Really Dating Gay Dating is Pleasant Gay Dating is Sleazy Gay Dating is Weird Gay Dating Isle of Wight Gay Dating Isn't Really Dating Gay Dating It's Doficult Gay Dating Ithaca Gay Dating J Gay Dating Jabalpur Gay Dating Jackd Gay Dating Jackson Ms Gay Dating Jaded Gay Dating Jalgaon Gay Dating Jammu Gay Dating Jcc Gay Dating Jersey City Gay Dating Jersey Uk Gay Dating Jharkhand Gay Dating Johnson City Tn Gay Dating Jokes Gay Dating Kalamazoo Gay Dating Kalyan Gay Dating Kannur Gay Dating Kanpur Gay Dating Karad Gay Dating Karnataka Gay Dating Kashmir Gay Dating Kathmandu Gay Dating Katy Tx Gay Dating Katy Tx No Sign Up Gay Dating Kilkenny Gay Dating Killeen Gay Dating Killeen Tx Gay Dating Kimberley Gay Dating Kimberley Northern Cape Gay Dating Kings Lynn Gay Dating Kingston Gay Dating Kitchener Gay Dating Kochi Gay Dating Korean Apps Gay Dating Kottayam Gay Dating Kozhikode Gay Dating Krakow Gay Dating Ksa Gay Dating Kumbakonam Gay Dating Kyrgyzstan Gay Dating Lake Charles Louisiana Gay Dating Lakeland Gay Dating Lakeland Florida Gay Dating Lakeland Florida Forums Gay Dating Lancs Gay Dating Laois Gay Dating Laredo Tx Gay Dating Latin America Gay Dating Latino Gay Dating Latino Interracial Gay Dating Latur Gay Dating Launceston Gay Dating Lausanne Gay Dating Lawrence Ks Gay Dating Leamington Gay Dating Lethbridge Gay Dating Letterkenny Gay Dating Lichfield Gay Dating Life Gay Dating Like Craigslist Gay Dating Lima Peru Gay Dating Limavady Gay Dating Limerick Ireland Gay Dating Lingo Gay Dating Lione Gay Dating Llandudno Gay Dating Lloydminster Gay Dating Locanto Kolkata Gay Dating Location Apps Gay Dating Logan Ut Gay Dating Logan Utah Gay Dating London App Gay Dating London East Gay Dating London Events Gay Dating London Ont Gay Dating Londonderry Gay Dating Long Beach Gay Dating Long Term Gay Dating Looking for Clingy Gay Dating Looking for Similar Gay Dating Los Angeles California Gay Dating Lose Interest Once It Isnt All Fun Gay Dating Losing Interest Gay Dating Lowestoft Gay Dating Ltr Gay Dating Lubbock Gay Dating Lubbock Tx Gay Dating Lucknow Gay Dating Ludhiana Gay Dating Luton Gay Dating Lyon Gay Dating Macedonia Gay Dating Macon Ga Gay Dating Madeira Gay Dating Madison Wisconsin Gay Dating Madrid Spain Gay Dating Magazine Gay Dating Magazines Gay Dating Maidstone Gay Dating Making the First Move Gay Dating Malaga Spain Gay Dating Malmo Gay Dating Mandurah Gay Dating Mangalore Gay Dating Manitoba Gay Dating Mansfield Uk Gay Dating Marbella Gay Dating Margate Gay Dating Marrakech Gay Dating Married Guy Gay Dating Matchmakers Gay Dating Matchmaking Gay Dating Matrix Gay Dating Mayo Gay Dating Mcallen Gay Dating Meath Gay Dating Med School Gay Dating Medway Gay Dating Meeting His Friends
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2020.08.28 19:21 IdolA28Augl Profe-ssional G-ay On-line Da-ting Lo-ndon

Profe-ssional G-ay On-line Da-ting Lo-ndon
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2020.08.28 19:18 IdolA28Augl Its G-ay Millionaire Da-ting Nh

Its G-ay Millionaire Da-ting Nh
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2020.08.28 18:05 HaulA28Augl Ro-meo Ga-y Da-ting

Ro-meo Ga-y Da-ting
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2020.08.27 19:08 jsilvy Illegal immigrants aren't a real problem.

Undocumented immigrants are not a real problem and is seriously exaggerated as an issue in American media (and especially right-wing media), although most politicians in both parties will at least pay lip service to it as an issue because they will face backlash if they don’t. Most of the time, it is a useful tactic used by politicians and pundits (again, particularly on the right) to fear monger and to avoid talking about other issues that actually impact people’s lives, such as healthcare, climate change, automation, the economy, infrastructure, the criminal justice system, the war on drugs, and foreign policy among others. Most claims on the problems of undocumented immigrants aren’t really backed by data.
*Claim 1: Undocumented immigrants are harmful to the economy because they lower wages and take more welfare than they pay in taxes.*
While it’s true that letting in too many people at a time could potentially overwhelm the economy, the data tends to show that immigration doesn’t really hurt wages, and is in fact overall good for the economy. Here is some data:

Now, I do recognize that not all of this data applies just to undocumented immigrants. However, it is worth noting that much of it applies to the same types of low-skill workers that we see from undocumented immigrants.
As for more data particularly on undocumented immigrants:
New American Economy Factsheet: Key Takeaways

Ojeda 09
On Taxes and Social Security:

*Claim 2: Undocumented immigrants cause more crime.*
This claim is not supported data. The only illegal action that undocumented immigrants commit at a higher rate is the act of illegally crossing the border itself. To use that as an argument against undocumented immigration is basically just saying “it’s bad because the government says so”. It’s circular logic, because the only reason it’s illegal is because people in government think it’s bad, which brings us back to asking why.
Anyway, here’s some more data:
FEE: Nowrasteh 15

Light & Miller 18 (non-paywall)
All of this is especially interesting when you consider that undocumented immigrants, by the numbers, are usually more likely to be impoverished young men, which is the demographic that would usually commit the most crimes. This makes sense when you consider why they would go through the trouble of making it to a country like the US full of economic opportunities only to commit crime, something they could do just as easily back home in Mexico where the cartels run amuck. It would be like working towards a finance degree only to decide once you have it that you’re gonna just get money by holding people in alleyways at gunpoint. It does not hold up logically, and therefore it makes sense that the data doesn’t support it.
*Claim 3: Undocumented immigration harms social cohesion.*
I don’t see why that would be the case more so than any other immigrants. Either way, they come to this country to work, and generally have to learn to follow the local laws and customs and learn at least some English to survive. Even if the first generation doesn’t do that, the second does, and the third will be perfectly assimilated more or less. Of course they may still have some cultural affinity for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, or whichever country they came from, but I don’t see why that really matters. Irish, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Armenian, and other groups descended from immigrants (as we all are except for the Amerindians) often have some sort of affinity for the mother country and its culture, but that doesn’t really undermine their loyalty to the US. The only real reason I could see someone opposing this on the grounds of social cohesion is if they think Latinos are somehow inherently different from everyone else, which I don’t think is an idea that anyone outside of the alt-right would take seriously on a conscious level.
But anyway, I do have more data to back up the fact that the diversity brought by immigrants does not cause harm:

*Claim 4: But we can’t just have open borders.*
I agree. I think we need to secure our borders. But the problem isn’t immigrants. It’s drug, sex, and human traffickers. We need to do whatever we can to combat the cartels. Personally, I don’t know a ton about trafficking. I think maintaining checkpoints along the borders and thoroughly searching vehicles is a place to start. Also, drug legalization and rehabilitation clinics/safe injection sites could go a long way towards harming the business of the drug cartels. I personally don’t claim to be an expert however, so there are probably solutions to securing the border from cartels that I haven’t considered.
I also do think we should deport undocumented immigrants who commit crimes, but if they aren’t causing any problems, we should just leave them alone.
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2020.08.25 23:51 jsilvy CMV: Undocumented Immigration is not a real problem.

Undocumented immigration is not a real problem and is seriously exaggerated as an issue in American media (and especially right-wing media). It is a useful tactic used by politicians and pundits (again, particularly on the right) to fear monger and to avoid talking about other issues that actually impact people’s lives, such as healthcare, climate change, automation, economics, infrastructure, the criminal justice system, the war on drugs, and foreign policy among others. Most claims on the problems of undocumented immigrants aren’t really backed by data.
EDIT: To clarify, I do think there are problems with Undocumented Immigration as a broader system. I think it is an issue that undocumented immigrants face horrible treatment. My view is more that the undocumented immigrants themselves are not problems.
*Claim 1: Undocumented immigrants are harmful to the economy because they lower wages and take more welfare than they pay in taxes.*
While it’s true that letting in too many people at a time could potentially overwhelm the economy, the data tends to show that immigration doesn’t really hurt wages, and is in fact overall good for the economy. Here is some data:

Now, I do recognize that not all of this data applies just to undocumented immigrants. However, it is worth noting that much of it applies to the same types of low-skill workers that we see from undocumented immigrants.
As for more data particularly on undocumented immigrants:
New American Economy Factsheet: Key Takeaways

Ojeda 09
On Taxes and Social Security:

*Claim 2: Undocumented immigrants cause more crime.*
This claim is not supported data. The only illegal action that undocumented immigrants commit at a higher rate is the act of illegally crossing the border itself. To use that as an argument against undocumented immigration is basically just saying “it’s bad because the government says so”. It’s circular logic, because the only reason it’s illegal is because people in government think it’s bad, which brings us back to asking why.
Anyway, here’s some more data:
FEE: Nowrasteh 15

Light & Miller 18 (non-paywall)
All of this is especially interesting when you consider that undocumented immigrants, by the numbers, are usually more likely to be impoverished young men, which is the demographic that would usually commit the most crimes. This makes sense when you consider why they would go through the trouble of making it to a country like the US full of economic opportunities only to commit crime, something they could do just as easily back home in Mexico where the cartels run amuck. It would be like working towards a finance degree only to decide once you have it that you’re gonna just get money by holding people in alleyways at gunpoint. It does not hold up logically, and therefore it makes sense that the data doesn’t support it.
*Claim 3: Undocumented immigration harms social cohesion.*
I don’t see why that would be the case more so than any other immigrants. Either way, they come to this country to work, and generally have to learn to follow the local laws and customs and learn at least some English to survive. Even if the first generation doesn’t do that, the second does, and the third will be perfectly assimilated more or less. Of course they may still have some cultural affinity for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, or whichever country they came from, but I don’t see why that really matters. Irish, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Armenian, and other groups descended from immigrants (as we all are except for the Amerindians) often have some sort of affinity for the mother country and its culture, but that doesn’t really undermine their loyalty to the US. The only real reason I could see someone opposing this on the grounds of social cohesion is if they think Latinos are somehow inherently different from everyone else, which I don’t think is an idea that anyone outside of the alt-right would take seriously on a conscious level.
But anyway, I do have more data to back up the fact that the diversity brought by immigrants does not cause harm:

*Claim 4: But we can’t just have open borders.*
I agree. I think we need to secure our borders. But the problem isn’t immigrants. It’s drug, sex, and human traffickers. We need to do whatever we can to combat the cartels. Personally, I don’t know a ton about trafficking. I think maintaining checkpoints along the borders and thoroughly searching vehicles is a place to start. Also, drug legalization and rehabilitation clinics/safe injection sites could go a long way towards harming the business of the drug cartels. I personally don’t claim to be an expert however, so there are probably solutions to securing the border from cartels that I haven’t considered.
I also do think we should deport undocumented immigrants who commit crimes.
Everything in mind, I recognize that it is possible that there are some arguments I haven’t considered. I’m arguing a negative claim, so I recognize that there are probably infinite points I would have to debunk in order to prove my current opinion correct.
Anyway, with that, I invite reddit to challenge my view so that I may reconsider it.
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